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Comment Re:Going to get folded into Fi any day now (Score 1) 106

When they first announced coming here, I told a friend, not in our neighborhood, we are all underground and no way are they trenching. So they rolled out on areas with poles as expected. Low hanging fruit is probably all gone, so time to pull the plug. I've friends who are more central with poles that have it. I admit I am jealous. I do wonder if in a couple more years if they will kill it all. I think they did raise prices a bit.

Comment Re:Surprised (Score 1) 47

Weather can play to air when roads are iced. There is no operator, equip failure is not much different than a car. A self driving car that runs into another car is just as dangerous as a single man copter that loses altitude. Parking could get better. These things are pilotless so after the dropoff they could go park elsewhere. And not everyone is going to the same endpoint. I know people in the south part of town that work up north and vice versa. Those extra lanes in the sky would significantly reduce road congestion for those that cannot afford a 100K flying car. Benz, Tesla, Jag etc have proven people will spend 100K+ for exclusive transportation.

Comment Surprised (Score 1) 47

I'm surprised people are not more excited about this. If it is possible at a decent price, it all but eliminates congestion. Imagine the number of "roads in the sky" that can be immediately created. No need to build new roads. Further, because it is new technology, a central control system to ensure no crashes can be created from scratch. Unlike self driving cars that need to integrate with unpredictable human drivers, a fully automated system takes humans out of the equation. Lastly it is just cool. Jetsons here we come.

Comment Re:What could possibly go wrong? Pick a number! (Score 2) 110

So true, I live near an intersection that gets a fair number of red light runners. It is also a major speed trap. The other day as I am about to go after the light turning green, I spot a guy definitely not stopping and it is way past pink. Guy goes thru, I proceed. As I am headed up the road I immediately see a motorcycle cop with a radar gun, who had to see the guy run the red. But he did not pursue. He was holding the gun waiting for the next speeder. I'm thinking somehow the speeding tickets are more profitable or less trouble, not sure which. Problem is the red light runner is the one who is going to kill somebody.

Comment Re:Texas among lowest taxed states (Score 1) 99

Depends where you live in TX. If you live in a high cost real estate area you get it up the ?. I pay 15 grand a year in prop taxes + 8.25% sales tax. It is more than 7.6% of my income. High cost real estate areas subsidize the education system of the entire state thru a law often referred to as robin hood. If I remember right about 40% of the prop tax I pay for schools in austin is redirected to the state low cost areas. One of the problems with relying on prop taxes is if your income goes down, your tax burden goes up. I plan on moving when I retire as I just can't see dropping that kind of coin for prop tax.

Comment Government (Score 1) 159

For one, the IRS. They love their paper for all but simple tax filing. I recently had a minor issue and they would accept FAX, or paper snail mail corrections. FAX? who does FAX anymore. Paper meant I had to print out a new copy of the corrected form from pdf and then mail it. Two pieces of paper.

Comment Re: Have they added DRM yet? (Score 1) 303

Well fairly recently I picked up a Bach piece done by Bell that was well done. Classical, not pop. I'm glad I got it on CD and not vinyl. Vinyl would have more media noise. But yeah, I totally understand you gotta be pretty and famous, not you can sing requirement of today's entertainers. I blame music videos.

Comment Re: Have they added DRM yet? (Score 1) 303

Given the average pop singer of today can't sing on key and must be auto-tuned, I'm sure they are not doing direct to disk. I do have a couple of direct to disk albums from the 80's. They sound good, but I'll still take a well done CD/SACD/blu-audio disk any day. Something I notice about the direct's is the little booboos like somebody dropping a pen or page turning. Adds a real sense of being there.

Comment They might (Score 1) 381

I don't know exactly what sort of electricity subsidy they are looking for, but if Penn gives them free juice, free land (and probably wave all prop taxes for infinity) then it may well be cheaper than china. Corp's are brilliant playing state governments. Remember Dell in N.C. Foxconn is only going to do this if they make more money in Pa than CN. And the only way that is going to happen is if Pa bends over big time. As to shipping, ROFL, I've seen concrete pavers made in china at Lowe's. And they were cheaper than domestically made ones.

Comment Re:Good for CVS (Score 1) 372

Yes because it is not 300 bucks, it is 500. They come in 2 packs only. Further they expire after one year, so its 500/year. Further still many people buy more than just 2, since it is more about having one within easy reach. So often people buy 4 (2 pair) so now we are talking a grand a year difference. Some people just don't have a grand to spare so they were doing without. Lastly, if FDA said it was good enough, its as good as the name brand.

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