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Comment Re:And us too - soon (Score 2) 394

There will be a lot less Trump and Brexit cheerleaders on here in 4 years.

Don't count on it. Kansas is still red after the past dozen+ years of disastrous economic performance due to governance based on conservative economic principles. It never changes the idiots minds - there's always someone else to blame their problems on rather than facing the reality: Their economic principles shrink rather than grow economies.

Comment Re:Don't be so dismissive (Score 1) 471

This is one of the most concrete, attainable, and consistent things he's said.

And I'll believe it's happening when Apple starts building the plants.

For what it's worth, companies don't build domestic plants if foreign ones are cheaper to utilize. And there aren't enough regulations to remove to make the cost differential work out. Maybe with a tariff on all foreign constructed phones, but you'll need a steep tariff.

Somehow, I don't think the Donald can get all that done. Especially with half the R's in the House and Senate still yelling about free trade now that the TPP is dead.

Comment As an engineer, I want to know... (Score 2) 1321

Were the stats adjusted for racial and income makeup of the counties examined? Clinton underperformed among poor white voters. The reason for this "discrepency" is probably a correlation between poor counties and use of electronic voting machines. The D's (who I normally vote with) need no excuse for losing other than the shitty campaign their candidate ran. #itshillarysfault.

Comment Re:Pretty Lame (Score 3, Insightful) 100

If you keep in touch with the early developer releases Microsoft puts out (which most AV companies do), you'll have months to develop your product to work with the OS. The only people who had "10 days to make their software work with Windows 10" weren't paying attention earlier.

Comment Mascots was insanely funny... (Score 3, Insightful) 90

I am glad that Netflix is funding the creation of this stuff. They are giving the cable channels a run for their money, if not yet the main-line studios. On the other hand, they've had some shows that were definitely "acquired taste" sorts of things, too (Pompidou, I'm looking at you). I guess they're still at the "throw stuff against the wall and see what sticks" stage. But at least a good deal of it is watchable and a few things are quite good.

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