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Comment Re:Why aren't there big incentives (Score 1) 673

Because none of the professions you're talking about are generally well paid. IT is abundant in jobs that are:

- Well paid
- Well respected
- Have no apparent attributes that make one gender likely more capable in the field than any other gender

And yet there's a massive gender gap in this industry. Nobody really knows why. I've worked alongside men, women, different races, different ages, and I can't honestly say I've noticed any particular group showed signs of being more capable than any other group. I've known terrible women programmers and awesome women programmers. I've known terrible men programmers and good ones. Races? Tougher, as I've worked alongside very few non-whites (is this gap being addressed too?) but the people I worked alongside who weren't white were good.

So we have a respected, well paid, career path, that is superficially accessible to all, and yet at least one identifiable group making up 50% of the population sees it as inaccessible, or avoids it for other reasons. We should be concerned.

Comment Re:Planning (Score 1) 92

Not necessarily assuming the guy at the top. Regardless of who plans and executes the scam, a bankruptcy is going to suddenly result in massive focus on everything going on, every system and transaction and so on. Outsides who you're unfamiliar with (so can't use your usual bag of tricks to pull the wool over the eyes of) will be brought in, and will investigate what you were doing. Even regular management will suddenly find themselves having to justify their own actions and investigate things they never looked at before.

To be honest, if I were a fraudster, the very last place I'd start is a business that is likely to go bankrupt even if it trades honestly, unless I can seriously expect my actions to be so inconsequential nobody would even dream of looking for them. In this case though, the amounts transfered out of Mt. Gox's legitimate control were huge.

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