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Comment Re:Would rather they fix it instead. (Score 1) 174

I didn't say i actually liked Apple Update just that it was better than Googles :)

I don't like being recommended iTunes or Quicktime, my main point was that it is easy to remove via Add/Remove and that it is does appear in the Scheduled Tasks.

Most (all?) of the separate update programs (google, apple, java, adobe) are pains.

Comment Would rather they fix it instead. (Score 2, Interesting) 174

"Unfortunately, the service has many bugs, it can't be disabled unless you uninstall all the applications that use it and there are some privacy issues"

I would prefer it if they fixed Google Update instead of releasing the source. Making it optional and easy to remove would be a good start. Amazingly Apple Update works better and most Apple software on windows, besides Safari, is lousy...

Comment PSPad for windows (Score 1) 1131

PSPad for windows is very good and i don't think has been mentioned yet. As well as hightlighting, it has a lot of other handy tools such as spellchecker, colour picker, code explorer and hex editting.

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