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Comment Re:If it ain't broke don't fix it. (Score 1) 229

I was replying to an AC that referred to the language as COBAL, hence the intended misspelling.
  I worked for a large financial corporation starting with peripheral operations on punch card readers, and microfiche printers long ago. I've worked with removable platter DASD, on DEC PDP-11/70's through Tandem Himalaya machines, then into Unix and Solaris on SUN and Cray hardware. It sounds like we have similar backgrounds. I did mention that there was huge price to just get into the game at the mainframe level though. I've had to debug more hex dumps in old JES environments than I care to remember

Comment Re:If it ain't broke don't fix it. (Score 1) 229

They are learning COBAL. The problem is the language is COBOL. Programmers should learn Hexadecimal and Binary (machine level code) and then go into application layer programming from there, but that is neither cool or trendy.
AFAIK there are still no viruses on MVS & VM systems. TPF and CICS still function wonderfully there is just a huge price to get into the game with a mainframe system vs. PC/minicomputers.

Comment Re:Apple = the Gap (Score 1) 52

Was thinking more like Hot Topic or Old Navy but the Gap works as well. I've not used apple hardware since high school, when as the designated AV Geek I set up an Apple II in the library and reassured the librarian that the sounds coming out of the disk drive were normal. The rest of the computer lab was using Commodore 64's. I had a TRS-80 color at home, and my dad had a CPM machine from work that we played Zork on. I won't play in Apples walled garden so any music or 'pop culture' will be a mystery to me. Slackware, RH, Solaris, Windows, OS2, MVS, VM, DOS/VSE, I've played with and supported them all without needing or wanting to take a bite of the poison apple.

Comment Local motion (Score 1) 268

Why don't the local ISP's host game servers ?
Things like that can really make a service stand out and playing against local competition at low ping is always more fun. I remember when DSL first became a thing and some friends of mine in Washington state had a T1 and I finally got a decent connection via a close DSL line vs my 56k modem. Life was good then :) Now a low latency cable connection is the standard and things are even for most of us.

Comment Re:Nothing new (Score 1) 248

I never implied the subject wasn't newsworthy, or even boring, merely that varied pricing and merchants trying to milk the highest sale price was an age old practice that is common in much of the world. In fact only fairly recently has standardized pricing become a 'thing'. Prior to that barter and negotiation was much more common. Maybe I am just more used to going to a market and haggling with the merchant for my bread and meats, dickering over the value of the service I supply in return for the goods I am purchasing. How much of my labor is a chicken worth ?

Comment sigh (Score 1) 129

The Fsck'n companies can't even expand manage and compete in their terrestrial areas, there is no way they should be allowed access to orbit. The lag associated with satellite internet access is awful. Why should we let them have access and compete with Hughes net when they won't compete with their land bound opposition. Screw AT&T, Spectrum, Rogers, and Shaw.

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