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Comment Re:Strawman argument (Score 1) 68

Unless you block the light from your lamp, I can read from it. Unless you block the smoke from your pipe, I can enjoy the aroma, or the high. And the things I purchase are mine, not yours to control in any way. You can get paid for performing the work, not for my enjoyment.

A work of art is so much more than a light from a lamp or an aroma from a pipe, the comparison is so demeaning.

Comment Re:Missing the forest for the trees (Score 1) 68

The Copyright Office launched a public consultation in order to evaluate the impact and effectiveness of the current DMCA provisions. This review is still ongoing and was extended earlier this month.

I feel like I keep up to date with things but this caught me by surprise. Not only haven't I heard about this, but this is a pretty damn big deal. Safe harbor and other provisions, ... has helped protect the Internet as we know it.

They are also reviewing other less savory aspects of the DMCA, including the anti-circumvention rules. There's a strong possibility that you'll soon be able to modify your phone or PlayStation without being subject to copyright infringement liability.

Comment Re:Strawman argument (Score 1) 68

Fine, then do your work on commission. Leave out the exciting finish until you get your price. Write the next chapter for your book after you are adequately paid for the previous. There are many ways to get paid for performing work. A mechanical reproduction is not a performance.

It's my work, my creation, I should be able to control what's done with it. Who are you to dictate terms to me? What have you done to bring this work to a reality? What moral authority does the user of the work have over its creator?

Comment Re:Narrative Pushing (Score 1) 434

Wikileaks doesn't just report news, they often encourage and even participate in these very same hacks - it's the difference between CNN receiving an anonymous leak and actually hacking someone themselves and then claiming it was anonymous. If CNN actively worked with and helped to coordinate said hack, I'd hold them the same way I hold wikileaks.

CNN works with administration officials, constantly asking them for anonymous leaks, which the administration gives on a selective basis. Often, this information is classified, and would be illegal to provide through official channels. This is not much different than Wikileaks actively abetting others to send them material.

Comment Re: Dear Apple fans: (Score 2) 471

I am very liberal, and very much a Democrat. Yet, I completely agree. It makes no sense to tax a corporation. Tax personal income. Tax sales of goods and services. Allow a business to invest all its money in itself and it's employees.

I entirely agree that we should not tax corporations at all. However, if we did this, we would need to tax dividends and capital gains at the same rate as income tax.

Comment Re:Unregulated (Score 2) 333

I loved this:

You have to be very careful when you select and use aloe products

...and have a degree in organic chemistry and access to an assay lab, he forgot to mention.

Not really. He's just saying you should buy name brand products. A brand is not going to risk the millions of dollars they put into advertising and goodwill to skimp a bit by using fake ingredients. Not saying it can't happen, but brand names have sufficient economic incentives to invest resources to ensure quality to a reasonable degree.

Comment Re:Blah blah blah (Score 4, Insightful) 667

if Hillary hadn't been such a weak candidate, and not had so many skeletons in her closet, and hadn't been involved with SO many shady things over her career, then none of her staff would have been talking about all this on those emails that were leaked, and there wouldn't have been so much dirt on her to be leaked.

I'd believe Hillary lost because of the Comey email investigation leak. But she also lost for a thousand other reasons... not connecting with a large number of disgruntled underemployed workers being the primary reason. Saying this country is great, when no one feels it is a sure way to lose an election.

Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 472

... A better solution would to to make Apple pay its taxes.

Right. And that could come in the form of a special tariff.

The problem with imposing tariffs is that it can easily start a trade war raising the prices of all sorts of goods, not just Apple's. Getting them to pay their taxes doesn't bring that risk.

Comment Re:This makes sense (Score 1) 202

What part of "Microsoft has permanently burned their reputation with big banks to a crip" is tough for you to parse?

These big banks still rely heavily on Microsoft for office productivity (Windows, Office, Exchange Server). They have relationships that go back decades. Sure, maybe the traditional MS server stack did not pan out, but I don't think they've totally "burned their reputation." AWS and Google are starting from scratch with these companies, MS already has their foot in the door.

Comment Re:That's about right, actually. (Score 1) 522

based on the historical (and exponential) rate of humanity's technological progress, I had once heard that we could reasonably expect humanity to be interstellar by about the year 3000.

Growth has only been exponential for the last 100 to 150 years. There are many indicators that exponential growth is already coming to an end. I would not assume that we can continue this type of growth indefinitely.

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