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Comment Regulation of Drones Nothing to do With Safety (Score 1) 239

It's about *Who* gets to see what.

There is no statistical surge of horrible quadcopter maimings.
This is just governments and corporations stopping the internet before it happens again.

The internet allows the surfs to openly communicate and spread the word without government control. This has been bad news for countries where governments used to rely on simple propaganda to keep the masses in line. We are now suffering the last generation of people to can't stand that the communication genie has been let out of the bottle. They are fighting tooth an nail to maintain 'conservative values', which means to say 'protect their own misbegotten position in society'.

So now these drones come along. Not only can we spread the word, we can also provide pictures of what happened.
The control is all about only allowing corporations and government to have drones.

It's anticompetitive pandering.

Comment Declare and Sieze Assets: A new Economic Policy (Score 1) 166

So, according to this ruling, all the U.S. needs to do to control global industry is declare businesses crimes. Then seize business assets whether there is an official finding of guilt or not. Keep in mind that this has been to actually been to trial yet. Under U.S. law the defendant s innocent until proven guilty by trial.

Any country doing business with the U.S. should be wary of this type of anticompetitive, legalistic, economic activity. If this can happen to Kim Dotcom it can also happen to Sony, Toyota, Samsung, etc..

If global corporations just sit silently and let this happen, even if they think the Dotcom is a sleaze, they are allowing an international precedent that will set the groundwork for further international asset seizures. All that is needed is an accusation.

Dotcom should take this to the Hague.

Comment Drones are a Miltary Improvement in Air Combat (Score 1) 280

It's not about capability. It never was.

Each 'drone pilot' can theoretically have numerous additional aircraft in reserve if one is destroyed.
Military drones will become substantially less expensive to manufacture than manned aircraft in a very short period of time.

The insurance costs and long term support costs for personnel directly engaged in combat, not mention prior flight training costs in a cockpit, are eliminated by the use of drones.

'Brittle connection'? Nobody cares about that. The main focus is on total cost and strategic return. It always has been. That's why military forces all over the world moved ahead from muskets, swords, and horse back riding to automatic weapons and long range tactics.

'Full awareness' drones are more likely, where each drone will have multiple personnel monitoring individual systems. This essentially gives each drone the abilities of 10 to 100 pilots with 'eyes on' without the risk of losing them in combat and near instantaneous deployment turn around of those staff if a craft is lost. Having the seat outside the aircraft is not a problem since we can now have a very small and fast aircraft with 100 or more people on board (virtually).

You can't do that with manned aircraft. The on board personnel take up too much room, consume too much fuel, and are a long term insurance liability.
The same will happen to ground combat forces in a very short period of time. One small robot that can be easily replaced with a room full of 'full awareness' operators.

This also means the era of companies selling manned field weapons systems, airborne or otherwise, is quickly drawing to a close. Product focus will shift to remotely tethered systems. In a couple decades anything with a human operator will be considered obsolete.

Comment Microsoft has 'Novell Syndrome'. (Score 1) 144

Look at the 'Shift in Focus' that usually comes with flailing. Novell, Palm, Be (computer internet appliances), "Microsoft Zune/Phones/Bob/We're shifting to services and making everything work like an X-Box".

The OS is now gratis. The software development at MS will soon cost more than any profits they could glean. Thus the new focus on 'Services' aka 'the cloud' and software as a service.

Gandma's computing business making Atari games is dead because the desktop computer is dead. The software service is owned by companies that were doing that 20 years ago (Amazon, Google, Apple).

In total Microsoft is doomed. Any attempt at creating a service business selling apps, music, books, etc. will just end up being another 'Zune'.

Comment The DNS business and System Design are the Problem (Score 1) 92

It's tough for the 'little people' to be heard on equal footing when permanent addresses ( IPV4 / IPV6 ) are controlled by 'registration authorities'.

Everyone should be allowed to automatically take an IPV6 address from the global pool and register it in DNS without having to use your network service providers block of addresses.

Network service providers limit home connections 'upload' speeds to prevent average people from monetizing or serving at 'business speeds' . This means that only large corps who have enough money to buy their own blocks of address space are allowed onto the actual playing field.

The problem is really that of ownership of infrastructure. If people want a freedom internet the infrastructure control needs to be removed from vested interests while improving or equalizing service speeds for the average person. As long as your connection is dependent on a service provider your connection can never really be freedom-ish at all. Your data flows through them.

Comment How to Use This For Fun and Profit (Score 1) 421

Steps to follow:

Wait for all public and government organizations to install programs compiled with this.

1.) make malware that collects the local crash reports and data dumps.

2.) focus attention on crashing commonly used user interface libraries instead of the MS malware

3.) wait until a large number of users have installed your global crash vector.

4.) send signal to turn on crashing globally

5.) direct emails or background FTP of collected crash data through TOR or other obfuscation

6.) sift through the data of world governments at your leisure.

Go get em!

Comment Re:Remember how long Excel sticked to max 64k rows (Score 1) 359

There are people in my office that try to use Excel as a relational database.

There are days when I know Excel is there. I just can't go to work. Then I day dream of launching dead, bloated, stinking, plague infected cows, into the Microsoft campus, using a trebuche. Each with an office 365 licence for Excel glued to their silken, bovine, fur......good times......

There should be a dialog or something that pops up each time Excel opens that says, "This program is for counting. It is a violation of the terms of service to use this application as a database.". Not that anyone reads the shrink wrap.....I'm just bitter now....

The Holsteins outside look nervous. I wonder what they are sensing......storm maybe.... :|

Comment Wood Working (Score 1) 352

Hey, substitution in language works just as well as in math....who knew.

"We fundamentally believe that carpentry is a skill and that just like other skills are required in school, wood-working should be required in school. I do think wood-working and auto-shop are as important-- if not more important -- as the second language that most people learn in today's world. I would go in and make wood-working and chainsaw maintenance requirements, starting at the fourth or fifth grade, and I would build on that year after year after year...I think we're doing our kids a disservice if we're not teaching them and introducing them in that way."

Let's step back a bit from this and try to understand that computers and programming rank about as important in the life's general scheme as a pick and shovel. We all survived for millions of years without them before they arrived. We will probably last longer as a species if we wake up, get off the marketing bandwagon, and remove computers from grade school all together. Why not leave the leaning of chainsaws to people who need chainsaws. Computers are a tool. Unfortunately an inordinate amount of social focus and resource are being diverted to this one thing because people want to sell that.

Apple has a vested interest in selling computers. The computer market is declining because the average person doesn't actually need one. How to market computers? Convince governments that they need to spend your money to teach coding before the 4th grade.

To be clear, any technology focus that kids learn in the 4th or 5th grade will be completely obsolete by the time they reach the end of college. Why not focus on teaching kids how to learn and assess the world for themselves instead of filling their heads with obsolete information?

Comment Which Culture Are We Talking About? (Score 3, Interesting) 264

Historically some cultures had primarily male clerical workers. Up till recently some had primarily female welders. Social context makes difference. Women have not been excluded for lack of capability. The decline is a sign of sociological bias because of where industry manufacturing was located.

Also decline of unskilled labor jobs in manufacturing after the decline of post war government funding of large projects drove more men to clerical (techie) jobs. The jobs were just rebranded to make them palatable to the post world war 2 cohort.

The cold war created the last of the big science jobs funded by government. Many of hose jobs were in research labs and clerical.

What actually happened in North America was grunt jobs disappeared and the grunts began to occupy the clerical space to make a living. This at it's best would reduce the clerical jobs available to women by 50%.

So, it probably wasn't a sexist plot. Just a shift in markets.

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