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Comment Re:Umm (Score 1) 157

Nah, the top classes (TF and FC) use a system that can't really be described as EFI nor carbureted. Yes, it's a roots blower. It's also a bunch of fuel injectors in the hat, in the intake manifold, and directly into the cylinders... all driven by a 95GPM fuel pump. When you see white mist come out of a header part way down the run, it's because that cylinder has "gone out" and it is spraying the fuel straight through and out the pipe. Either the spark plugs flooded or burned right up. They are fascinating pieces of engineering, but pretty much completely have nothing in common with the cars you and I drive.

Comment Re:Umm (Score 1) 157

EFI makes complete sense for a road car. I'm not suggesting carbs are better for anything other than running at full throttle for a few seconds. My issue was entirely with the AC's statement "carburetors -- some people like them but they won't win any races." FWIW, all of the classes that run at my local track (with the exception of Junior Dragster) don't care one bit if you use FI or a carb.

Comment Re:This almost makes me want to move to Canada... (Score 2, Informative) 141

It's great when it works. When you have a surgery that is not successful, and you complain for five years, and the doc basically says "there's nothing we can do" and there's no way to get a second opinion...

12 years later and my new doctor wants to get it dealt with... I'm back on a waiting list for the same doctor that brushed me off before.

Some competition is not always a bad thing.

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