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Comment Re:Don't they have an fiber to the node cable netw (Score 2) 229

Wish I had mod points as you neatly some up the actual reason for the debate rather than the bullshit spun by the government and the supporting Murdoch media. Remember when 56k modems first come out and people were saying how incredible it was and we would never need faster? This is the crap they are spinning while trying to hobble the NBN by forcing it to buy into H(t)elstras decayed and rotten copper network for the last link to the homes. We build you a 400 hp engine but let the diff only cope with 25hp so you can't actually use the grunt you installed. Murdoch is fully aware that 1st world internet would be the death knock for the abysmal excuse for bundled cable (pay) tv he has as people would by streamed sessions of what they want without his overcooked advertising and re-re-re-re-runs. Tony Abbott (our Prime Minister; known as Toned Abs) owes him for the fox news type support he got before, during and after the election so has stacked Ziggy (who fucked up Telstra) onto the NBN to work his magic... I want fibre to my house so I can actually have real internet as my crap speed on the decayed copper network sucks, even worse when it rains. Fibre to the node aint fixing that.
The Almighty Buck

The Man Who Sold Shares of Himself 215

RougeFemme writes "This is a fascinating story about a man who sold shares in himself, primarily to fund his start-up ideas. He ran into the same issues that companies run into when taking on corporate funding — except that in his case, the decisions made by his shareholders bled over into his personal life. This incuded his relationship with his now ex-girlfriend, who became a shareholder activist over the issue of whether or not he should have a vasectomy. The experiment continues." The perils of selling yourself to your friends.

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