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Comment Re:WTF? (Score 1) 116

Most bands have only one drummer through the life of the band, because the drummer's style defines the band so much. If that drummer leaves the band, or spontaneously combusts, the band often drifts into obscurity.

Admit're a drummer. And you just made that up. Name one band that went under after the drummer died/left. Genesis? Even the Who survived the loss of Keith Moon.

What about The Glork?

Never heard of them? Well there you go.

Comment Re:Surprised? (Score 1) 360

Perhaps I should stop trying to be subtle in my posts and carry a sledgehammer... (yea, I'm new here) It's not a bad idea. Subtlety doesn't go over well with some geeks (that whole denser-than-rocks thing and all). One need only look at the number of posts that simply say "wooosh" to back this up.


The Courts

Submission + - Keith Urban vs. Keith Urban

An anonymous reader writes: I just noticed this on about Keith Urban vs. Keith Urban. It seems to me to be an interesting question. One

Keith Urban is a famous singer (I never heard of him before) and has trademarked his name. The other is an artist and owns the web site. The artist never claims to be the singer but never clarifies that he isn't. There are google ads at the top of the page that advertise tickets to the singer's concert which would give the impression this is the singer.

Who should prevail? I'm torn. The artist does not generate the google ads. I've looked at the source code for the page and I don't see anything he generates that is overtly deceptive. I do wonder how common the Urban surname is and if a common name should be allowed to be trademarked.

Submission + - ATI is not supporting the All-in-Wonder in Vista

Working-Person writes: Thinking about using your expensive All-in-Wonder with Vista? Think again. Here's the response from ATI when looking for Vista drivers "The product you purchased was not advertised or broadcasted as Vista Compliant it is fully functional and supported on the specified Operating Systems. The tuner on the board doesn't meet Windows Vista's requirements and is not compatable. That means it will not be supported and there will be no drivers or software release for the tuner on the ALL IN WONDER Board."

Submission + - Vista retail sales low compared to XP launch

PetManimal writes: "A comparison of first-week retail sales of Vista compared to first-week sales of XP back in 2001 found that Vista sales were 60% lower. Steve Ballmer has admitted that earlier sales forecasts were "overly aggressive," but at least there is some good news for Microsoft: early Office 2007 sales were very strong compared to the early sales of Office 2003, despite almost no advertising or marketing until the retail launch at the end of January."

Submission + - Bionic eye could restore vision

MattSparkes writes: "A new bionic eye could restore vision to the profoundly blind. A prototype was tested on six patients and "within a few weeks all could detect light, identify objects and even perceive motion again. For one patient, this was the first time he had seen anything in half a century." The user wears a pair of glasses that contain a miniature camera and that wirelessly transmits video to a cellphone-sized computer in the wearer's pocket. This computer processes the image information and wirelessly transmits it to a tiny electronic receiver implanted in the wearer's head."

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