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Comment Robots.txt v. Copyright Law (Score 1) 174

A robots.txt file is a nice way of telling another, "please don't copy my site." However, the more mature and sophisticated answer is "if you copy this portion of my site, you may liable for copyright infringement." This whole problem is really a problem with the limitations of robots.txt. Telling someone "please do this" or "please don't do that" is not nearly as significant as "you have a right to do this" and "I will sue you if you do that".

Comment Rotten Tomatoes (Score 1) 144

When I google a movie name and "rotten tomatoes", the snippet does not show the single most important piece of information: the score. Instead, you have to click into the page. I would bet Google intentionally decided to not show the score in their snippet, either through an agreement with Rotten Tomatoes, or because they didn't want to undercut the support of a great site.

Comment Re:The Market at Work (Score 1) 144

Maybe the solution isn't an either/or (either full index, or no index). Maybe the solution is to allow indexing to a certain point (or depth, if you will), but allow it no further.

It seems that some are successful at this. Searching by googling the movie name and "rotten tomatoes" does not show the score, you have to click into it. It would be trivial for Google to show the Rotten Tomatoes score in the results. I bet Google made the intentional decision to not show the score in their search results, either through an agreement with Rotten Tomatoes, or because they didn't want to undercut the support of a great site.

Comment Re:More US warmongering (Score 1) 755

If you really dig down into the root cause of instability in this portion of the Middle East, I'd blame the Europeans for carving up the region after they defeated the Ottoman Empire in the first World War. They drew those borders with little to no consideration for the indigenous cultural, lingual, and political boundaries.

They intentionally split cultures across countries and placed minority cultures in power to weaken the country and keep the ruling minority class beholden to the UK. So while they may have created this mess, they didn't do it out of disregard, they did it by design.

Comment Performance bottleneck (Score 0) 91

if all its users hit its voice recognition services for three minutes a day, the company would need to double the number of data centers

The performance bottleneck in machine learning is training the system and the amount of training data, not the number of users running the model. Not sure I understand how usage is so directly proportional to computing costs.

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