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Comment Re:The real face of government (Score 3, Insightful) 157

Your statements about Russian hacking causing enough damage to alter the outcome are factually not supportable.

Simple as that.

Trump won because he ran a smarter race for the electoral college vote. He also appealed to middle America which HRC ignored or insulted.

Now to the point of the original post, i.e. the House streaming being shut down - it is ALL political theatre just like the staging of the sit-down was. As for transparency - really? How is passing a 2000 page health care law behind closed doors that you have to vote for before you can read it transparent?

I just hope that Trump manages the Congressional tendency to spend spend spend by both parties. We need to get our debt under control. That is going to be a good trick in itself with all the promised infrastructure work, etc. I'm more likely to believe that THAT promise won't be met.

Comment Re:Yea I'll believe it when I see it... (Score 1) 52

Well - variable length instructions, variable length data path too. The S-ops were Huffman encoded, i.e. the most often used were the shortest. The B1700 had a about a 3:1 code density advantage over the IBM 360 in Cobol if my memory serves me. Yes - likely Transmeta's JIT compiler is closer to what this is about. I also worked on the Cydra 5 which was a VLIW machine - it's Achilles heal was solved by the JIT trick.

Comment Re:diluting the market (Score 1, Insightful) 249

It is frigging ugly in that paint job.

And the shape itself is nothing to write home about - the Model S besides looking Sexy has an extremely efficient shape wind-tunnel wise too.. this thing is just short of being a box.

Truth in Advertising - I live in the town where the Teslas are built and we have a HUGE number of them around here... plus I drive by their test track almost every day.

Comment They seem to fire their best talent for politics! (Score 2) 300

Maybe they are where they are partially because they force people out or actually fire them for the employees' political beliefs.

The CEO that stepped down because of a vocal bunch who didn't like his politics is the first to come to mind. He was one of the founders of Mozilla! Likely a big voice in it's innovation.

I also have a personal friend who helped a client in the British government - and he was let go because his boss got angry - the British government has been known to spy on some of it's inhabitants apparently, and helping the client doomed my friend.

Comment Re:What the Hell (pun intended) (Score 1) 29

All I can say is that Weo is one of the smartest guys I know (his wife is no slouch either!)

He has been involved in Laser related research since I met both of them back in the 1980s. He also has some note from ham radio world where he and N6KL wrote something called ARESDATA that provided a real time database available on packet radio.

Comment Avoid submitting Resumes through the Web (Score 2) 479

I was unemployed for about 6 months at the beginning of the down-turn 3-4 years ago.

I submitted maybe 10 resumes a day through Dice/HotJobs, etc. I live in Silicon Valley and have 30+ years as a chip designer. I learned a few things through the process.
1) Submitting your resume seems pointless. I NEVER received a call from that process.
2) Use your network of friends. I finally DID get a call from someone I'd worked with 15 years before and received a 2 month contract position that got me back into the job market. I maintained these relationships/contacts through LinkedIn.
3) I had kept my resume unsearchable because I was technically "furloughed" and my original company was still paying my family health insurance. I didn't want to loose that. As soon as I had the contractor position I formally terminated my relationship with my previous employer and was free to advertise. I got two interviews and one job offer within about a week of making the resume searchable on Dice.
4) Use/abuse head-hunters.They know where the jobs are!


Comment Re:as good as a pair of pliers to drive in a nail (Score 2) 112

How well is that going to work in CA where the big problem is just finding water at the moment? We won't talk about all of the incidence recently where millions of gallons were released like at UCLA (Uggh!).

Actually having been to a couple of wild-land fires with what was then called CDF in an auxiliary capacity I do have some knowledge of the process. The reality is that just plain H2O is used as often as retardant, and that all kinds of aircraft are put in to service for air-drops.

The big thing about the DC-10 is carries a lot of H2O! It is also going to be limited as to what areas it can drop in. CA is a hilly place and there are some terrain features where it wouldn't be safe to take such a large aircraft. We also have copters and smaller fixed wing aircraft in use. They all play a part.


Comment Rsults are results that are already published! (Score 2) 422

Why don't these guys simply pay attention to a scientific poll that was already run in Eric Cantor's district to see how successful this idea is!


First time in history that Majority leader of the House has lost his seat- all because he supported some form of immigration reform.

That worked well for him didn't it.

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