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Comment Hotrodding (Score 1) 449

Those systems where the computer equivalent of hotrodding [automotive].

While there remain the same (or even larger) population of people who are willing to figure out how each part of the device works, the vast majority of users are simply satisfied to drive.

This does not necessarily indicate that computer tinkering is any less of a draw. One needs to also consider that the percentage of people who now have computers, in one form or another, has gone from 5 percent of the population to nearly 100 percent of the population.

The 'fun' is lost in the statistical noise rather than being in the center of the distribution.

Another factor is demographics. When I see people pine for the Atari, Commodore, TI99A, Spectrum, etc., it needs to be noted that those where part of the lives of a specific generation(s) of user. As those users matured they lost the desire (not the ability) to continue the adventure. Once inside knowledge and skills have declined older users tend to lean toward nostalgia and the good old days that never really existed.

The manuals for your hardware and chips are available from manufacturers. There is no reason why one couldn't continue your explorations.

A.I. is the new 'hotrod'.

Comment Re:Disassembled.... (Score 1) 199

It's obvious propaganda on the part of China.

A U.S. Navy 'research' vessel near Chinese disputed waters is perceived, globally, as the same thing as 'Russian Fishing Trawlers' off Cape Canaveral.
It's surprising there were no U.S. security boats nearby to provide an escort. Was that so they could actually get/let China to pick the equipment up?

" wagering on a mutual enrichment given their increased trade with us".

There are several economists, in the U.S. that would heartily disagree with you. Also, regarding the perception of U.S. bonds as stable over the long term.
I actually studied economics well past level 101.

China can economically drop the U.S. with very little pain at this point. Read Reuters.

Comment Re:Disassembled.... (Score 0) 199

Any self destruct would cause an even worse international incident.

China is just indicating that the new prez-elect is in for a hay-ride if he actually thinks he will be in charge globally.
Trump's big mouth may play well in the trailer parks of Bullshit Backwater U.S.A., but the rest of the world will cut it's losses and just cut the U.S. loose and let it starve economically rather than work around him.

The U.S. only represents 4% of the global population. The rest of he planet is moving on with growing, young, middle classes.
China is just sending a clear message that, no only is the U.S. no longer economically competitive, the country is no longer militarily competitive either.
This despite the U.S. having the worlds largest expenditure in military.

China and Russia are needling the U.S. to try to get it's people to understand that they can pull the wings off the U.S. like a fly with no effort.

Examples are:
- Russia steps in and ends the Syrian conflict just to piss USA off.
- Russia runs rings around the U.S. by performing cyberwar on national elections and demonstrates to the world that the U.S. system of democracy is a fraud.
- Russia continues to launch more space payloads than any other nation.
- China owns the majority of U.S. debt, hence the U.S. economy.
- China can, not only easily find but also, pluck U.S. military technology from a very large ocean as a demonstration of technical superiority that should not be ignored.

I'm not sure what the U.S. public need to make this all more obvious. Maybe if Russia and China turned all the lights across the U.S. on and off twice each night for 30 days.

Comment Re:Can Trump con his way around China? (Score 1) 199

There were no images. Trump actually tweeted that from his account.
No one needs to make this shit up.
He does it to himself.

Here's a thought. The ocean is very big. How is it that the U.S. Military drone was so close to Chinese operations?

Please help me with this because I obviously don't process information very well.
I don't have cable and tend to only read things like actual historic briefs that are validated by multiple observations so I don't have much time to catch your high quality Fox News for it's unbiased global analysis.

Comment They'll just take it apart (Score 1) 199

C.A.T. and M.R.I work well for non-metals, even some metals.
China has all the same (or better) tools the West have.
Even the same brands in some cases.
Even tools and supplies under careful export restrictions.

Your estimate of 72 hours is a bit fast.
It takes hours to carefully uTome chips using TeraHz - CAT.
This is because boards tend to be odd shapes.

Comment Re:Area scanned. (Score 1) 19

At 30cm resolution, I don't think you see typing. You see people that look like Minecraft.

With the newer military keyhole sats maybe you could define the shape of a gun (2cm - 3cm resolution).
If the orbit was right and the atmospheric conditions were clear.
WorldView-4 is for public consumption, which means the resolution lags behind actual capabilities by a few years to allow military to stay ahead.

Comment The Post WW2 Generation Are the Zombies (Score 1) 1066

In all those films, just substitute.
If you get a little bit of it on you somewhere, then you sell out too.
Those unwilling to sell out to cynicism, well..., keep fighting I guess.
They can't live forever.

We need to find ways to mitigate climate change despite the post war zombie generation.
Let them have their moment. But never forget.

Comment Tethered Animatronics (Score 0) 145

It's interesting what is not shown in the video.
The thing is essentially an 'animatronic' doll with cables.

Power and processing are offloaded elsewhere.
Let's see it carry on a conversation while walking through the park in the rain.

The point I am making is that the complete system is not sitting there, nor can it.

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