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Submission + - Should computers have their own websites? (

stm2 writes: "Writing in a blog post, Stephen Wolfram suggests that ".data" should join the likes of .com, .org and .net as a new top-level domain (TLD) for organisations to share data in a standard from, creating a "data web" that would run in parallel with the ordinary web. Then he ask: "wouldn’t it be nice if there was some standard way to get access to whatever structured data any organization wants to expose?""

Submission + - R.I.P. Dennis Ritchie (

An anonymous reader writes: Rest in peace.
+ Everything everyone has said about Steve Jobs, times 9000.

Comment Disney (Score 1) 128

@Glendale, CA.
But it must be before Jun 18 that I go back to Argentina. I am a the "website factory" and it is very cool, but there are also a lot of different sections in the same block and the block in front of that. Email me at sbassi gmail if you like the idea.

Comment I saw both Tron (Score 1) 412

When I watched Tron Legacy I had the same feeling I had when I watched the original Tron when I was 8: The feeling of being lost.
Most close experience of that was when I watch Matrix for the first time.
The sound was EPIC!!!!

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