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Comment Re:umm nope (Score 1) 329

tesla never called it safe or secure it clearly says keep hands on wheel.

This is from their website:

Tesla Autopilot relieves drivers of the most tedious and potentially dangerous aspects of road travel. We're building Autopilot to give you more confidence behind the wheel, increase your safety on the road, and make highway driving more enjoyable.

They don't say you can take your hands of the wheel, but they certainly give that impression.

Comment Re:Nice previously researched spin in the "article (Score 2) 407

If you take just the part about "smoking doesn't kill" it does make him sound worse than he deserves

Not at all. Telling people something doesn't kill you because it only kills 33% of the people who use it is completely illogical. Putting it in context does not make it any less insane.

Submission + - Paypal Founder Peter Thiel to Speak at Trump's Republican Convention (

speedplane writes: The New York Times is reporting that renowned Venture Capitalist, Paypal Founder, and Gawker Litigation Funder, Peter Thiel will be speaking at the Republican National Convention. The original story does not state what Thiel will discuss at the convention, only that he'll be speaking the last day, but there's plenty of speculation.

Comment Re:"1/2 employees shot blindfolded, stock soars" (Score 1) 224

...gotta love capitalism.

If there were a system in place to help retrain these workers, get them new jobs, and importantly, help them retain their dignity, then this wouldn't have to be such a sad day. Capitalism is probably necessary, but not sufficient for a well functioning society.

Comment Re:Autopilot (Score 1) 392

Pilots have far, far more time to correct an autopilot than Tesla allows to correct its "Autopilot". Further, pilots go through thousands of hours of training. How much training is required to operate Tesla's "Autopilot"? My point is that Tesla's "Autopilot" is not anything remotely equivalent to a commercial airliner's autopilot, and Tesla's marketing strategy callously blurs this line which, in this case, may have led to death.

Comment Re:Meanwhile (Score 1) 392

sounds like the Tesla autopilot is considerably better than the average driver

It only "sounds" like Teslas are safer because Tesla keeps on repeating that statement in their marketing material. But no studies validating Autopilot's safety have been done. Tesla's safety claims are another example of their wildly misleading marketing. I wish they focused more on technology and less on deception.

Comment Re:Autopilot (Score 1) 392

Pilots operating under autopilot do not need to "keep [their] hands on the steering wheel at all times."

You're nitpicking, that is a minor detail that isn't material to the situation...

Seriously, nitpicking? Pilots have many seconds, to a minute to respond to irregularities in autopilot control. Drivers of Tesla's "Autopilot" have less than a second. They aren't remotely the same.

Comment Re:Meanwhile (Score 4, Insightful) 392

Tesla's coverage of these incidents is a smear campaign.

Tesla brought this upon themselves with a massive marketing campaign claiming autonomous driving features that are safer than humans, when the truth is, they are nothing of the sort. I love Tesla's technology, but no company should get a pass when they make lies that have, allegedly, led to death.

Comment Re:Hoping (Score 4, Insightful) 392

Here's hoping that a few fools silly enough to trust their lives, and by extension others' lives, with something in beta doesn't mess up everything for autonomous vehicle research.

Here's hoping that companies have the ethics to not deceptively name their products as being more autonomous than they are. The term "autopilot" strongly suggests an automatic pilot, i.e., with little or no human intervention. Tesla created a media firestorm with their "Autopilot" feature, which very likely increased the number of deposits placed on the Model 3, bumping their bottom line. But the truth is that "Autopilot" is nothing at all like an autopilot. Tesla's branding, marketing and product information is misleading, deceptive, and already appears to have taken a life. I love technology, but I despise misleading claims, especially deadly ones.

Comment Re:Autopilot (Score 4, Insightful) 392

Do you think airplane pilots who are using the autopilot are allowed to just ignore what is going on and watch a movie?

Pilots operating under autopilot do not need to "keep [their] hands on the steering wheel at all times." Tesla's "Autopilot" is not an autopilot. They created a media sensation with the deceptive "autopilot" marketing, and now they are rightly bearing the brunt of it.

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