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Comment Re:Leave the rubble alone (Score 1) 162

I lived in NH for about 15 years and took many trips to Franconia Notch (which is amazingly beautiful) in my time, and I agree with your statement. What made this thing special was the fact that it occurred in nature. Honestly, it didn't really bother me that much that it fell, but it would probably bother me if they artificially remade it.. Natural wonders are neat in that they occur naturally...

Final Skynet Satellite Launched 39

kamochan writes "If you are a fan of the Terminator series, this headline in BBC News sent shivers down your spine today. The idiots actually did it, the countdown has started! What the BBC claims the story is about: 'An advanced satellite that will improve greatly the ability of UK military forces to communicate around the globe has been launched into space.' Quite frankly, that sounds scary enough as it is, but why the heck did they have to name it Skynet?"
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Submission + - Freebase opens to the public (freebase.com)

suso writes: "A new user contributed information database website called Freebase has just given read access to the public, although they still consider this to be in a public alpha state. Freebase is similar to Wikipedia, except the data is more structured than free form. The company developed their own type of database, called a graph database. It is different from the typical relational database type that most database systems use. Another unique aspect of Freebase is that it provides an access API so that third parties can develop applications that use the data independently of the site."

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