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Comment Re:Pretty simple actually.... (Score 1) 537

Don't forget though that the market tends to highly reward the contrarian thinkers if they can prove that attacking a problem from a non-conventional way or against conventional wisdom actually turns out to provide something that gives a lot of value to people. And you can always find contrarian investors as well who are willing to take a risk on something that bucks conventional wisdom.

Comment Re:Anybody surprised? (Score 1) 88

Uhh... the OP said "They owns us financially thanks to our over spending (both parties are culpable)". He didn't say just Obama had done it. Obama has preserved the status quo on spending, which is in fact over-spending by a large degree and running up large debts just as prior administrations have done. As far as bills go, yes there are large spending bills, just look at each year's annual budget bill and compare that to annual tax revenue. It's not for no reason that we have large annual deficits every year.

Disney Releases 3D Texture Mapper Source Code 83

dsavi writes "Ptex, Walt Disney Animation Studio's cutting-edge 3D texture mapping library which was first used on nearly every surface in the 2008 animated feature Bolt, was released under the BSD license on Friday. Quoting the announcement on 'We expect to follow Ptex with other open source projects that we hope the community will find beneficial. We will soon be launching a new Walt Disney Animation Studios Technology page under It will include links to our open source projects as will as a library of recent publications.' This looks good for open source 3D graphics."

Comment Re:Most of this functionality already existed on G (Score 1) 106

At the moment, the official Google App doesnt even work for me because I use a different Google account for the Google voice than the one associated with my Android and your app lets me configure that but Google's doesn't. So I can't compare the differences because Google's app doesn't even work on my phone. However, I've also read that yours has other features that Google's doesn't have, for example, the ability to choose whether or not to make the call through Google voice or not. I really like that feature.

I say you should keep up the good work on your app for the moment, and where Google's works better see if you can polish yours to the point that those features work just as well. Your app is slow at placing outbound calls. Anyway to fix that? I hear it going through menu prompts or something. Also, it would be really cool to be able to do SMS intercepting as well (like you do with voice), and have that work seamlessly (while still being able to choose between normal and GV).

Another feature suggestion: cache some of the stuff like the Mail tab and the Call Log, so I don't have to wait for it to "log in" just to see what was already there previously.

Comment Re:Health Care/Social Plan To Fix Everything... (Score 1) 572

Resources are not unlimited, whether it be land, minerals, health care, or whatever. You can't give everyone everything. What if a certain type of lifesaving cancer treatment was discovered that works with 100% efficacy but costs $150 million dollars? Would everyone 'deserve' that for essentially free from the government except for only the wealthiest who could afford to pay it?

Society needs a basic safety net, but I don't believe everyone should be entitled to, say, a premium amount of coverage on everything. One of my relatives works for social services and she says it makes her sick to see the way people take advantage of the system. In fact, she sees a majority probably abuse it. There are lots of people having kids because they get more benefits for each additional kid they have. In many cases there is little incentive for them to go hold down a regular job (even if they have the ability) because that would mean a loss of state-sponsored benefits. I don't like the fact that my government incentivizes laziness. I realize it's a difficult problem, because some people do need the benefits, which is why I am in favor of some benefits of this nature, even if they will will be abused.

But no, I don't think everyone should be put on 'equal ground'. Basic safety net? Yes. Everything you could ever need in life fully covered? No. How do you even separate need from want? Even the poorest people in America seem to have ipods, TV's, Xbox's--all kinds of things in that would be unimaginable a generation ago.

Comment Re:Health Care/Social Plan To Fix Everything... (Score 1) 572

I've lived in other countries and I have to say I don't think those other countries hold a candle to the U.S. when it comes to treating diseases, illnesses, or injuries; however, they do in some cases have better health care "systems" with a greater focus on prevention.

Even if the other countries do manage to do it with fewer costs and a better system, I don't have faith that whatever emerges out of say, the latest health care reform push will actually end up costing us less and be better even if it ends up being full-blown social medicine, do you?

Comment Re:Health Care/Social Plan To Fix Everything... (Score 2, Insightful) 572

So, I'm middle class income. I bought health insurance, disability insurance, life insurance, etc. I also buy supplemental insurance to cover anything that the primary health or disability insurance doesn't cover, so I'm fully, 100% covered for any contingency like the one you described above.

Now, I get in the accident and have 200k for hospital stays (fully covered), lifetime income (fully covered), and lifetime health insurance (fully covered). Now my neighbor who never bothered with any of that ends up in the same condition. Are you arguing that despite the fact that he didn't take any of the precautions I did, he should be entitled to it? And who should pay for that? The government? Why then did I bother then to get covered?

If the government is going to cover us all, we might as well do away with private insurance. Yay! I was tired of paying those disability and supplemental insurance premiums anyway! I'm absolutely sure the government would have a better run system that costs less. There's no way this agency could go bad, it would have just one mission: helping the people. The executive branch would always make sure only the best non-partisan people were appointed to head this agency and the money would never be misused. And efficiency? It's logistics and operations would be the envy of every private business out there. And jobs, lots of jobs, this is money that is much better spent here in government, the number of jobs created is far more than all those private insurance businesses employed anyway. Bring it on!

Comment Re:Over my dead body! (Score 3, Funny) 232

'Some people are under the impression that if they sign up for a donor card that will include donating their brain for research. But it won't,' says Breen.

Does anyone else feel a uncomfortable at just doing what Dr. Breen says?

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