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Submission + - Climate Change Already Dramatically Disrupting All Elements Of Nature

devinp writes: Global warming is impacting our lives at many different levels. It is an increasingly urgent problem. If we do not act now we could push the climate beyond tipping points. According to a report on Science Bulletin:

"Global changes in temperature due to human-induced climate change have already impacted every aspect of life on Earth from genes to entire ecosystems, with increasingly unpredictable consequences for humans. "

Submission + - Microsoft Raises UK Cloud, Software Prices 22% After Brexit-Fuelled Pound Drop

Mickeycaskill writes: Microsoft is to substantially increase its prices for software and cloud services prices offered in British pounds in order to accommodate the sharp drop in the currency against the US dollar in recent weeks.

Beginning in January 2017 on-premises enterprise software prices will go up by 13 percent and most enterprise cloud prices will increase by 22 percent, bringing them into line with euro prices.

Microsoft said it isn’t planning to change its prices for consumer software and cloud services.

The value of the pound has fallen by about 18 percent since the EU referendum on 23 June.

Submission + - Fedora 25 Beta Linux distro now available for Raspberry Pi (

BrianFagioli writes: The Raspberry Pi computers are extremely popular. It isn't hard to see why people like them — they are small, inexpensive, and very useful for various projects. While they are arguably under-powered for use as, say, a full-time workstation, the diminutive machines aren't really meant for that.

If you do want to use it as a workstation, however, I have good news. Fedora 25 Beta Workstation is now available for both the Raspberry Pi 2 and Raspberry Pi 3. In addition to the Workstation image, Fedora 25 Beta Server is available too. Owners of ARMv6-powered Pi models, such as the Pi Zero, are out of luck, as the operating system will not be made available for them.

Submission + - Talos Secure Workstation with free software from BIOS up

Node writes: After some time preparing, Raptor Computer Systems has made their Talos Secure Workstation available through crowd funding site, CrowdSupply. Previously reported on Slashdot, the Talos workstation is a POWER8 motherboard designed to provide an ATX-compatible desktop workstation with serious CPU power and free software support from the bootloader onwards. For the board controllers, it even uses FPGAs with a free software tool chain. Freedom comes at a price though: the basic motherboard costs $4,100 with CPUs ranging from $1,135 for 8 cores at 3.0GHz up to $3,350 for 12 cores at 3.2GHz. There is a "Desktop Edition" machine with a heavy-duty tower, 128GB RAM, Radeon RX 480 and two 4 TB SATA drives for $7,500, excluding CPU. There is also a top-end "Complete Talos Workstation" with tower, 256GB RAM, 12-core CPU, two 4 TB SAS drives in RAID 1, and a choice of AMD FirePro W9100, Nvidia Quadro K6000 or Tesla K40 GPUs for $18,000.

Along with the recent news about OpenCAPI and the existing OpenPOWER Foundation, it appears that POWER is offering a serious challenge to Intel's crown and using openness as leverage.

Submission + - Met Office Accurately Predicts Winter Weather A Year In Advance

An anonymous reader writes: The UK’s Met Office has revealed new seasonal forecasting capabilities which enable the weather service to predict winter climate changes up to a year in advance. The development has been made possible thanks to supercomputer technology granted by the UK Government in 2014. The £97 million high-performance computing facility has allowed researchers to increase the resolution of climate models and to test the retrospective skill of forecasts over a 35-year period starting from 1980. The forecasters claim that new supercomputer-powered techniques have helped them develop a system to accurately predict North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) – the climatic phenomenon which heavily impacts winters in the UK. Lead researcher Nick Dunstone commented that the ability to now understand and predict the NAO could have significant economic benefits for a range of sectors, including transport, energy, water management, and the insurance industry.

Submission + - Filmmaker Arrested At Pipeline Protest Facing 45 Years In Felony Charges (

walterbyrd writes: The lengths that the oil industry, and their puppet politicians, will go to suppress information is amazing. 45 years is way more than most people get for murder.

Deia Schlosberg, the producer of the upcoming documentary “How to Let Go of the World and Love All Things Climate Can’t Change,” was detained while filming a protest against TransCanada’s Keystone Pipeline in Walhalla, North Dakota. Activists at the event, associated with the group Climate Direct Action, shut down the pipeline, which carries oil from Canadian tar sands to the U.S, for about seven hours.

Submission + - The mathematics of the American Justice System (

Bob the Super Hamste writes: The BBC is reporting on the Compas assessment, Correctional Offender Management Profiling for Alternative Sanctions. This tool is used by a number of agencies to assess if someone is likely to commit additional crimes and the resulting score is used in determining bail, sentencing, or determining parole. The article points out that while the questions on the assessment do not include race the resulting score may be correlated with race but this is disputed by the software's creators. The assessment scores someone on a 10 point scale but the algorithm used to determine someone's score is kept secret. Because of this defendants are unable to effectively dispute that the score is incorrect.

Submission + - MenuetOS 1.23.60 released (

gluonic writes: Recent additions include SMP support for up to 32 processors and 32GB of ram, support for time-critical and non-preempting processes, additions to window transparency, improved usb webcam and storage support, context-mixing compressor, WebCall (IP to IP with audio and video), Streaming audio (Internet radio) and video support, all written 100% in 64bit x86 assembly.

Submission + - Ubuntu torrent removed from Google due to DMCA complaint (

LichtSpektren writes: OMG Ubuntu reports: "Cited in a DMCA takedown request filed against Google on behalf of Paramount Pictures, and spotted by TorrentFreak (and tipped to us by reader ~nonanonymous) is an innocuous link to a 32-bit alternate install image Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS. The takedown request seeks to remove links to a number of torrent URLS that are alleged to infringe on Paramount movie 'Transformers: Age of Extinction'. Ubuntu clearly doesn’t. All it takes is a quick glance at the URL in question to see that. It’s very much a stock iso of an old Ubuntu release. And yet Google has complied with the request and scrubbed the link to the page in question from its search index."

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