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Submission + - We need to speak out against the TPP ( 1

sticks_us writes: Lobbyists and officials from twelve countries, including the US, are currently bickering over the details of this massive international "free trade" treaty. They are creating the TPP to strongly promote Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) and enforce draconian copyright law, which will hinder free software development.

Submission + - OpenBSD is dying (No netcraft necessary) -- Please donate. (

sticks_us writes: In light of shrinking funding, we do need to look for a source to
cover project expenses. If need be the OpenBSD Foundation can be
involved in receiving donations to cover project electrical costs.

But the fact is right now, OpenBSD will shut down if we do not have
the funding to keep the lights on.

If you or a company you know are able to assist us, it would be
greatly appreciated, but right now we are looking at a significant
funding shortfall for the upcoming year — Meaning the project won't be
able to cover 20 thousand dollars in electrical expenses before being
able to use money for other things. That sort of situation is not

Comment Re:Aack! Not on a piano again! (Score 4, Informative) 70

Don't forget a lot of "piano" music we associate with Beethoven and back was written on the harpsichord and organ. The piano didn't exist.

I'll assume you meant "Bach" -- Beethoven certainly played and composed for the piano
(See here

As far as the suitability of playing Bach on a piano (or any other instrument) ... this controversy has been around for awhile. Striving for "historic authenticity" in performance is a relatively recent phenomenon, representing trends in Musicology and research into the construction of period instruments (

Nobody probably thought much of someone releasing a recording of something like the WTC played on piano 50 years ago, but in today's artistic climate, it's regarded as being a bit tasteless, as Bach certainly wrote his contrapuntal keyboard works for the keyboards of his day (be they harpsichord, clavier, or organ).

Comment I'm probably misinformed here... (Score 4, Insightful) 248

But I'm seeing two benefits:

1) If Canonical can get traction with the OEMs, maybe there will be more diversity in the type of hardware available. Might open up the "mobile OS hacking" subculture even further, allowing people to come up with novel, mobile GNU/Linux distributions.

2) Allowing devs to write/ship mobile applications in something other than ObjC (iOS) and Java (Android). I don't think it's possible or viable today, for example, to write a full Python mobile application and ship it. Sure, there are some pet projects out there that will, with some effort, let you kindasorta run things like Perl or Python on Android, but anything other than ObjC/Java are second-class citizens, currently.

Perhaps having Ubuntu begin to carve out even a little space here might help open the market a bit to more interesting and useful approaches to mobile operating systems?

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