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Comment Re:"people largely irrelevant" (Score 1) 499

Elysium (the movie) - the masters will maintain a small workforce, everything else will be made by the machines for the masters. The masters don't need to sell anything to anybody - just oppress, control and exploit. Once technology concentrates in the hands of a few, there is zero chance of social mobility.

Comment Re:everyone is moving to cloud, nobody needs hardw (Score 1) 239

The cloud data centers (public or private) need simple programmable switches/routers and all the smarts are done by proprietary infrastructure software that configures things on the fly.
The cloud guys develop and standardize their own hardware (contracted to network gear manufacturers) that works well with their infrastructure management software. Network gear manufacturers are relegated to makers of dumb hardware.

Comment Re:invite more people in? (Score 4, Insightful) 547

This. There is a difference between immigration and diaspora. Immigrants are typically very open minded members of their society - they are looking for new opportunities because their own society at home is holding them back.
What we have in Europe right now is a diaspora - people from a totally foreign culture forced to live with another. Of course, one can argue that the refugees are in Europe by their own will, but the economic and social hardships in their own countries is so bad, that I would consider this a diaspora.

The political correctness of the hosts will allow the new foreign culture not to assimilate, and the children of these foreigners will end up outsiders in their own country. At least when there was conscription army in Europe, young males were forcefully mingled with other members of the society. Nowadays, young males are left isolated, exploited and desperate in their own ghettos, ripe for extremist brainwashing centered around their foreign culture and ethnicity.

Comment Re:Cautionary tale (Score 1) 492

The problem is not how much Google pay - the problem is concentration without infrastructure.
At least 15K people work at Google Mountain View office. And this is not just Google. Even if Google paid them $10M salary, people would still live in trucks because the surrounding infrastructure can accommodate only so much. Any pay raise Google gives, automatically goes in the pockets of the local landlords.
The solution is for Google to embrace tele-presence and eliminate out of its economy the local landlord's racket.

Comment Re:wrong premise? (Score 1) 281

DevOps is not product development - it's glorified sysadmin. So yes, adding more sysadmins to babysit servers and software helps, the same way adding more babysitters helps with getting more diapers changed in a nursery.
The MMM is about DEVELOPMENT - something that requires invention, brainstorming and constant communication - not just execution.
Maybe because most of the "software development" nowadays is just configuring OTS frameworks and products, managers are confusing development with configuration and deployment.

Comment Re:buy-back stock payoff (Score 1) 273

Why is short-to-medium term outlook a bad thing? Why should a company exist and grow for hundreds of years?
Nowadays we have a flexible workforce, flexible markets and little bureaucracy to set up a new company. Ideally a company should be built around an idea, implement the idea in the best possible way and when the idea olives its usefulness, the company can fold. The players can move on to new things, with a new company, unencumbered by legacy baggage.

Comment Re:Very important link left out: the agreement tex (Score 0) 485

German people should absolutely be interested in donating to the PIIGs, otherwise their economy stagnates.
Why do you think Germany went off the Deutsche Mark in the first place? Germany exports 60% of its output to the EU countries (can't be bothered with citation). They need the bailouts and the export-based economy going. Had Germany stayed with the Deutsche Mark, they would have priced themselves out.
This is not about Greece, but about transferring money from the EU taxpayers into the hands of big corporations. And the EU taxpayer is a hostage - you may lose your job if you don't donate to the cause...

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