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Submission + - Rob Blokzijl Obituary (ripe.net)

steffann writes: The Internet community has suffered a sad loss as the man who led RIPE during its first 25 years of bottom-up, consensus-driven collaboration and decision-making died at his home in the Netherlands.

As one of the founders of RIPE in 1989 and the Chair of the RIPE community for 25 years since then, Rob Blokzijl personified all the attributes that have seen the community grow into such a positive force for bringing together those who care about the development of the Internet.

His contributions were often officially recognised, notably in receiving Dutch royal honours by being awarded with the title Officer in the Order of Oranje-Nassau in 2010. He also received the Jonathan B. Postel Service Award in 2015 for outstanding contributions in service to the data communications community. Since standing down as RIPE Chair in 2013, he has enjoyed the title RIPE Chair Emeritus.

Comment Oh joy, stateful routers... (Score 2) 254

From the architecture page:

Note that neither Interest nor Data packets carry any host or interface addresses (such as IP addresses); Interest packets are routed towards data producers based on the names carried in the Interest packets, and Data packets are returned based on the state information set up by the Interests at each router hop

Great, NAT-like state in every router...

Comment Re:SSL only = no benefit (Score 1) 320

I like DANE. With 'traditional' SSL certificates you are trusting some third party to certify that someone controls a certain domain name. With DANE the actual operator of the domain name can publish this. Letting the person/organisation who really controls the domain name publish the information instead of letting a third party certify something about somebody just because they pay them to do so makes so much more sense...

Comment Re:Business as usual (Score 1) 233

ISP's and hosting companies will not run out of IPs.

One problem is that while existing ISP's and hosting companies will still have some IPv4 space left, exhaustion at the RIR (RIPE NCC, ARIN, etc) level will block the market for newcomers. With the current policies they will still get a few IPv4 addresses, but not enough to give some to every customer. So there will be older companies where customers can get IPv4 addresses and new companies where they can not. Not a very competitive market :-(

Submission + - SPAM: India pushkar fair

An anonymous reader writes: Pushkar is one of the oldest and world renowned fair of Rajasthan which is mainly celebrated and organized five days from the, the full moon day. The fair is organized in the month of (November-December) according to Hindu calendar.
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Submission + - Why Germany Should Not Give Up Nuclear Energy (ezinearticles.com)

Rashen writes: In May, 2011, following the Fukushima incident Germany announced that by 2020 it is looking to shut down all its nuclear power plants. 8 of its nuclear power plant are already offline and six others would go offline by 2021 at the latest and the three newest by 2022. The news may have gained acceptance from many any nuclear groups, but how effective is this move towards meeting with energy needs of the country. A White Paper published on Nuclear Friends Foundation collates some relevant data about why nuclear energy is a needed in Germany and how the country might actually be hurting the environment and curbing sources to meet energy requirements.

Germany obtains 25% of its electricity from nuclear energy from 17 reactors, while coal provides for about half of the country's electricity in comparison to 12% supplied by gas and 7% by wind. It clearly shows how nuclear energy is the biggest energy provider to Germany and with initial of further enhancing its reach; it would have catered to the larger audience and brought down the dependency on coal. With Germany's high dependency on coal for its energy requirements it is Europe's largest and the world's 6th greatest single emitter of CO2 gas, which is alarming and would lead to numerous environment hazards soon.

Germany's policies were adopted to encourage renewable sources of energy with a view of reducing the carbon dioxide emissions. It is planned that by 2020 the renewable energy resource should contribute 20% of electricity supplies, compared with 14% at present (only half of this being hydro, half wind). Furthermore, in 2010 Germany was importing 42000 GWhr (Gigawatt Hour) electricity from France and Czech; which has escalated to 85000 GWhr after closing down of German nuclear power plants.

With so many alarming issues to be addressed by Germany, it makes no sense to give up nuclear energy by shutting down the nuclear power plants. The Fukushima incidence definitely haunts many but instead of focus and strengthens safety on these plants ensuring any no radiation leakage takes place and even the people working inside the nuclear power plants are safe. When the nuclear power plants are faced with any technical difficulties, it is responsibility of the respective governments to ensure that safety standards are enhanced and meet the international standards, so that no lives are at risk.

Germany's decision of shutting down the nuclear plants many have received accolades from environmentalists but one needs to get the facts right and see how beneficial this move would be for Germans in the long run.

Nuclear Friends Foundation recently published the white paper on Germany's current energy situation manifests details about current nuclear energy situation in Germany its electricity imports, power needs, etc. You can follow Nuclear Friends Foundation (NFF)at Facebook @nuclearfriends


Submission + - SPAM: Rupert Grint goes 23 and yes, he's stagnant acting

khan_1086 writes: "Rupert Grint, who as Ron Wesley remained wing man to Daniel Radcliffe’s Harry Potter in eight films over 10 years, twisted 23 on Wednesday, producing cries to erupt across Twitter and happening the Web. Since, really, he remained the cute one, right? Am I right? Afterward the final “Harry Potter” film, there remained mutterings that Grint strength give up temporary, but subsequently then he’s stood busy through film plans. His latest stands the World War II drama “Wartime Wanderers,” with Jonathan Pryce, approaching out next year. The movie is built on the factual story of the Bolton Wanderers soccer team, 15 of whose members signed up in 1939 to match in the war.Grint power be wise not to bounce up his substitute career yet. At the actual smallest there would be a legion of disillusioned fans who have observed as Harry’s best friend advanced from auburn cherub through childlike acne and conventional on to goatee growth. In festivity of another year of determination, fans are wishing Grint pleased birthdate on his Twitter account.A highlight amongst those wishes is “10 Reasons to Fancy Rupert Grint,” from the Bike Hut blog in Britain. No. 1 reason? He’s a laid-back beautiful. No. 7? He vends ice ointment. Yes, Grint owns an ice cream van. Somewhat he told Regis and Kelly about last year. Yes, for Grint, life’s motionless sweet — even deprived of Harry."
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Submission + - Intel's First Green Building Rated Gold Leed Certi (ecogreen4us.com)

ecogreen4us writes: "Intel’s first green structure in Haifa, Israel was awarded the second-highest rating, Gold, in the American LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification system. This is Intel’s first high-level LEED achievement. For instance one Intel’s facilities in Kulim, Malaysia received a lower LEED rating. Intel also has a Gold certification pending for its Octollio campus in Chandler, Ariz."

Submission + - VSphere 5 released (vmware.com)

steffann writes: "VMware VSphere 5 has just been released. There is a 60 day free evaluation available. It includes ESXi 5.0, VCenter Server 5.0 and plug-in modules."

Submission + - Mozilla Favors Web Over Native Application Develop (infoq.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Mozilla has started working on WebAPI, a set of APIs for accessing device functionality usually accessible only for native applications in an attempt to develop a cross platform solution that will enable developers to write web applications once for all mobile OSes.

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