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Comment A new color revolution (Score 1) 110

China is gearing up for an attack by the US. The precursor will be internal dissent. China isn't thick - they know what the Arab Spring really was, and who was behind it.
All nations should be on alert for a new US sponsored Color Revolution. And China and Russia are certainly front footed.


Comment Galileo is centimeter accurate (Score 0) 127

When we reference "GPS", we primarily reference the US system.

Galileo is a European civilian system, and once all 30 satellites are in orbit it will be centimeter accurate by default, with no accuracy degradation at the whim of US military.

The bad news is the US is not happy. And had threatened jamming and shooting down the satellites in time of conflict. For the US this is perpetual or course. Should be interesting as the system is scheduled to be fully operational by 2020.

Comment Notch is abhorrent (Score -1, Troll) 63

Notch is a weasel.

I get selling to Microsoft. Fair do's. But the idealistic bullshit he spouted just before the sail were just weasel words. The type you hear from real estate developers when there are trying to manipulate a large scale deal by putting grannys on the street.

Zachary Barth made infinimer, of which Notch took the unencrypted source code and made Minecraft.

Notch Persson gave nothing back. He shit all over the Indie scene, having made himself thie authoratitve voice in indy culture.

He is scum of this earth.

Comment a window into incompetance (Score 4, Insightful) 345

A snippet from wikipedia: "Steven Levy, writing in 2015 on the agreement(an HP/iPod supply agreement/cobrand), wrote that "Steve Jobs blithely mugged her and HP's shareholders. By getting Fiorina to adopt the iPod as HP's music player, Jobs had effectively gotten his [iTunes] software installed on millions of computers for free, stifled his main competitor, and gotten a company that prided itself on invention to declare that Apple was a superior inventor. And he lost nothing..."

Its a nice snippet as it encapsulates her well known lack of business skills and lack of strategic competency.

I heard a term used by a lawyer referencing someone similar a while back. It applies here - She is a lightweight dolly bird.

Comment X makes apps = oohing and aahing (Score 1) 181

I, unfortunately, work for a company that is broad driven, feed by info from mangers who know little.
If the statement "X company makes apps for mobiles" gets thrown in at some meeting or after-fives, suddenly this gets the managers attention who pass this to the board who approve funding.
"Makes app" is interpreted as the magically know our companies processes, requirements etc. And ensuing software must be but a few weeks away.
So I can see this "Uber of apps" thing hooking some fish on their long line.

Comment I have been streaming events for 4 years (Score 1) 60

I am not a production company. I am an IT geek, and 4 years ago I started streaming our businesses annual event. In summary I found:

- Outbound bandwidth
- Underpowered hardware to transcode and send a realistic stream size.

Reflection Servers:
- Best: Niche providers. 7 Second delay average. Good transcode.
- Worst: "Big name providers", You Tube. 1 minute delays. Transcode quality poor.
- With You Tube, we run our promos and hosted vod. You Tube and potential Copyright claims makes this at .risk
- You Tube ads can introduce bizzare experiences for the user. If your users are in the conservative bracket(many of ours are), this can be catastrophic.

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