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Comment Re:Non-latin TLDs? (Score 1) 302

There are more people online in China than live in the US. This is going to be awesome for their local online economies, as people will be able to use their native languages.

Firstly, I am curious where you would have obtained these numbers. Can you cite this?

Secondly, given the global context, shouldn't it be more a question of whether there are more people who use Latin keyboards as opposed to non-Latin, rather than one of whether China or the US has more people online? That reasoning seems to suffer from a US-centric (or China-centric) perspective. While the novelty of using a native language has its merits, it seems to me that there should be a discussion of whether the potential harm of non-Latin TLDs is outweighed by this appeal. IMHO, a good argument could be made that this move reinforces the "Great Firewall" (a Bad Thing TM), since it adds an additional barrier to international co-mingling.

Isn't ICANN an international non-profit organization? This seems more like catering to special interests than "preserving the operational stability of the internet".

Comment Re:"Committed Suicide?" (Score 1) 538

Obviously there should be a better way than taking a gun into a closet, but immediately jumping into legalizing euthanasia would be inappropriate and dangerous.

Luckily, Oregon, Washington, Montana, and Texas (in the USA) have already taken this "inappropriate and dangerous" leap, enabling doctors (in varying capacities) to perform euthanasia. In the case of Oregon, this law has been in effect for 15+ years, which is hardly "immediate". Controversial, yes, but "inappropriate and dangerous" is a bit of a stretch, seeing as the precedent has been set.

Comment Re:There is only TWO issues (Score 1) 424

NASA might be able to persuade the American public, but will never persuade the Russians and the Chinese about something that indirectly can obliterate their satellites and missiles.

Whether or not they could be persuaded, your point is made more significant when one considers that fact that we are going to be relying on the Russians for all manned spaceflight missions for the next 10-15(+?) years. Because of the lapse between the de-commissioning of the shuttle and the production of the Orion CEV, we are completely reliant on international hand-holding in order to get any astronauts into space in the foreseeable future.

Russian kabosh = grounded astronauts

Comment Re:What the hell? (Score 2, Funny) 128

I know people are doing similar things with the iPhone â" such as selling the source to people who must install it themselves â" but the entire scene emerging around Palm has a much more organic and creative vibe.

What does this even mean? Are we measuring mobile phones against each based on "vibes" now? And how is doing the same thing on a different device somehow more creative?

The new Palm Pre will dynamically synergize your social network with it's organic and creative Web 2.0 cloud-computing vibe, helping you leverage your open source collaboration.

Comment Re:So basically... (Score 1) 642

Yes! ROFL.
It reminds me of reading Jon Stewart's "America-The Book".
At a certain point, I found myself thinking, "Wait a minute, that's a totally false statement!" Then I remembered I was reading a book that was complete satire. Debating the existence of ET life in this galaxy or any other one is akin to debating whether or not Chuck Norris could beat up Muhammad Ali.

Comment Re:He who has the gold rules (Score 3, Informative) 224

I will add....America has very few exports now. IP is basically it. So, it is in the interest of America's wealthy to impose strict IP laws (and hence artificial scarcity) all over the planet.

What did you say your sources were for this?
The United States is the 3rd Largest Exporter in the World. The Top 10 Exports from the United States are:

  • Transportation Equipment
  • Chemicals
  • Computer & Electronic Products
  • Machinery, Except Electrical
  • Petroleum & Coal Products
  • Miscellaneous Manufactured Commodities
  • Electrical Equipment, Appliances & Components
  • Food & Kindred Products
  • Plastics & Rubber Products
  • Fabricated Metal Products

While it is true that the United States has a trade deficit, it is not for lack of exports. Which is to say, there is no excuse at all for the media companies to push for stronger Imaginary Property laws, except that they want a larger piece of the, relatively very large, exports pie. This is pure greed. To frame it as a survival response lends credibility to their arguments that they do not have.

Comment Re:Look carefully (Score 1) 791

I wasn't saying that everyone takes it as religion. I used an analogy to Religion to illustrate the elements which I found strikingly analogous. I did so in the form of an anecdote relating a personal experience that lent me insight into a perspective that I had not considered; the idea that a person might buy into Global Climate Change for the simple fact that it gave them a sense of community. Much in the same way that a person might adhere to a certain faith because it gives them that same sense of community. In the course of this insight, it occurred to me that this might be applicable to groups of people. Further, since groups of people might do it for this reason, and politicians' make a living tapping into such movements of people, it made sense that this would be leveraged for political gain.

I did imply that a more positive-minded demographic was more susceptible to this type of leveraging, but it was not my intention to lump "everyone" into this category. By "They" I was specifically referring to the guy who made the statement, and the demographic that he represented in my mind. The same "They" who are susceptible to being harvested by anyone offering them a sense of belonging to a larger whole.

I am sure that there are many people who genuinely believe in Global Climate Change for what they consider perfectly valid reasons. My post was meant as a remark upon the phenomenon that many people believed it for entirely social reasons. That's not cherry picking, that's just my personal observation.

Comment Re:Look carefully (Score 4, Interesting) 791

In other words these photos are 'evidence' of nothing. Minor, small scale year-to-year variation in ice flow patterns. The use of these photos in this manner is equivalent to claiming that because there was snow on my walk on January 10, 2008, but none on January 10, 2009, my environment has been ruined by Global Warming.

Yet there it is, fed to the reader at the very start of the story; no disclaimer provided. The pair of photos will now be repeated ad nauseam for years on end around the planet. Biden will have a blown up poster of these photos in his town hall kit by Wednesday. Fresh new memes the huckster elite will use goad "The West" into self inflicted poverty; "See? The planet is in peril! Man must be stopped!"

In almost all other matters you can take it as a given that around Slashdot you will find if not cynics then certainly skeptics. On the other hand if it has a Bush taint, a little anti-business flavor and it's wrapped up in a Global Warming ribbon you people suck it up like hicks at a Benny Hinn sermon.

You totally summed up what I took away from this article. The picture of the OMG Polar Bear on the tiny little iceberg was the first thing that popped into my head when I saw the photos.
The self inflicted poverty thing, though, that blew my mind. I had never thought of that before.
My first response to this article got modded 'flamebait' so fast I was honestly totally surprised. I am glad to know that I am not the only one who has noticed a recent change in tone around here.

Last year, I had the opportunity to sit in on a lecture from one of my chemistry profs where he talked about some of the misinformation surrounding Global Climate Change. What struck me was when he started taking questions at the end and a kid stood up and said, "Global Warming is the only thing that everyone in the world can rally behind. It's a cause that unites everyone! Why would you want to take that away from us?!".

It was in this moment that I realized why Global Climate Change is so high on so many politicians' agendas: Global Climate Change is the new Religion. It's the one thing that you can get a whole new generation of positive-minded, well-intentioned people to get behind, if you can just convince them that they are all burdened under the Original Sin committed by their predecessors. The new agenda is to convince them that it is their responsibility to Redeem themselves through personal sacrifice.

Because that kid totally nailed it: They need this. They want this. They are dying for something to rally behind and GCC fits the bill, and what right do YOU have to take it from them?

It's the same old game with new players.

Comment Economic Recovery (Score -1, Flamebait) 791

From TFA:

The Obama administration has already taken steps to tackle America's flagging scientific lead. The president's economic recovery plan allotted $170m (£100m) to help close the gaps in climate modelling. The NOAA is seeking an additional $390m in its 2010 budget to upgrade environmental satellites, and help make data more available to researchers and government officials.

Yoink! Or should I say, Oink!
Closing the gaps in climate modeling != economic recovery.

In February, a Nasa satellite carrying instruments to produce the first map of the Earth's carbon emissions crashed near Antarctica only three minutes after lift-off.

Oh, Snap! More taxpayer money in the drink. Well, perhaps the money that the government dumped into the ocean... err... economy created jobs... for starving... NASA scientists? Salvage crews?
Somebody help me out here.

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