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Comment Re:Doesn't work! (Score 4, Insightful) 133

Well that's $350 million wasted. I drive 200 miles each way to my ranch each weekend, no way I could do that in an electric vehicle. Electric cars are a fad.

The tech isn't there yet, and it's moving slowly, but it's still moving in the right direction. Give it time and you'll get to your ranch on an all-electric vehicle.

Comment Re:The Start of Something Bigger? (Score 1) 80

Personally, I can think of a few knee-jerk reactions that I might have to discovering this. None would be to just click on the links unless I knew ahead of time that it would work. My response would certainly not be blindly following directions given to me by ransomware - In this case to my own detriment.

"I don't negotiate with terrorists", says the person who has never been held hostage.

Comment Re:Open Research Problem (Score 1) 67

The Tesla autopilot is closer to an airplane autopilot and requires a human driver at the wheel ready to take over

Not at all! An airplane pilot on autopilot does not need to takeover the wheel in a split second, the autopilot has automated collision avoidance systems. If the pilot passes out, the airplane won't crash (until it runs out of fuel). In a Tesla, the driver has to maintain complete control and awareness over the vehicle at all times. It's really no different than driving without their "Autopilot".

Comment The Start of Something Bigger? (Score 4, Insightful) 80

This is a fun example, but it suggests that ransomware can be used to induce people to do much more than paying a fee. On the more benign side, you could easily see some ransomware require you to click on a dozen or so affiliate links. More troubling, in another iteration the ransomware would only decrypt your files if you order products using a stolen credit card that is provided to you, or if you transfer some child porn from server A to B. Sounds like it could be out of a Black Mirror episode.

Comment Re:And snapchat 'ripped off' those before. (Score 2) 62

The notion that any of these ideas is particularly innovative is ridiculous.

I'd go further and say that the fact that Facebook copied these feature should surprise no one, and even further, most people should not care. It's hard to get worked up over stealing meaningless technology that makes the world dumber.

Comment Open Research Problem (Score 3, Interesting) 67

Self driving cars using just cameras and radar is still an open research problem. Even when using more advanced (and expensive) sensors like LIDAR, there are still a huge number of problems that are not solved. Either Tesla has a vastly better self-driving algorithm than every other University in the world, every other car manufacturer in the world, Google, AND Uber, or they are putting a half-baked product on the road.

Comment Re:Rape by fraud? (Score 1) 215

I'm not sure how fraud can possibly apply to sex unless there is a quid pro quo involved in the sex

Easy, consider twins. A twin brother has sex with his brother's girlfriend. The girlfriend does not realize that he isn't her boyfriend, but figures it out later. There is no quid pro quo here, the women was deceived into having sex with a different person.

Besides twins, this can also happen in a dark room where a person may not be able to fully recognize the other but relies on what they say.

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