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Comment Re: I'm totally shocked... (Score 1) 607

Sweden has a free economy. You are free to start your own enterprise. You can own capital, land and all other things that you can own in the USA. There is no government redistribution of wealth. Most people doesn't pay government taxes. Most only pay local taxes. The income inequality have grown faster in Sweden that in most countries during the last 20 years. Sweden is by no means a socialist country

Comment Which one to support? (Score 1) 327

I am not sure which one of those to support.
I like that Spotify takes the fight over Apples draconian rules on their store.

However, I also feel like Spotify had this coming. They have for years mistreated the Android users. For years Android was a second class platform. Spotify should reap what they have sown. They shouldn't have invested so heavily in the iPhone users as they did. So in some respect I think this serves them right.

Look how long it took them to support Chromecast. Apple TV however, that was supported early on. Yep.

Comment Re:I promote Windows 10 ... (Score 1) 982

- Better PS that I don't use.
- Better HyperV that I don't use.
- Better Office 365 that I don't use.
- Better touch screen that I don't have and doesn't want on a laptop or desktop PC.
- Better task switching? In what way? I am force to use it (win10) at work and I haven't even notice any changes so I guess i don't use that either then.
- Edge browser? You got to be kidding.

To be honest, I don't see the value for most people to switch. The only thing positive that I can say about Win10 is that the GUI now is better than Win8. But it is still extremely inferior to Win7 on a desktop or laptop. Most I have talked to dislike it. The modern parts feels forced and confuses them. It is still two GUIs in one.

MS trying to shove it down our trouts have only made me want Win10 less.

Comment Re:Protectionism (Score 1, Troll) 155

I have news for you. I live in a country that used to be social democratic. It worked somewhat up until the 70-ties. Then it began to not work as well because of the first globalization movement.

After the fall of Soviet union, it stopped to work completely. The richest people in the world then got to run the world, through especially your country. They implemented total globalization - a scheme to transfer wealth from the average working man/women to the ruling 1 per mille that now decides (there is no "one perecent" - it's less than that). And a the social democratic way started to crumble. Now it simply doesn't work. It doesn't work with globalization and you wont be allowed to work against globalization. If you try, you simple will be removed.

The war is over. The richest won. Most people doesn't even understand that they have lost and that there was a war. This war was over for over 10 years ago.The only thing left to see now is what the richest will do with the rest of us. I don't think its going to be pretty. But there is absolutely nothing we can do against it. They control everything now. Nothing can be done. Sanders is a pipe dream like any other that believes that you can fight back. Sanders will never become president. He will not win the election. They will make sure of that.

Comment When is it discontinued? (Score 5, Interesting) 52

So, the obvious question now is "when is it discontinued"?
Because that seam to be the ultimate end for most of Googles projects. Especially these who isn't cloud related, like this. I would be surprised if this isn't killed of within 5 years.

For instance, they have only recently killed of the desktop Picasa application - a really good and free solution to organize your pictures. And now they want us to use other software that probably will be discontinued in the future whey you rely on it?

Comment Re:The silver lining around every (mushroom) cloud (Score 1) 321

That question has obviously been discussed between US and China and I am quite sure that there is procedures to use to tell China that they will strike North Korea.

Also, since China really isn't expecting a nuclear strike from US or any one else (this isn't the cold war), they probably wouldn't push the "world destroy" button if they saw a missile without first checking it.

Comment Re:The Crossroads (Score 1) 129

And since the public seams to side with FBI - if Apple wins this, then they will loose even more in the future. Then you will have laws forcing these kind of backdoor into the phones. This is simply the wrong case to take the fight with. Protecting the privacy of a dead terrorist doesn't win you a political fight. Roll over in this case and find a better case to take the fight over. One that you can win the public in. This is a loosing fight and winning it will only lead to public backlash and laws that give FBI what they want.

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