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Comment Re:Crosshairs shouldn't be that hard (Score 1) 190

I think that's the hard part.

Think about developing a handheld game that needs to work on all screen sizes (iPhone, iPad, Android, Simbian, etc etc....). There have been efforts to minimize these problems.

Then think about the UI for a web page or game. There have been some pretty successful results, while they are anything but simple.

Now think about adding a 3rd dimension to all those problems. It's not as easy as saying "just make it realistic". There is a reason why lives are spent on UI. It's not an easy task and it just got a 3rd Dimension.

Oh and was it just me or did anyone think it was just a 3D FPS (Like Tribes, Q3, you know.... All FPS?) and not a 3D Displayed FPS.

Comment Re:Should be automatic (Score 1) 370

I always thought that it would make sense to automatically adjust people's "plans" retroactively, based on your usage. A phone company having set plans to begin with tells us, as customers, that they're willing to accept X amount of money based on Y amount of usage. Now if I estimate poorly, or have an emergency and need to use my phone a lot more than I estimated, I shouldn't be unjustly punished for that. I should just be moved up a "plan".

Thinking about it now, maybe they shouldn't call them plans with this new system (what I'm suggesting is different than pay as you go). A plan makes it sound like you pay ahead of time, like renting an apartment or mortgage payments on a home.

Comment "Salon" impresses me (Score 5, Informative) 347

Unlike the summary posted above, the article is very unbiased. I'm surprised how sensational slashdot has become on issues like this. This isn't about some hacker wanting street cred, it's about an agent of the government getting a criminal to talk. Salon even stops slander found in other articles that is just journalism upon journalism leads to US Government vs. WikiLeaks, which at this point looks completely ridiculous.

I for one congratulate Salon for this very well balanced article.

Comment On AT&T Too: Maintenance (Score 1) 285

Maintenance In Progress

AT&T is continually working to improve our internet site for our customers. As part of this ongoing effort, we are currently doing maintenance. We apologize for this inconvenience and ask that you please try back again later.

Apple isn't the only one... With these two companies relying on each others servers, it's no wonder that both are having issues.

Comment Re:Mods (Score 1) 704

Agreed. I started "coding" per se with Tribes. That lasted into Tribes 2 and I only grew from there.

But seriously, find something he's interested in. A 2-week program like some at digipen might be the most interesting for him to visit and learn a lot in a little time. If you can't make it to Seattle, then I suggest finding a local community college or hackerspace or LAN center, etc... and find what he enjoys to do. I've also found that mentors are a great help, even if they are just older kids.

Comment Re:ok, so you abandoned it and your customers (Score 1) 208

agreed. it sounds like to me that he stopped working on a website, stopped offering a service, and let everything expired. That leaves a great business plan for someone to start where you left off. If the people are paying for a service they aren't receiving, that's their fault. If the Russian "cloners" are actually providing the same service you did, then good for the Russians.

The only other issue I can see here is copyright / stolen corporate identity, which if you don't know what to do already (contact a lawyer and file an international law suit?) then there's nothing you can do.

What Advice For a Single Parent As Server Admin? 618

Dragon_Eater, with "lots of experience setting up PCs and a passable knowledge of Linux but severely lacking in the server/client department," writes with a situation that probably faces a lot of parents: I want to set up three kids, 12, 14, and 15, with newer computers so they will stop fighting for time on the one ten-year-old Dell they share now. I can get the individual computers and a server put together without any problems, but the computer-handicapped single parent needs to be able to do the following via an simple application/web page: View client computer status, On/off, sleeping etc.; Deny Internet access, not LAN, just the web; Schedule time usage of computer, ex. 7 am to 10 pm on school nights etc.; Force log-out and/or shutdown of clients, for grounding purposes; and Apply some kind of firewall filter for blocking undesired web content. And as the administrator for this network I would like the following options: Remote virus scanning of client machines, or scheduled task; Some kind of hardware monitor, high temp / fan speed low etc.; and Email alerts for various log files / alarms. Given the lists above I am thinking about a Linux-based router/server machine and running Windows on the clients for game compatibility. I also know that a server and network boot client is possible but not sure where to start on that one."

Comment Re:Title is misleading (Score 1) 227

The term customers is simply ambiguous. In this case, it means customers of the "entertainment industry". It may also mean rapidshare customers, as rapidshare might get a cut for their redirect, depending on their business model. But yes, if a single person clicks on that redirect and purchases the software/music/movie legally, then the website has converted a would-be pirate into a legitimate customer.

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