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Comment You mean like almost every other manufacturer's (Score 2) 219

collision avoidance system. I saw ads on tv for this 2 maybe 3 years ago from Volvo I think, and then benz had one, mazda, gm, ford, ... Heck who doesn't have one? And then over a decade ago HUD system's incorporated IR imaging to detect people/animals and put it up in the HUD. This of course is before anyone connected brakes to the system.

Comment Re:if there is real competition is space .... (Score 1) 84

There is no reason to open government funded R&D missions period. To fund a foreign company is just giving research dollars to other countries. The space program absolutely enhanced our technological capabilities in the 60's. An example of utter stupidity was the state of california giving the contract for the bay bridge to china. In the end, it was over budget, held hostage to pay for the overage and in the end all that expensive tooling to build it stayed in china. Giving that contract to a US company would have meant advanced tooling would be retained in the US, not to mention all the US taxes that would have been paid by US workers and companies, who paid the taxes to build the bridge. It is very short sighted to outsource government dollars.

Comment Re: Court motions are not news (Score 1) 122

I believe there was this exact situation where a previous owner had a path thru their private property to the beach in northern california. They sold the land and the new owner put in a gate blocking access. New owner had to remove the gate under court order under some legal argument. The law has so many but's at this point it really boils down to shopping for a judge. The Oracle's and Google's have infinite resources to keep shopping.

Comment Re:On the contrary (Score 1) 392

The difference is if a little soda spills on the floor, someone just cleans it up. If auto-pilot fails, someone can (and did) die. And as to the argument it is safer, we just don't know. For an accurate compare, we'd need data to reach closer to 5 billion miles. And I'm hoping NHTSA pulls the cert and says you have to disable it. Not only did the man die, but how many others could have died in a different situation? Until LIDAR comes down in price to the point it can be used, please NHTSA, just say no.

Comment Late to the party (Score 1) 290

Cadillac is shipping this on their CT6 and I think a couple of other models. They managed to avoid regulatory delay by making the "rear view mirror" be both a mirror and a display. So you can make it just a plain rear view mirror, or throw a switch and the mirror becomes a high definition display. The only negative I have heard so far is with a mirror your eye focuses far, whereas with the camera image, it is focused close. I am wondering if the display could somehow have a far focus as well. I know the HUD systems for windshields use a far focus so the eye does not have to adjust focus when looking at the HUD display.

Comment Safety and CAFE (Score 1) 622

And with ever increasing safety and CAFE requirements, it is just going to get worse. LKA and auto braking on collision are just 2 examples that are going to add some bucks for safety, and start/stop has been the latest add on for mileage improvement. Unfortunately, as reliable as car manufacturers have become, ever increasing "stuff" is going to end up increasing maint costs as well for the newer stuff.

Comment Re:Tesla's Autopilot is in the "uncanny valley" (Score 1) 440

or it could be drinking and driving is much more prevalent in the US. Many countries in the EU have zero alcohol policies. I think it was someone from Denmark I talked to where people worry about having any trace of alcohol when driving the next day. I think the stat is something like 70% of all US fatalities are alcohol or substance abuse related.

Comment Re:Shitty refund policy (Score 4, Insightful) 129

Given the car had issues almost immediately, lemon law basically says full refund. A minuscule amount would be deducted for miles driven before the FIRST problem was reported. The guy had no ax to grind, he owned a roadster and an S. Tesla was just stupid not to deal with this when he first asked. But then they have had a couple of braindead PR moments.

Comment Re:Uber income (Score 1) 323

The article assumed the car would "wear out" after 250K miles and would need replacing. Although it was based on a pretty crap car of 17K if I remember right. It was part of the expenses that were deducted in arriving at the hourly salary. The main take away was the net from driving for uber was highly dependent on location. Detroit was like 8.79/hr. Sounds like colorado is the place to be for driving for uber.

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