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Comment Mine doesn't. (Score 1) 140

I've got a patched facebook APK which gets rid of the location tracking crap, along with some other social crapware (and most ads). It's about one version old now, so it might nag you to update. The patches are a bitch to rebase, so I only do it every few versions. Warning- self-signed APK, so trust me at your own risk. http://www.club.cc.cmu.edu/~sm...

Comment Boo friggin hoo. (Score 1) 519

Have these people stopped to consider that maybe the people blocking their ads have no interest in purchasing products based on ads? Before adblock, I have never intentionally clicked on an ad I saw. So, if anything, adblock saves bandwidth costs by preventing advertisers from serving ads to an ad-adverse demographic. Let the luddites shoulder the cost of free content by clicking on ads. It's win-win!

Comment Re:Lies, bullshit, and more lies ... (Score 1) 442

Although the H-1B visa technically allows the employees to change jobs, that's not the way it happens in practice. Unless you already have a second employer lined up (who had already gone through the lengthy legal process to be able to hire you), leaving an H-1B job pretty much means deportation. Source: working alongside individuals who are unfortunate enough to be in this position.

Comment But ultimately, what difference does it make? (Score 1) 36

That's all well and good.. but we could do even better by abandoning the whole foursquare concept entirely and just going places for the hell of it. Not everything in life needs to be turned into a badge or achievement. I am surprised that the whole "checking in" concent limped on this long considering its clunkiness and "tacked on" factor.

Comment Odd thing about the HW teardown - the rest of it (Score 1) 492

Shennanigans regarding Engadget vs Gizmodo (bar in Redwood City vs bar in Cupertino) aside, there is an interesting question left:
Where is the rest of the hardware teardown? All we are given is a single photo of a ribbon cable inside the phone, but none of
the shots of the chipset, PCBs, layout, etc.

More interesting still is the fact that the one (uninteresting) photo of the disassembly is named open13.jpg, implying that there
was an entire series of these shots, including juicy things like the processor, etc.

Why are these photos missing? Careless omission, or is something else going on here?

Just my $0.02.

Comment Scam site is google-ranked higher than google's. (Score 1) 291

Well... It appears that the first google hit for 'chrome add-ons' links to mychromeaddons.com
This site is made to look like google's, but is LITTERED WITH ADS. The whois information reveals it's a third-party site.
The OFFICIAL chrome add-on site also does list an AdBlock extension, but something is fishy about it. When trying to install it, Chrome warns that "this extension is trying to access your data on api.flickr.com." What the hell?

We'll see if and how Google will try to combat these issues...

Comment Silver lining, or nuke it from orbit? (Score 1) 439

Would apple seriously ever consider USING such a thing? It would be most terrible. But of course, apple is so obsessed with its image that I doubt they would ever employ this technology.
Of course, having a patent on this atrocious god-awful piece of work will effectively prevent other, less image-conscious vendors from doing similar things, which might mean (could it be?) less intrusive advertising on other platforms.

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