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Comment Re:Solar is cheaper (Score 1) 126

Depends on the study. Wind does beat pretty universally. Also must add in costs for backup since the sun does not shine at night. For northern climates like ukraine this gets more problematic as demand at night is higher in winter. Shoot even in texas, peaks on cold nights can get very close to daytime summer loads. For texas, usually ok as wind is blowing out west on those nights, but I recall one brief cold spell where ERCOT was worried about satisfying demand during the night time peak and was worried they would need to do rolling blackouts.

Comment 4GW vs 1GW (Score 1) 126

To me what is interesting is the old nuke plant put out 4GW and the new biggest ever solar plant produces 1, and if the 1 is peak, then most of the time it is pumping more like 500MW and only during the day. I wonder if they costed out putting in a new nuke instead vs the solar and which was more expensive per watt.

Comment Re:I think it's pretty obvious (Score 2) 158

He just got sued by the guy who manages those cute little girl dancers that performed at his rally's. for gods sake. Trump gets sued because he breaches contracts like they are toilet paper. He BRAGS about not paying people he is contractually obligated to pay. He does this because he knows that most people will not drag on for years in court to get paid 10K. Just check out how he handled those tenants in the 80's at one of the first buildings he bought. Get a clue.

Comment Re:It's a ridiculous JOKE (Score 1) 128

You are assuming that people at 4am will want to travel between austin/sa every 10 minutes. Buses run when they run because demand warrants it, and they run empty a good bit of the time even with that. To give you some idea of how much $ we are talking about, they say it is going to cost 20B, so assume for crazy sake they are correct and not off by the typical 5X. If capital costs 1 dollar per ride, that is 5.5million trips/day for 10 years. Austin/SA only has about 3 million people. So unless everyone (man, woman and child) is taking 2 trips/day for 10 years will they recover capital, assuming zero interest. This is a nerd site, does no one on this site even do a rough back of the envelope calculation for stuff like this.

Comment Re:It's a ridiculous JOKE (Score 1) 128

It is the cost thing the media parrots that drives me nuts. I just saw on the local news there will be a San Antonio/Austin loop built in the next 20 years or so that will cost 10 bucks to ride, runs every 10 minutes, 24 hours a day. Heck a bus ride across town almost costs that much and those are not running 24 hours a day or every 10 minutes in most cases. Maybe I'll announce my new magic anti-grav sphere tech that runs on air and can transport you anywhere in 30 minutes or less.

Comment Re:Probably not a popular opinion on slashdot but (Score 1) 694

Where is the "rule" that says they have to give even support. Didn't think so, there is none. He was an outsider and not favored. I'm shocked. Trump was not favored either by the elite, but he got the votes. Bernie did not get the votes. He was not quite as popular as he thought.

Comment You mean like almost every other manufacturer's (Score 2) 219

collision avoidance system. I saw ads on tv for this 2 maybe 3 years ago from Volvo I think, and then benz had one, mazda, gm, ford, ... Heck who doesn't have one? And then over a decade ago HUD system's incorporated IR imaging to detect people/animals and put it up in the HUD. This of course is before anyone connected brakes to the system.

Comment Re:if there is real competition is space .... (Score 1) 84

There is no reason to open government funded R&D missions period. To fund a foreign company is just giving research dollars to other countries. The space program absolutely enhanced our technological capabilities in the 60's. An example of utter stupidity was the state of california giving the contract for the bay bridge to china. In the end, it was over budget, held hostage to pay for the overage and in the end all that expensive tooling to build it stayed in china. Giving that contract to a US company would have meant advanced tooling would be retained in the US, not to mention all the US taxes that would have been paid by US workers and companies, who paid the taxes to build the bridge. It is very short sighted to outsource government dollars.

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