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Comment Re:Asinine. (Score 2, Insightful) 410

I say, make guns like driving, but on a "shall issue" permit requiring a reasonable proficiency test.

And you can purchase any car that you can afford, transport it anywhere in public without needing a license unless you use another car to transport it (realistically, pulling an F1 race car on a trailer by hand is ludicrous, but the law doesn't restrict it), and you can drive that car on private property without needing a license, insurance, registration of the vehicle, or any of the safety requirements for a car operated on public streets. Apply the same 'restrictions' to firearms, and watch the gun-control lobby fill the cardio wards of the nation's hospitals, because that gives up 90% of what they've stolen away from gun owners over the years.

Comment Re:That's too bad.... (Score 1) 125

Absolutely right. No matter how much money they make, it will never be enough. They will always claim they are making less than they should be making due to (a) Piracy (b) YouTube (c) Streaming services (d) Some other reason. It's always someone else's fault that they aren't making as much money as they think they should.

The Music And Film Industry Association of America (MAFIAA) won't be satisfied until they can make individuals pay each time they experience a music or film performance, even if it's just remembering a performance.

Comment Re:Why are bankers doing that research (Score 1) 284

My impression is that banks are about the bottom line and profits. Why is someone at a bank doing that research?

Perhaps so that, if it turns out that we are in a simulation, they can invest in research to discover a way to hack the simulation and create money out of nowhere, thereby boosting their bottom line and profits immensely?

Comment Re:Foretold (Score 1) 145

Steamboat Willie can never enter the public domain after all...

I've been referring to the 'Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act' as the "Mickey Mouse Perpetual Protection Act" for years, and I'll just shift the name to whatever bill Disney rams through Congress to extend copyright protection to ensure that no representation of The Mouse ever falls into the public domain.

Comment Re:Still nope! (Score 1) 256

Don't forget that the "Microsoft actively monitors whether you're using Edge for up to 30 hours a month. It tracks mouse movements and other signs that you're not trying to game the system, and you must also have Bing set as your default search engine." statement means that Microsoft will be setting up a telemetry service on your computer to record what you do and send it to Microsoft. Just like the "Customer Experience Improvement Program" updates that add telemetry trackers to your Win7 system which Microsoft keeps trying to push to people even after the Windows 10 free update period has expired.

Comment Re:Just like trying to ban guns (Score 1) 446

90% of the time its not a home made gun... Almost all the time sounds like a fair description of 90%. so that other 10% fits nicely in almost never

"Here, stick your head through this hole. Just ignore the heavy blade in the slide above the hole; it almost never drops when someone sticks their head in it."

If there's a one in ten chance that the blade will fall and cut your head off when you stick your head in the hole, I don't think that you'd feel that "almost never" was an accurate description of the probability.

Comment Re:I also want protection for my children. (Score 1) 167

Note that video of gang riots, military combat, dictatorial executions, and other scenes of violence are, by their omission, presumably "appropriate content". Heaven forfend that some child should, even by accident, see an erect penis; it would scar them for life. But letting them watch police fire tear gas into crowds of rioters, or a policeman getting dragged down and beaten by rioters, or bodies lying in the street in pools of blood, is all just part of life.

Comment Re:The message is clear: (Score 1) 309

This is bullish, right?

This is a country that will stop you for having a broken taillight, notice that you're carrying $50,000 in cash, seize it on suspicion of being the proceeds of illegal activity, file charges against the money, and your only hope of getting it back is to sue the government and prove that the money was acquired legitimately (ignoring the fundamental problems in trying to prove a negative).

Comment Re:HO.LY.FUCK (Score 1) 621

For some time police have had the power to steal cash from people if they 'suspect' that it might derive from some criminal activity, even if the suspect is not charged.

The suspect does get charged; unfortunately, the case is something like State of Washington vs. Prepaid Account Card 1227496584367954, not against the person whose assets have been seized.

Comment Re:Security (Score 1) 564

It's one step away from literally being ransomware.

That comes in July, when it stops being free, but doesn't stop being an automatic install.

"You're copy of windows is unlicensed. Pay us $100+ or you will never see your own data again."

I wish I thought this was an exaggeration, but frankly, I expect exactly that.

Microsoft should be prosecuted for racketeering for how they've handled Windows 10.

If Microsoft continued to try to force an upgrade to Windows 10 down our throats with tricks like these after it was no longer a free upgrade, I'd be willing to bet that you could make a solid case that, under 39 U.S. Code 3009, it meets the definition of "unordered merchandise" and Microsoft has just given it to you for free, and can be required to cough up a valid license for it. I'd also be willing to bet that Microsoft isn't willing to have that premise tested in court, and that all the "Get Windows X" code will receive an update well in advance of the drop date that will cause them, on or after the expiration of the free-upgrade period, to require payment in advance before it will even download the update.

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