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Comment Re:Do not want (Score 3, Informative) 101

All I know is my state farm policy just made it crystal clear that if you are using your car logged into a ride share (with or without an active passengers) you are NOT covered for ANYTHING. If you want coverage for that add option XXX. My rates stayed exactly the same without the option. No idea what they charge for the option.

Comment Re:I thought this was a tech site (Score 1) 188

Except you assume I am against wind. I am totally for wind, just not this wind. West Texas, california, and other places have commercial profitable wind projects. This one is not commercial and by the looks will not be profitable. You can say what you want, but based on the optimistic view of 15c/kwh wholesale, rates in RI will need to be 40-45c/kwh. That is Hawaii expensive. Cost is not just generation. Those guys that get up on poles in the middle of crap weather get paid too. Transformers need replacing from time to time etc. That all rolls into rates.

Comment Re:I thought this was a tech site (Score 1) 188

You use all the positives and see none of the negatives. Again the OP used 16c/kwh RETAIL as their baseline. Do you know that means that probably the wholesale value, you know the value the juice is worth at the turbine, is probably around a nickel, meaning it will take 45 years to pay back. Even giving this project every possible break, it made no sense. Adding in a touch of reality puts it in crazy land.

Comment I thought this was a tech site (Score 1) 188

No not every turbine is going to fail in 20 years. Some will fail sooner, some later and maybe one will fail at exactly 20 years, but I doubt it. Average means average. Why do you keep trying to bury yourself in this position? The original poster figured out the costs on this particular project were not very good. QED.

Comment Totally this (Score 1) 330

A friend used to send me emails incessantly that was just bat ---- crazy "facts" from right wing nutjobs. I thought anyone would at least google to see if it were true before broadcasting it. I'd be mortified if I repeated such easily checked facts as the world is flat. Nope, she believed it and when I'd send her multiple articles invalidating it, I think she did not believe me. But then this is a woman who I told to make sure she gets a 30 year fixed mortgage and she calls me 2 years after the purchase to tell me she got a letter from the bank changing her rate. She never read the mortgage docs. People as a mass are stupid.

Comment Re:IoT is nothing without user control (Score 1) 213

Except in this case, the hack requires you to insert an SD card into the thermostat. So DMZ or no, you could be hacked. Although given you have a DMZ, I seriously doubt you'd be tricked into sticking some unknown SD card into the unit. Basically the article is hype. It is not an exploit if I have to load something into my thermostat. Who would even bother? A phone sure, but a thermostat????

Comment Re:Communication protocol (Score 1) 213

The carrier infinity line uses a derivative of RS-485 to allow two wire communications. How do I know? Because I have a carrier unit right now that communicates with the outside condenser unit over the original dumb pair of unshielded standard thermostat wires. The outdoor unit is a 2 speed unit, and reports such things as coil temperature and fault codes to the thermostat. A somewhat negative side effect of this is the outdoor unit now needs a power supply which runs all the time to power the interface. If I had 4 wires to the outdoor unit, 2 would have been used for power/gnd and the outdoor unit would not have the separate power supply. The thermostat does not need wifi for operations. If I want it to talk to my phone, I would need to enable the wifi, but I don't have a need for that so I did not enable it.

Comment Electricity & space (Score 1) 157

Those old CRT monitors are not as inexpensive as you might think. A modern LED/LCD monitor draws basically 0 watts relative to the 200-400W a high end CRT one draws. If you run that 8 hours/day figure 70-130 dollars a year in electricity use. And in areas like Hawaii, you can triple that. Also I noticed massively more desk space when I finally moved off my 21" CRT's to panels.

Comment Guess you've never been broken into (Score 1) 215

No one needs you to unlock anything. I've had doors kicked open and windows broken to get in. It just is not that hard to break into a house. In fact, when I suggested to the officer I should beef up the frame of the door so it cannot be kicked in, he laughed, he said they'll just break a window instead.

Comment Genetics (Score 1) 257

I had my first cavity around 45, and have only 2 and I'm close to 60. My mother had no cavities until her late 50's. You can have hard teeth (less cavities more gum problems) or soft teeth(more cavities less gum issues). Flossing is great for gum issues. They blew it on this one, having gum problems is very bad for health. Flossing is a no brainer.

Comment Re:Sports is a business (Score 1) 280

Except the only way the IOC will be fixed is if many athletes decline to participate this year and the IOC gets a GIANT black mark because they did not deem it necessary to relocate the games. An even bigger black mark would happen if say a gates, buffet, ellison or some other super rich guy said hey lets do an alternate olympics in greece this year at the old venue and have all the athletes go there instead. I know it is not going to happen because the athletes are bound to go to the olympics in 99% of the cases. The golfers have given a big FU but they did not need the money. A number of other athletes who also are not in need of the bucks have also said they are not going. But yes as you say the sports where the olympics are the keys to the dollars they are going because they basically have to or risk throwing away a lifetime of hard work. I don't watch the olympics anymore because of the way it is run.

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