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Comment Re:Well it's too much to expect rational behavior (Score 1) 233

we should blame ourselves. People generally book by one and only one parameter, price. There are dozens of websites to help you save 50 cents on your ticket price. The airlines have responded by squeezing you for a pillow, blanket, chips, water and coming soon, taking a wiz.

Comment Re:Its called mass transit (Score 1) 168

So I took a quick look at the bus system budget in austin, a green progressive city. 32 million trips @1.25/trip or about 40 mil from paying customers. Meanwhile the 1% sales tax EVERYONE pays generated 217 mil. 100 mil came from reserves, which I imagine are sales taxes people paid in previous years or maybe a bond issue. Did not look. So yeah, buses are expensive and inefficient. Customers are paying about 10% of the cost of service.

Comment Re:More US warmongering (Score 2) 755

My take is a little different. Russia was told, they got out and we destroyed some concrete. Russia will rebuild it in a month. Everyone is a winner. Donald looks good, look I took action on bad bad chemical weapons, and Russia did not lose much if anything and Assad lost 6 soldiers. All for what was a war crime. If Russia really wanted to stop it, they could have told Donny not to, and he would not have. Further they could have intercepted the cruise missiles, they can. But none of this happened. Who knows, maybe Putin was a little pissed at Assad for the chemical attack, but I am doubting it. Putin probably approved it because Assad needs the Russians too much to piss them off.

Comment Re:uh yeah... (Score 0, Flamebait) 283

Then clearly you believe the 50 year old in the article should be allowed to die. Good luck with that when your boss asks you to die for your job. Oh and the law also says that a contract that would result in your death is null and void. The law is much like the bible, you can find something to back your position.

Comment Re:Everone for themselves (Score 1) 67

I hope you posted that sarcastically. Consumption taxes are by their very nature highly regressive. The rich as a percentage of their income spend very little. Worse, as New York discovered, the rich buy things like expensive art from other places to avoid sales tax(consumption tax). That yacht/jet/island/Van Gogh will be purchased outside the realm of a US consumption tax. Meanwhile, the diapers from amazon are going to get taxed.

Comment Big dig (Score 2) 138

So the boston big dig is 3.5miles so about 3 times the length. Even in the beginning it was estimated to be 2.8billion (in 1982 dollars). So here we are in 2017 with a project 1/3 the size estimated to cost 1/10 the price. And the big dig went on to cost 14 billion. Its why I laugh when I hear local leaders saying they will put I-35 in a tunnel for 2 bil. Or why I laugh and continue to laugh at the clusterF they are doing on MOPAC. Its going to be 2 years late at least and some crazy amount over budget. Or the flood tunnel they put in to beautify downtown that went over budget by 3X and is still not complete.

Comment Cost (Score 1) 164

Its cheaper to buy one state government than many city governments. As an example consider the case of the uber fight in austin. So uber is now doing what airbnb did in IN, pushing for a state law to supercede the local law. Uber will probably spend about what they did in austin on media buys and instead spend it directly on hookers for legislators and get what they want at the state level.

Comment Not likely (Score 1) 149

Just took a long trip using Waze/in car nav. In Nashville, Waze had no idea how to get to a starbucks I had programmed in. I found a parking lot, searched for starbucks near me, and it found one, in Atlanta! Overall both Waze and in car did a good job, missing probably 20% of the time. But 20% is completely unacceptable if they were steering. I had snow in DC area, which I am skeptical self-drive works acceptably. Numerous construction areas, again problematic. I got a feeling self drive is going to be like voice recognition was in the 80's, just around the corner, for another 25 years. Even now, I'm not sure I'd trust voice recognition if my life depended on it.

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