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Comment Re:American problem is American (Score 1) 435

Long ago, I didn't have a dryer. I had clotheslines outside and in the basement. It took a long time to dry in the basement because of the humidity, and sometimes the clothes smelled. It took even longer to dry outside because when I hung them out, it would rain! If it didn't the clothes would smell from the bird droppings!

Needless to say, I much prefer the dryer.

Comment Re:Define "Phone Use" (Score 1) 343

This makes the study worthless. There's a word of difference between handling a device with a touch screen, and pushing a button on the car radio to answer a call via bluetooth and talk hands free.

Count me towards the 80%. Hell if that's the bar they set I will say that I never drive without using my phone.

Totally agree! Before I had a bluetooth, I answered a phone call from my GF. The phone was easy to reach and unlock, but I could tell my focus was too much on the phone. I've often answered calls on my bluetooth, and my primary focus then is on the road.

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