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Comment moderator selection (Score 1) 51

Heh, don't feel bad, I get about 30 positive karma a week and I haven't received mod points for a couple of years now. Guess I shouldn't have criticized Dice ...

If I remember correctly, moderators are picked from users with an average amount of activity. You might be falling into the obsessive side of that particular curve :)

Comment Summary (Score 4, Informative) 570

The article is light on details, but there's details elsewhere.

The OPOC engine is a horizontally opposed two cylinder two-stroke engine. As a cylinder in a two-stroke engine has a power stroke on every revolution instead of every second revolution, this engine has very high power density compared to a four-stroke engine of the same size.

Traditionally, two-stroke engines have had very poor emissions. Since the exhaust and intake strokes are not separate, the intake mixes with the exhaust to some degree. This means that some of the intake fuel goes out the exhaust unburned, and some of the exhaust remains in the cylinder with the intake charge, reducing peak temperature. This engine, however, uses assisted HCCI with a diesel injection system, meaning the fuel is introduced during compression instead of intake, so unburned intake fuel does not cross over to the exhaust. (I'm not clear what the "assisted" part is in the assisted HCCI. Perhaps there's a spark plug that's only used during low-power, lean burn conditions?)

The cylinder pairs are intended to be balanced and stackable, so that multiples can be connected together for higher output. TFA suggests that it might even be stacked with an electric motor for low-speed operation.

I imagine these would be very useful for a hybrid, despite the summary title. Unassisted HCCI engines have a small power range, but this would be perfectly fine for a series hybrid generator motor running at a fixed RPM for charging.

Comment Re:If By "Useless" You Mean... (Score 2, Insightful) 300

Whoops, saw that you mentioned "Hide". But why would you unfriend someone for their apps if you don't see them at all?

Some people make regular posts about items they need in their favorite games in their regular status updates too, which you see even if you've hidden their apps.

You could hide their status updates or unfriend them. Since you'll no longer be seeing anything from them either way, it comes down to whether you want them to see your activity even if you no longer care for theirs.

Comment Documentation (Score 2, Interesting) 350

It's good that they've released source for drivers.

It would be better still if they released documentation for their hardware that would be adequate to write a driver.

It's said that source code is the best documentation, but it only documents what the source is doing; not why it's doing it, what it could do, and what it shouldn't do.

Comment Observer bias (Score 1) 187

Has anybody ever heard of [..] an EDS project that went well.

No, and that's not surprising in their field. As a company that provides infrastructure, EDS projects are expected to go well. It's not notable when they succeed.

There's just not a lot of articles in the news about "Multi-billion dollar project went as expected". It's not that they never do, rather it's not newsworthy when they do.

Comment Re:No more working for the man (Score 5, Insightful) 453

Meanwhile, I didn't buy a home I couldn't afford, and for some reason no one wants to just give me money.

Hah! Don't you feel foolish now.

My father once said, to paraphrase.. "you can be one of those complaining about the people getting free cash.. or you can be one of the people getting free cash."

+1 insightful, in retrospect.

Comment Re:What the...? (Score 1) 926

I don't know that the typical "let's blow up a plane!" sort of terrorist we've run into of late is all that worried about getting away without trouble if they're caught. I mean, they're willing to die.

I know suicide bombing is all the rage these days, but there's plenty of would-be bombers who would prefer to live. Checking your bomb as luggage used to work (Air India Flight 182), but that doesn't fly anymore. Putting it into someone else's luggage seems like a reasonable compromise.

Comment "Entirely Caused By Sun" - Show Me The Evidence! (Score 1) 235

"The scientists found the DNA code for a skin cancer called melanoma contained more than 30,000 errors almost entirely caused by too much sun exposure."
This is obviously such a ridiculous statement that I'm surprised it made it into the BBC article.
Show me the evidence that almost 100% of DNA errors in skin cells or skin cancer cells are caused by sun exposure...

Comment Re:Moot (Score 0) 398

On the desktop!

And gaming! I predict 2010 will be the year Apple becomes the gaming platform of choice for trust-fund babies, unpublished writers who hang at Intelligentsia and men who tweeze their eyebrows.

Game availability for Mac OS X isn't nearly as bad as it's made out to be. While the breadth of games for Windows is vastly greater, in terms of games that make me want to install Boot Camp, or build a gaming PC, the majority have Mac versions already, or in production (Blizzard, ID, EA, BioWare). Even indy games (like World of Goo, Braid, and pending, Torchlight), as well as "niche" games, like EVE and Warhammer Online.

Anyway, my point is simply that on the Mac, you give up being a hardcore gamer, but you don't give up games nearly so strongly as hardcore gamers tend to imply.

Additionally, there's Boot Camp and CrossOver (and even VMware which has surprisingly good DirectX support) which makes pretty much any game playable on the Mac itself (although not necessarily Mac OS X).

That's not to say the Mac gaming realm is nearly as broad and deep as on Windows, but your view is more than a bit askew.

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