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Comment Re:Still higher than a Soyuz launch (Score 5, Informative) 121

The Soyuz (Actually, Progress. Soyuz is for people) has much smaller capacity. A payload of 2,400 kg and AFAIK, doesn't go past LEO.

Falcon 9 has a payload of 22,800 kg to LEO, and 8,300 kg to geostationary orbit. Three times more expensive you say? Sure, it can also carry 9 times more stuff and father away.

Comment Re: The Republicans... (Score 1) 107

That's what they like you to believe. In fact, Republicans stand for the status-quo. i.e., standing for big oil, big gas, big electricity or big (insert your favorite lobbying group here). A new player is bad news for Republican's interests.
Same reason they're against any type of green energy, bytheby

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