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Comment No (Score 1) 331

I go and see a movie in the theater based on whether I think it will benefit from the big screen experience or whether I'd rather be at home watching in the comfort of my den on the 60 " with surround sound having a beer and a vaping a number or two. I've long since lost the urge to rush and see a movie the first night out or wait in line like I did when the empire struck back...

Comment Re:Hol. ly. Sheeeeeit. (Score 1) 136

There is already a setting for metered connection which drastically reduces the amount of traffic. I'd imagine that function would be invoked when on a data capped connection. I'm still unwilling to buy my data plan through the M$ store, especially when I already have one connected to my existing phone. It is just plain retarded that the US doesn't allows phones to be locked to a particular carrier. Somehow no matter what the industry and the FCC tout it doesn't seem to be in the users' interest in any way shape or form...

Comment Re:Flip Side (Score 1) 121

windows 10 is more space efficeint than windows 7 was, but it's also missing functions and the UI is pretty jacked up.

in windows 7 you can put any file or shortcut you want into the launcher bar or start menu, in windows 10 you can't, you can "pin" multiple folders if you want, but they all go under the right click menu for file explorer, same with multiple text files, they all go under notepad.exe, so specific files cannot be accessed with one click anymore.

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