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Comment In my environment (Score 1) 528

It really depends on the size and scope of your network. Currently, I run an ISP network, so if you are interested in documenting the infrastructure, I try my best to let the network document itself:

- RANCID for network device configuration
- different coloured cables for different purposes (with a legend on each rack, or on each device)
- Visio (or equivalent) online and printed documentation for router/switch interface connections
- Reverse DNS
- consistency with hardware and software versions/platforms (where possible)
- templates, so that common tasks are as copy/paste-able as possible
- information sharing. Write up a minimalistic report each month documenting an overview of your previous months efforts and give it to your boss. This will slowly but effectively create a documentation trail for change management, but it will get you in the habit of gauging your own performance
- make notes, even just silly quick ones. Most of the time, they are impossible to find later, but you know you wrote it down somewhere
- keep a personal blog and document periodically what you've recently learned or achieved. This not only provides a minimal amount of documentation, but it helps reinforce the experience gained
- USE THE DESCRIPTION FIELD wherever there is one. I find this to be one of the most effective methods of documentation

You are doing the right thing here. Even though you know that your company will 'cheap out' if you ever leave, documentation is the professional thing to do.

Good luck!


Comment Reputation...with who? (Score 1) 680

"What other people think of me is not my business." IOW, is how others see you more important than how you regard your own integrity? Do the due diligence yourself. If the website owner's TOS do not allow what you are trying to do and you do it anyway, what does that say about your 'reputation' as a whole, to yourself, and the people whom most care about you? - stevieb

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