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Comment Re:Bad Headline (Score 1) 588

Well, I've been listening for videos of Trump advocating for such a plan all day long, only to find out that there are loads of videos labelled "Trumps wants to track all muslims" but none of them actually have him say anything of the sort. So if you have a video or two for me, the kind that I didn't watch already to discover it is not what it is labelled to be, I'll take it.

Also, not ruling out something does not mean having plans to do it. For example, I'm not ruling out leaving my wife in the future. Yet, I have absolutely no plan to do it.

Also, banning all non US-citizen Muslims to enter the country is not the same thing as building a registry for all muslims, not even close actually.

So you see. You've given no evidence. Even the stuff you claim to have seen / heard would not be proof even if it was true. Proving something did not happen is impossible of course, so the burden of proof is on you. But we already know who is rationalizing stuff away now, do we?

Comment Re:Bad Headline (Score 3, Insightful) 588

Trump's Muslim tracking plan

You can bitch all you want on this piece of garbage-journalism, they still got into your head making you believe there is such a plan. This is classic persuasion. Make people think about what should be their reaction *if* something would happen. You start thinking about your reaction and before you know it you've taken the something for granted.

Comment Re:No he didn't (Score 0) 588

I firmly suggest you listen to all the words in that video and realize that, despite the youtube description of the video, at no point is Donald Trump talking about a registry or a database for muslims. And you have the guts to point us to a video that disprove your point... Well done dude.

Comment Re:I survived (Score 1) 302

We had one quite different with a Lotus Notes server. Our time server rebooted and it's motherboard battery was empty, so it basically rebooted to 1971. So the Lotus Notes server's clock was suddenly set to 1971 and when they changed the clock back Lotus went crazy and started resending every fucking email it had in storage over again. I received my welcome mail 20 minutes later and everyone was flooded with old emails for hours. It took a while to delete all of that junk.

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