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Comment Re:The correct way to "inform the authority" (Score 1) 287

Or, more likely, he never contacted anyone (he says he never got a response) and should have made another effort to contact them maybe by directly calling. I wouldn't be surprised if he just used some webmaster email address on the site that gets checked once in a blue moon or his email got caught in a spam filter. Either way, to escalate it by going to the press was a bit of a rash jump to make.

I agree that them responding by having him arrested was a petty act that showed more petulance than professionalism.

As a developer myself I understand the inertia fixing security holes could face, especially if they subcontracted all of it out and that would mean asking for bids, spending $, etc. That is no excuse though for just ignoring it. There is also little excuse for allowing a public facing DB to have SQL injection holes like this in this day and age. The proper coding standards for dealing with this should've been followed from the start.

Comment Been through this before (Score 1) 416

When oil drilling first started in PA there was a huge boom and bust. There is nothing special about fracking technology, it is only a matter of time before other countries get it going and gas shale deposits are not limited to the US. The price of gas could get pushed down below the cost of the drilling and processing and become a bust. It might also become cheap enough to process natural gas as a substitute for oil in things like plastics depressing oil prices too.

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