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Comment Re:This almost makes me want to move to Canada... (Score 2, Informative) 141

It's great when it works. When you have a surgery that is not successful, and you complain for five years, and the doc basically says "there's nothing we can do" and there's no way to get a second opinion...

12 years later and my new doctor wants to get it dealt with... I'm back on a waiting list for the same doctor that brushed me off before.

Some competition is not always a bad thing.

Comment Re:Legal Recourse? (Score 2) 139

I helped do _what_ to people?

I helped build a 3D printer that could be sold at a profit for $100. We succeeded. Then we were all surprised when there was no money left to produce them.

I'm not sure how I should make it more clear that I'm "one of them." I haven't exactly hidden that fact. I've mentioned it in many of my comments. That said, I was only a contractor, and haven't done any work on the project since January 2015. If it makes you feel any better, I'm pretty sure I'm still owed more money than any backer put in.

Comment Re:Difference? (Score 2) 139

Considering the kickstarter was less than three years ago and the missing money became apparent less than two years ago, "strung you along for nearly 5 years" might be an exaggeration.

But, sure, in hindsight, Rylan should have gone to the police earlier.

And, to be clear, I no longer have anything directly to do with PP. I was a contractor up until around Jan 2015. Now I'm just a friend and interested spectator.

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