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Comment Re:The Climate has always been changing... (Score 1) 130

how much is really mankind's fault? ... The Earth's climate has LAWAYS been changing and will continue to do so no matter what.

It rarely changes this fast without some world-wide event like a meteor or super-volcano, and it's still changing: The ride ain't over.

In the end it doesn't matter.

To who? To humans displaced or bankrupted by weather changes? Yes, it matters. To dead species, Yes, I'm sure they are not happy about extinction.

On the up side, it's a good time to invest in Canadian, Alaskan, Greenland, and Siberian real-estate.

Comment Re:Miles... (Score 1) 70

can't we at least agree to outlaw imperial measurements for anything to do with space?

Screw your commie system, God save the Queen!

10 is a dumb base anyhow, not divisible by 3 or 4. The first tetrapods who crawled onto land had mathematically defective digits. They should have been BBQ'd and placed between bread instead.

Comment Re:In other words (Score 5, Funny) 102

I've had a kidney stone, and I'll tell you the LAST thing I wanted to do during all that pain was hop on a roller coaster. I didn't want to move, period, even after bigass pain meds.

It was the most painful thing I ever felt. I invented several new vowels and cuss-words, some Klingon, and repented to every deity I could think of. (Its effects vary per person and per stone, though.)

Comment Re:This again? (Score 1) 366

You use your video card to print?

Back in the old days they did all kinds of kludgey things to save bytes and/or processing time. These days we usually view such tricks as maintenance, dependency, and security risks because the hardware is cheap enough.

(Except we use web browsers to try to act like desktop GUI's, so I guess wacky kludges never die, just morph.)

Comment Re:Php tied to platform? [Re:PHP] (Score 1) 366

The problem with the browser is that HTML browsers were not originally designed to act like and/or mirror desktop-style GUI's. However, that's exactly what the industry has been trying to do for the past 2 decades, and badly. Even the big vendors F up their UI's.

If a browser were designed UP FRONT to be GUI-oriented, then browsers wouldn't need to download giant GUI JS libraries to try to mirror real GUI's. It's almost like every app downloading an OS to run. Dumb! Illogical! Bad humans!

One of my common suggestions is to make the (GUI) browser be a "dumb" vector plotter: plot shapes and input boxes based on simple linear coordinates. The flow and relative placement control would be done on the server side. This would greatly simplify the client and related standards.

That way you have only ONE layout/flow engine instead of 50-ish you have to test for on the client (Mac, Windows, iPhone, Android, times each version X, version Y, etc. etc.) Fonts would be a little trickier, but I've kicked around various solutions for those that would take a while to describe here.

I'm tired of UI's breaking and overlapping wrong in different ways on different browsers/devices. I'd rather have the 90's DLL Hell back instead of this insidious Render Hell.

Lets do it logically this time. First, we have to admit we fucked up really bad and turned UI's into rocket science. Actually, rocket science is easier: it follows physics, while the HTML stack follows Chaos Theory. It's great job security until you count your grey hairs and Tums.

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