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Comment You get what you pay for (Score 5, Insightful) 624

The problems is free news. Or more correctly, people not wanting to pay for news.

For some strange reason, people expect to get their news for free on the internet. Which is kind of strange, when most people would gladly pay for a video or music subscription, or even buy digital content like games, they throw a hissy fit when they hear of a news paywall.

The problem is that news, reliable news, is not free. Research, fact checking and editing is a time and money consuming task. So when people demand their news for free, either two things can happen. 1) shut down operations (which has been the case for a few newspapers so far) or 2) pursue an ad-revenue model.

Now I don't have to tell you what the problem with 2) is. Boring stories, however important they may be, generate no traffic. Misleading headlines, half-truths and sensationalism on the other hand generates a lot of clicks and therefore is more profitable to post fake news, hearsay and rumors than do some actual journalistic work.

Social platforms exacerbate the problem. Media outlets, in an effort to reach as many people as possible (more revenue) use social networks to push their unchecked, half-baked articles. Echo chambers quickly form, and like in a very twisted version of the Telephone Game, the story mutates, getting worse as it goes along.

Want the problem to stop? It's easy: Stop getting your news from facebook (I'd personally recommend stop using facebook altogether) Stop complaining about the damn paywall and pay a subscription to a couple of trusted news outlets.

The real problem is us.

Comment Re:Still higher than a Soyuz launch (Score 5, Informative) 121

The Soyuz (Actually, Progress. Soyuz is for people) has much smaller capacity. A payload of 2,400 kg and AFAIK, doesn't go past LEO.

Falcon 9 has a payload of 22,800 kg to LEO, and 8,300 kg to geostationary orbit. Three times more expensive you say? Sure, it can also carry 9 times more stuff and father away.

Comment Re: The Republicans... (Score 1) 107

That's what they like you to believe. In fact, Republicans stand for the status-quo. i.e., standing for big oil, big gas, big electricity or big (insert your favorite lobbying group here). A new player is bad news for Republican's interests.
Same reason they're against any type of green energy, bytheby

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