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Comment Re:Not sure what to think.... (Score 1) 760

But the biological distinction is about hormones. And hormones definitely change mood and behavior. So therefore the expectations comes from the typical behaviors resulting from hormones, no? I'm not macho because I'm expected to be macho, I'm macho because I have lots of testosterone because my gender (male) matches my junk (male). If my hormones were female (estrogen), regardless of my junk, I'd be prancing around in a dress because I want to feel pretty, no?

Comment Re: Trump is worse (Score 1) 217

You realize you're also engaged in the partisan bullshit right now, right? You're condemning Trump for what he might do. How about you wait until he writes himself that billion dollar check before you convict him for crimes he's only committed in your mind? I'm sure if he does anything like that CNN will let you know ASAP. And if he doesn't I'm sure they'll make something up to confirm your prejudices, so you win either way.

Comment Re: Trump is worse (Score 1) 217

There is a whole web of ways this can go wrong for us (not for him, for us).

Why do I care if Trump gets a deal for his scottish golf course? How is that wrong for me? It's right for him, but so long as he does the rest of the running of the country stuff and does the things I want, why do I care if his family gets richer? Didn't the Clintons get about $100M richer through "public service?" How did he do that? Isn't every congressman engaged in insider trading? How else do they go in worth $1 million and come out with $10M? Paul Ryan is worth $8M after 17 years in Congress. How does that happen?

Trump is the only one even trying to avoid conflicts of interest with regards to personal profit in office. Everyone else is doing it gleefully and you give zero credit to the one guy who even so much as pays lip service to not profiting off his office. Which tells me you don't actually give a shit about any of that, you just hate Trump and are looking for a way to undermine him. If Hillary had got in you wouldn't give two shits about the Saudis and Qatar giving her Foundation millions of dollars to overthrow Assad so they can have their pipeline.

Comment Re:Not Surprising (Score 1) 217

There is zero evidence of Russia interfering in the election. There were only 3 intelligence agencies on the report (which offered no evidence and only speculation), not 17. These are the same intelligence agencies that lied about things like weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and the Gulf of Tonkin incident. Outside influence is inevitable in the age of TV and internet. The BBC was shilling for Hillary. There's a state media outlet influencing our elections. Are you "deeply concerned" about the influence of the British on our politics? Trudeau denounced Trump during the election. Are you deeply concerned about Canadian influence?

No, you just hate Trump and are looking for a way to undermine and attack him, so you've bought into paranoid delusions that the ebil Rooskies are out to get you. You are a political stooge.

Comment Re:Not Surprising (Score 1) 217

Because if there's no direct control Trump seems to have some kind of weird hero-worship thing going on for Putin.

Trump will say nice things about anyone who says nice things about him, and will shit on anyone who shits on him. Putin says nice things about Trump, so Trump says nice things about Putin.

Also, Trump respects Putin because unlike most every other western world leader, Putin doesn't shit on his own people. Yes, Putin's first priority is Putin, but he at least tries to keep the Russian people from wanting to kill themselves. Russians want families and a future, so Putin promotes the Orthodox Church and Russians get married and make baby Russians. They don't want to get blown up by terrorists, so Putin slaughters any muslims who try to start shit in Russia, and doesn't take in "refugees." Compare to Merkel, who floods her country with violent savages who rape the German women and then persecutes anyone who says "maybe less violent savages?" for hate speech.

That is why Trump respects Putin, because under him Russia has a future, and western europe does not, and Trump believed under our old leadership America had no future, but under him it will. Oh, and I'm not trying to convince you America will have a better future under Trump, I'm telling you Trump believes America will have a future under him.

Comment Re:Down with Putin - Down with Trump (Score 1) 217

Yes, and the stupid analysis thing that "Trump would be twice as rich if he invested the inheritance in mutual funds" is not the article you posted, and the article you posted doesn't make any claim that Trump would be twice as rich if he invested the money. The "twice as rich" analysis assumes he took the $400 million he got in 1999 when Fred died, translated that into $400 million 1971 dollars and invested them with perfect market timing in 1971. Without a time machine, he would be unable to move the $400 million from 1999 to 1971.

Let me guess...Trump got a time machine from Putin, who can also hack time!

Comment Re: Trump is worse (Score 1) 217

So if China says to Trump "if you support our claims in the South China Sea and Taiwan, we will invest $10 billion to build and develop several new Trump hotels in China", then not only are you saying that is OK, but you're also saying that the people who wrote the Constitution didn't have that kind of thing in mind when they wrote the clause.

And nothing like that is happening. Trump has given control of the company to his kids, and Trump has pledged no new foreign investments during his 8 years in office. Trump has also pledged to donate all foreign profits to the US Treasury.

Also that's not even the "emoluments clause" meme that's been floating around the leftist circlejerks. They've been saying foreigners staying at a Trump hotel are giving him emoluments, when no, that is a fee for service. None of the presidents who owned plantations were required to give up their plantations and not sell their harvests during their term in office. The Founders believed the government should be run by regular citizens, and would never dream that business owners should have to sell off their businesses in order to serve as president.

Comment Re:Down with Putin - Down with Trump (Score 3, Informative) 217

If he had left his inheritance alone, he would be twice as wealthy as he claims to be now.

You're still repeating this crap? Fred Trump didn't die until 1999. The "analysis" you're talking about assumes Donald got Fred's 1999 fortune in the 1970s. Unless Trump also has a time machine, that doesn't work out.

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