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Comment Re:Good for CVS (Score 1) 369

Yes because it is not 300 bucks, it is 500. They come in 2 packs only. Further they expire after one year, so its 500/year. Further still many people buy more than just 2, since it is more about having one within easy reach. So often people buy 4 (2 pair) so now we are talking a grand a year difference. Some people just don't have a grand to spare so they were doing without. Lastly, if FDA said it was good enough, its as good as the name brand.

Comment Re: It IS hipsterism (if that's a word) (Score 4, Informative) 562

This. Many years ago I took a relatively high end 3 head cassette deck (around 500 bucks which was a fortune back in the 70's) and hooked it up to a spectrum analyzer to get distortion and response curves. Lets just say anything above about 8KHz was a disaster. Yes relatively flat if you kept the levels at about -30db, but then the noise floor was right below. At reasonable input levels of -10 or -5 db, it was anything but flat. Wow and flutter was not good either. There was a reason why pro's used reel to reel for master tapes.

Comment Are they just avoiding import tariffs? (Score 5, Insightful) 102

I quickly scanned the article. My impression was they will screw them together in mesa, and all the pieces will be imported. By "finishing" the product in mesa they avoid customs on all the pieces. Before, they actually screwed them together in NC, Oregon, etc, the places they were used, and probably had to pay import taxes on the components. So net, no new US jobs, probably fewer since centralizing the finishing will optimize the process.

Comment Re:What type of solar (Score 1) 504

Note even the panels on my roof ship the juice to the inverter at around 300VDC so they don't have to put really big wires from the roof to the inverter. I think you are underestimating the cost and difficulty of working with sub 10 gauge copper needed for high amperage circuits. As to DC appliances, it is chicken and egg. If you are a manufacturer of say washing machines, why would you spend the design effort to build a mass production DC version when there are no houses that use it. Conversely, if you are a builder, who would buy your DC house that costs 20% more to have the extra DC plugs everywhere? Even getting the required extra inspections may be nontrivial for the nonstandard DC outlets. I imagine that city code inspector is going to look at it and go WTF.

Comment Re:What type of solar (Score 2) 504

The problem with DC is up/down converting it. The power company uses 12.5KV to run for relatively short distances and it goes up from there. Transmission lines run at a few mil volts. For A/C a relatively simple transformer does the conversion. For DC, it gets very expensive. And it is all about IR losses, and the higher V is, the lower I is.

Comment Re:Not everyone is the same (Score 1) 297

My mother lived alone for decades after my father died. She was very social and very happy. She did meals on wheels, tutored at a disadvantaged school, worked, played piano for people at a nursing home, active in the church, worked at a job etc. She was neither lonely or unhappy living alone, she loved it. She did this until 90. Totally agree with parent, this social science approach where everyone is the same is just wrong.

Comment Too many rich people (Score 1) 134

What kills me about all this stuff is the assumption cars are replaced ever week. The AVERAGE age of a car on the road is over 10 years now. The AVERAGE age. So that means some people are driving 20 year old cars. Do we make everybody buy a new one, even if they cannot afford it? The first thing all these standard dips should think about is how is the new stuff going to interact with cars that don't have it for the next 20 years.

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