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Comment Re:They want to be a welfare state? (Score 1, Interesting) 237

This is a law being enforced by the green party. That all other parties is on board is simply because everyone needs the greens to get to power - despite they having only less than 7% voted for them. They are the only party that have supported both the bloc in the parliament in the past.

Rest of us 93% hopes that they will fall below 4% votes in our election next year (it looks hopeful) and be gone from the parliament.

Most citizens doesn't agree on this law. We understand that it will hurt us enormously economically, make it impossible to live on the countryside (a place that the green party openly despise) and that it in the grand scheme of things will do zero since China continues to build coal plants.

Comment They are fast approacing that (Score 1) 187

Well, Netflix is fast approaching a 50-50 split of content. The non-Netflix content outside of the US has always been abysmal and it isn't getting better - it is getting worse.

So I guess Netflix doesn't really need to spend more on own content, they simply need to keep spending little on other content and that 50-50 split will soon be reached.

Comment Re: What exactly is he asking for? (Score 1) 401

Correct. Assange isn't even wanted for anything in the US. So there is no offer to be made from him. Last - he can't be extradited from Sweden as that would be illegal under Swedish and EU law. However, he should leave Britain since he will not be protected by he EU rules there in a couple of years

Comment Please don't (Score 3, Insightful) 75

Please don't put any apps on the Windows store. That will only make Microsoft more invested in the idea that the store should be the ONLY way to get apps on Windows. MS big dream is to make that happen and have a 30% cut off all software sales.
Don't facilitate that by putting anything on their store.. just don't.

Comment Re: Bargain bin (Score 1) 87

And this is probably the reason behind why Drake's music don't rank at Spotify - since he has an exclusive with Apple, when the song hits Spotify it is old. Any song that is six months old will get lower ranking. It will then had been played to many times on radio and other source's. If he want good ranking on Spotify he should release there at launch.

Comment Re: What does Netcraft say? (Score 1) 515

Gnome cut useful features in the same way that Apple does. And both desktop is therefore a bad choice if you like to customise you desktop to suite you. Now MS are follow suit with Windows 10 so we will soon all be forced others opinions on how a GUI should look down our throats. Personally I think that stinks and that Gnome took a good start and buried in "we know what's best" attitude that I will do better without.

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