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Comment It's not the government's job (Score 5, Insightful) 367 make sure reviews are accurate. They aren't (nor should they be) the ones running the websites which record and display these reviews. Those websites are the ones who are responsible for making sure the reviews are real. The ones who do the best job are most likely to gain the most users.

It's called the free market. Let it happen, EU.

Of course I'm completely aware that review quality is not the reason behind this proposition, but it makes no sense that they would think that such a justification would make sense.

Comment Re:New geo-locking strategy (Score 1) 229

Because that's not how these agreements work. They're not based on the consumer's nationality, but their location at the time of watching. If I go on vacation in some place with no Netflix, under the current system I would get no service. If they used my billing address they would illegally serve me American content. Also, many of these agreements are made with the regional distributors who don't have the authority to make contracts that work with that system.

In reality, all geoblocking is wrong and impossible to do so perfectly effectively.

Comment Cosmological Constant (Score 2) 86

TFS mentions a "cosmological constant" as the reason for the acceleration of the expansion of the universe. I thought that the cosmological constant was a so-called "fudge factor" to back the steady state theory-- and that Einstein said it was the biggest blunder of his career. Can someone enlighten me about which constant is being referred to in the summary?

Comment Re:Designer babies (Score 1) 130

As far as I can tell, some of the religious right might see it as "playing God," and so might object to it. However, the majority would not have any issues with it, especially if it decreases abortions. That is, assuming it doesn't require destruction of fertilized eggs (which would be an abortion itself).

Comment Re:This is were we should be going (Score 1) 130

I've always assumed that most languages would die from now on, but if there comes a point where we cannot communicate with everyone at any time, new languages might actually have a chance of developing, again increasing human linguistic diversity (and, for that matter, diversity in general).

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