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Comment Re: News Flash! (Score 1) 466

I agree with the other poster, if you really love someone, you are willing to die for them. In fact it is selfish, as you cannot imagine life without them and you do not wish to live without them. The other case I see is true self-sacrifice. It is rare, but happens. Off the top of my head I know of two. The firefighters at chernobyl who died to stop the fire. And the individual who deactivated the reactor on the Russian sub. I know there are others, twin towers probably had some, as an example. They are rare, but they happen. Going to mars is most definitely not one of them. Only a fool would go to mars to make musk a hero.

Comment Re:Ridiculous (Score 1) 286

Except build quality on tesla has not been that great. CU rescinded their recommendation it had so many problems even though they loved the car. Another quote I saw from a woman who owned an X was she would never tolerate the level of problems in her Escalade she had with her X. And from what I have read the X is truly a piece of crap. The S is basically middle of the road reliability.

Comment Re:This is why psychiatrists are not allowed to co (Score 1) 629

Actually, I'm ok if hilliary bites it after the election. I think Kaine would make a pretty good prez. Pence on the other hand strikes me as the reincarnation of Dan Quayle. Quayle also from Indiana and had a constant deer in headlights look just like pence. And if you think hilliary looks unhealthy, watch some clips of that fat cow trump from the side. Mostly he wears clothes and gets photos from angles you can't see it so much. Trump reminds me of Martha Stewart in that she goes ballistic when a camera shot catches her gut.

Comment Re:This is why psychiatrists are not allowed to co (Score 2) 629

And if she "needs to" release her records then trump needs to do the same. He is older, and a man so has a shorter life expectancy than her. He is fat as a cow, gets very little exercise, so may well be diabetic and the only thing his quack of a doctor released was a fluff statement that he was healthiest man ever to run. Don't forget trump was also so unhealthy as a young man that he got 2 or 3 medical deferments. So I would expect him to be in poor health as an adult if he was in such poor condition when he was young. I'd also think he should be thoroughly examined for STD's given his proclivity for younger woman and his close friendship with that casting couch roger ailes.

Comment Re:I got a Pi 3 recently. (Score 1) 102

I've got a couple of PI-B's I use as access points. I've used beagle bones for project thingie's as the beagle bones have built in A/D. Not a great A/D but good enough. So far I have a pool controller, garage door controller, irrigation controller HVAC monitor and just recently added current monitoring to the A/C compressor and fan. All these inexpensive SBC's have made some really amazing projects easy to build. I also have to give credit to cheap components too. Thermistors, current probes, wifi, cheap modular P/S's, triacs even pressure sensors are all just so inexpensive and readily available. Wish I was a kid again so I could do it all over again.

Comment Ultimate irony:Outsourcing unemployment offices (Score 1) 618

I always find the most amusing outsource is when states/government outsources unemployment office jobs. Really, you could not find someone unemployed to fill the position in the unemployment office? I know Indiana played with it, along with California and even England.

Comment Re:Does it work? (Score 1) 299

I've owned two beagles now, not bright animals but I love them. They do not try to please me. The first picked up a taste for french fries. I kid you not, that dog could smell a french fry a block or two away. He would guide me a certain direction and sure enough awhile later I'd hear a munch. My second beagle is a total predator. When I first got him, at 2 in the morning I'd hear him baying at a tree. I'd try to get him to come in, but I'd go get a flashlight to check. There was always a rat peering back at me. He was never wrong. Even today at 12 years old, when I take him into fields he often will start baying and sure enough I spot a rat or rabbit around. I never underestimate a dog's nose anymore.

Comment Re:3D maps can't be the only source (Score 1) 25

My car map data is about 4 years old now. There are times it thinks I am driving in fields where roads got shifted. Kind of funny. A true test of selfdrive would be during road construction. In texas both 35 and mopac in austin stress even a human driver. There are marks from partial lane repave, old lane markers, new lane markers and newer lane markers. There are times I have trouble determining which mark I should follow. I would not want to be near an auto-piloted car in these sections.

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