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Comment Re:Only a matter of time. (Score 1) 203

I think it could be argued that a bitcoin is more like a stock share than a maple leaf. The bitcoin has no physical embodiment, which is more like shares of a company, whereas the maple leaf is a real physical object. I expect the IRS will move it that direction and make bitcoin reporting like brokerage reporting.

Comment Re:eating less (Score 1) 256

You keep hearing how RICH people come to america to have treatments. Meanwhile the middle class in america are going to mex to get treated because the operation in mex is cheaper than the deductible if done in the US. I hear India is starting to do this as well, and they wrap in a mini vacation with the surgery, all for much less than getting it done in the US. I think the US is now at 12% of GDP for health. That is just crazy. Personalized medicine I could see push it to 20+. It is not sustainable.

Comment Instead of lifelock (Score 1) 41

Serious question, has anyone tried putting freezes on their credit? I think its like 10 bucks(each bureau) and then you have to do a thaw/freeze everytime you want to actually do credit. Is the freeze/thaw a huge hassle? I've done temp freezes when I was in one of those giant hacks, but those only last 6 months and are free.

Comment Re:So lemme get this straight, Barack (Score 1) 531

Dunno about that, the small fry is likely to find even a 500 dollar fine a reason to double check facts. I know I would be. Broke was hyperbole. The big guys will find the cutoff higher, 500 to breitbart is pocket change. By their 20th fib, they get knackered for 1/2 mil. Still they could eat that. But it just keeps goin up from there. No one thinks this stuff is as consequential as is my heart surgeon qualified. Over 3K soldiers died because GW decided to invade Iraq on bad info. Tens of thousands are maimed for life. Obamacare has changed the health care calculus. Ironically, the poor are now better covered than the middle class as the middle does not get subsidies. So now, some poor will live because they get needed treatment while some middle class will die because they will not since it will not be covered, since the deductible is 6 grand. Accurate news matters.

Comment Re:So lemme get this straight, Barack (Score 1) 531

No I don't want to censor "news". But just like I don't want to have a unlicensed quack give me a quadruple bypass, I don't think you should be allowed to call it "news" when it is fiction. I can see two solutions. One make it like broadcast TV, where an FCC controls how you behave since the tv airwaves are public. Alternatively, if you want to call yourself news, and you report falsehoods, there is a fine, which is progressive. Every time you "broadcast" a falsehood, fine doubles. Fine starts at 1 dollar. Lie all you want, but after about 10 times, you'll be broke.

Comment Re:'Drip coffee' != 'perfect' no matter how you do (Score 1) 162

I was at a clients a couple of years ago and they had an espresso machine. I was so impressed with the ease of use/quality I ordered one. I threw out my drip machine a week or so later as I could not go back. The prices on the machines have come down so while I still view it as a luxury, its not that much of a luxury. I think 500 buys the non-fancy version of the one I got. There are a plethora of models.

Comment Re: It's the transition team, people. (Score 1) 820

So your take on your own quote, "but it was known to a wide circle who felt it was not fit for discussion beyond that circle" is that he was out? So was Rock Hudson I guess back in the day. What part of "not fit for discussion..." is out? What is your definition of out exactly? Your lover knows? I've known people who are out. They don't care who knows.

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