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Comment Can we just wait & see (Score 1) 44

The government took prudent action in denying bail until more info is discovered. If all the guy did was bring classified home to work at home, he'll get a good slap of a year in prison or something along those lines. But if he really did or plan to deliver classified to a foreign country, the limit is death. I worked at a defense contractor at one point and they made it crystal clear the death penalty is on the table if you start spying for other countries.

Comment Re:Syrian drones (Score 0) 154

You are as dumb as trump. Next you'll be telling us to nuke NK. Here is a hint. China backs NK and would retaliate if anyone hit NK hard. Syria is backed by Russia in the same way. Clue, Russia has a base on the Med. Sea in you guessed it, Syria. Ever wonder why Russia really wanted Crimea? Can you say port on the black sea.

Comment I've always wondered why (Score 1) 95

when the candidates use music from artists that do not agree (and without permission) with them at rallies, why there is no fine for using the music without authorization. When a mere mortal just downloads a song for personal use it can cost 250K. So if 1000 people are at a rally, shouldn't the fine be 250 million? And its not like the candidates don't know, as it comes up all the time, so ignorance is not an excuse.

Comment Re: Why is it preposterous? (Score 1) 230

Except there are numerous cases of even simple automated braking systems failing and slamming on the brakes for no reason. So when someone smashes into the car that erroneously hit the brakes full force who is at fault? Who is at fault when the inevitable hack comes in and causes the automated car(s) to do dangerous stuff? We are simply not ready for this. I submit voice recognition as the example. I remember in the 80's that it was just around the corner. Well it is 2016 (36 years later) and it is just now ALMOST as good as people. How many decades before automated driving is ALMOST as good as people?

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