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Submission + - Creepiest Tech Around

adeelarshad82 writes: Doubt that technology ever creeps anyone out but in the spirit of Halloween a recently published article rounds up some of the creepiest technologies at play these days. The article talks about gadgets like the Kiss Transmission Device which requires users to make out with a machine to services like Apple's highly disturbing location tracking application.

Submission + - McDonald's Facebook scam: Happy Birthday to...Dona (

stormdesign writes: I'm sure a McDonald's themed Facebook scam seemed like a good idea to somebody at the time, but wow is this one all over the place. It's your typical "Click here to Like", "Post a spam comment saying how good this is" then "do one of these offers" affair. However, there are many things about it that don't make any sense starting with the URL: macdonalds(dot)in.

Submission + - NASA cloud architect forms open source startup (

alphadogg writes: The lead architect of NASA's cloud platform, which spun off into the open-source OpenStack cloud operating system, is launching a new company and product aimed at helping enterprises more easily build private clouds. Piston Cloud Computing will sell an OpenStack distribution that offers automation for easy deployment, security features to meet the needs of security-conscious businesses and interoperability with public clouds that are also built on OpenStack. "The rationale for starting the company is that the options for deploying private clouds are complicated, hard to configure, time-intensive to maintain and don't necessarily scale terribly well," said Joshua McKenty, CEO of Piston Cloud and formerly cloud architect and technical lead at NASA.

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