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Comment Re:Price has other factors (Score 1) 89

Being outraged by imaginary problems and not bothering to confirm anything before seems to be the new norm. You'll fit right in.

No, the problem was the summary: "The phones are attractive because they contain no bloatware, competing services, and a lack of software and security updates"

Parallel construction grammar fail. That should have read, "The phones are attractive because they contain no bloatware, no competing services, and won't lack software and security updates." The summary meant to negate all three parts.

Or they could have said "a lack of software, and security updates". For want of a comma, the meaning was lost.

Comment The real problem (Score 1) 297

I'd mostly stopped buying DVDs before Netflix. For me the real culprit was too many alternatives. I'd watch PrimeTime TV, I'd watch recorded shows, primetime or otherwise, on my DVR, I'd watch YouTube, I'd not watch anything because I was futzing around online. By the time I got around to the DVD I'd bought, it was practically rotting with age.

Comment Re:It's the commercials (Score 1) 209

Some things shouldn't exist! I might be able to tolerate decent ads, but waay too many ads are not even remotely decent. I don't want to hear a car salesman yelling at me at the top of his lungs, unless I'm watching a show/movie about car salesmen. I don't want to see a commercial break at 7:15, and suddenly realize that it's still going on at 7:22! And I don't want to see the same ad, for a product you couldn't pay me to get, 3 times during a 30 minute show!!

Comment Re:It's the commercials (Score 1) 209

Agreed. It's part of why I refuse to go to the movies. Pay 15 bucks to get in the door, 5 bucks if you want something to drink, 5 more for popcorn, get into the theater, sit down, and watch 20 minutes of commercials. No. Just no. Now, I understand that the theaters do this because they get none, or near none of the box office, but this is no excuse. The theaters should have never agreed to it. They should get a percentage of the box office and Hollywood can live with only making 100 trillion dollars rather than 110 trillion dollars. I mean, for Hollywood, this is just basic fricken human decency. You pay people who provide you a service. But they're such sleaze bags that they refuse to pay the industry that literally allows them to exist.

I haven't been to a theater since 2002! The ads weren't my only problem, but they were the straw that broke this camel's back.

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