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Comment Re:This is BS (Score 1) 440

because human lives matter and there's thousands of vehicle accidents every year. It costs in so many ways and it also wastes fuel. Driving sanely and efficiently can save a lot of fuel and reduce pollution.

if you prefer to live in pollution and consume oil at a faster rate, then don't change. Pretty simple. That or figure out how to make a finite resource infinite. If you can do that, no need to change anything at all, keep burning gas like it's an infinite resource.

Comment Re:This is BS (Score 1) 440

Here's some news for you, drivers changing lanes without looking happens thousands of times a day. A friend of mine had that happen with a 18 wheeler. His car was wrecked and they tested the driver for alcohol. He wasn't drunk, maybe he was tired. Either way, he changed lanes without looking and my friend is lucky he survived. Any autonomous vehicle needs to handle this, otherwise people will die as they do now when careless drivers make mistakes. It's going to take a decade or more before all vehicles on the freeway are autonomous, which it should be. AI is useful, but we need to tackle the whole problem holistically. Cars have to change, policy has to change, culture has to change and people have to change.

Comment skimmed the article (Score 2) 585

No where do they list the actual questions they used, so the only thing you can "take away" from it is surveys can't be trusted without full disclosure of the questions used.

The evidence does suggest more than half of US citizens don't know dick about security or encryption, which also suggests the education system is totally fucked. It's not that hard to understand "the basics" of security and encryption. Being an expert, which I am not, takes decades. You don't need to be an expert to understand what the FBI is asking is a backdoor. With respect, I say fuck any government that demands a backdoor on smart phones.

Comment Re:Highway vs Surface Streets (Score 1) 258

Anyone that has driven in New York or Boston will tell you just how screwed up driving is. Driving on the freeway is much easier than driving city streets by atleast 2 orders of magnitude. I think it's great they're working on it and making great progress, but all of this hype is a bit silly.

Having cars handle freeway driving would definitely improve things and help reduce congestion. If we're talking freeway only autonomous driving, that feels feasible by 2030. The other 10% is going to take much longer than anyone thinks.

Comment Re:What a complete load of bullshit nonsense. (Score 1) 361

Due to poor coverage by Verizon, and Sprint in my area, I chose ATT when I switched around 10 years back. Huge parts of western MA and tons of dead spots in south boston are still an issue for Verizon. I know this first hand, since I had them for over 5 years.

To say "no one chooses phones based on carriers" is just wrong. Some of the points you make are valid, but making blanket statements weakens your argument.

I used to work in the mobile industry in 2000 when smarts phones first appeared. In fact one of the first smart phones was from Neopoint. Many of the GPS features people use every day existed as far back as 1999. I am glad for the competition between android and iOS. There's enough space for everyone to make money. It's not a "zero sum" game, so people should stop pretending it is.

Comment Re:Parenting (Score 1) 262

Until you produce a 3 yr old of any gender that can hack a ROM to do the same thing, the comment is troll bait. Even then, the chances of the most brilliant 3 yr olds hacking a ROM is pretty remote. Parenting is complicated and there's no manual. The best that one can do is love their child and try to instill good habits, respect for others and critical thinking.

Comment File that under "duh, what did you expect?" (Score 1) 242

Anyone that has a vague understanding of breaking into systems knows it's happening all over the world. It's not a question of "is government A attacking other governments?" The real question is "what data has been stolen and who is tightening their security to keep sensitive data safe?" You'd have to be a moron to think it's not happening.

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