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Comment poorly worded... (Score 1) 56

I chose my words poorly. I wasn't implying that bashing the government(s) was hypocritical, but rather that the governments themselves were hypocritical. Here in the land of Freedom, we are routinely required to give up our freedoms so that we can stay the land of the free, and the home of the brave. Speaking of losing battles, I just got my ballot today for the national election and I am considering which losing candidate to vote for. I won't vote Hillary or Trump, and though I am registered Green party I am not sure I like them any better, any last words of advice ?

Comment needed government transparency (Score 1) 56

Nice to hear that despite popular opinion the NSA/CIA were never alone in what they've been doing since WW2. There was a LOT of mud slinging at the US as info regarding what our 'secret police' have been doing in our name became available but as we all really understood, it was never just the US, every country has been practicing violating human rights and its' on internal laws in the name of security for a long, long time. While this doesn't make any of it better at least we can do away with the USA bashing and get back to just generic hypocritical government bashing.

Comment Still has a niche value (Score 1) 313

I still see a niche value for twitter in mobile industry and such. It is a perfect platform for say mobile food trucks, and the ice cream man. If they would open source the client and ease up on the censoring it could become a successful messaging client. There is some small value to be had for the platform but nothing like the brazillions people keep expecting.

Comment Funny (Score 1) 39

For the last week I've been getting NAG popups on Slashdot relating to improperly named and/or dated cert's from ADS served up. The related name is optim something or other and was generally date related. I finally turned on AD blocking to stop the recursive, very intrusive pop-ups. If this continues I'll just leave the AD blocker up and to hell with supporting /. The quality of ads has taken a severe downturn here and the continued auto play ads are really beginning to annoy. As much better as the place was getting under the 'new' management it seems to lost ground again recently. Just as a side note doesn't logging in posting, moderating and meta-moderating on a regular basis make me a fan of Slashdot ? Why the hell would ANYONE want to follow this crap on Facebook ?

Comment Onstar (Score 1) 310

I really like OnStar, the directions are good, updates are not my issue and to boot I don't even need to know where I am to start with. Needless to say my innate sense of direction is poor. I am not sure what is wrong with me but I have always had a very poor sense of direction. I get involved in something and the next thing I know I am lost, again.

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