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Comment Re:The question is is there payola involved? (Score 2) 43

Whenever someone "reaches an agreement" payola is involved.

Not necessarily. In this case, Comcast got another bauble for it's array of X1 services and Netflix probably gets closer to some metric like "Integrate to profitable platforms". If both are seen as advantageous by the respective parties, there may not have been any money that changed hands. That may be unlikely, but it is possible.

The part I find odd is that you somehow assume that, outside of providing you with the contracted service for the given price, that the companies involved have some responsibility to run their businesses without other external financial interactions. Does this extend to the other vendors Netflix deals with (like Samsung)? After all, you paid for the TV and so you deserve a rebate from Netflix? I feel dumber for having to type that, but that's what you're saying.

Comment Re:Migrations are costly and newer is not better (Score 1) 217

This, I believe, is the story of EVERY migration. It's not necessarily that older is better, or "they don't make them like they used to", but that software development is a bug-prone and arduous process that you will not get right the first time.

This is absolutely the case. Software projects are still incredibly risky. You only have to read the Standish Group's CHAOS report to see how risky these sorts of projects from a management perspective.

The fact that the system is still there doing it's job means that the original project was one of the lucky ones that made it through to a somewhat successful conclusion. You need a very good reason to run that risk again.

In general, just upgrading your dependencies and tool-chain is probably not a sufficient excuse. You need some other compelling reason.

Comment I'm thinking Buffett's getting a tad senile... (Score 2, Interesting) 120

Apple is on its way down unless they can find some new product lines.I think this is going to be one of his (few) losers.

My assumption is that Buffett thinks that technology is becoming commodity, Apple is a big brand consumer company, and that he understands consumer commodities. However, Apple still depends on its technology/manufacturing development to give it what little zing it has left and that this will come around and bite him in the ass. Wait for two or three new products to crash and burn in the market and/or manufacturing development. Apple's brand is getting a bit long in the tooth to be trendy anymore, as well.

I think we'll be watching Warren riding this thing down.

Comment Re:No different than the rest of media and academi (Score 1) 639

Yes. Re-read that first sentence. Progressivism is the dominant paradigm because evolutionarily, it is a winning strategy. We see problems and say "Let's find a way to fix this." When we see problems that seem intractable for one, we build tools to increase our leverage and/or join together to fix them. This is a good thing, as without it, we never would have done anything.

Don't let this be taken as implying that our conservative brethren are evolutionary losers, and that women looking to improve the genetic outcome of offspring might be better off avoiding their "charms" - this being Slashdot, that would be redundant.

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