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Comment Re:How is this different from any university? (Score 1) 329

As someone paying for a kid in school, here are the numbers..... 30k-State School 40k State School for out of staters 60k Name Private University. I went to Name Private University AND professional school for less than my kid is going to State School for out of staters...and she gets credit, literally and figuratively, for an academic scholarship getting 10k off the tuition price. A 4 year degree is a stamp of 'middle class' , although certainly not a guarantee. Schools know this, and the question they are asking is "How much would you pay to make sure YOUR kid stays in the top 10% ?" It is for this reason I will have bought a Ferrari, for cash, for the cost of college, but it is worth it so MY kid gets out with degree and no student loan ball and chain. (and make no mistake, student loan debt is debt bondage) The educational system has gotten seriously phucked in the last 30 years....

Comment Re:Didn't watch it. (Score 2) 219

You can't watch anything without a DVR. From the Sony HDD 250 I used to have, to the lifetime Tivos now, to even the $40 homeworx box and cheapo disc connected, I never, ever watch any TV in realtime. Not only are the ads too many, they are obnoxious and repetitive. My teens don't know what a network is, what appointment or water cooler TV is, and don't care to. Most TV is watched on a laptop. I was in a hotel with cable recently. It took ten minutes to turn off, and realize how bad it truly is.

Comment FUD (Score 3, Insightful) 67

This is silly. Every rental/loaner I've ever had has already five phones paired. I delete everything, and pair mine. When the car goes back I make sure I"ve deleted my profile as well. If you can read slashdot, you can figure this out, be it iDrive, Sync, CUE or AcuraLink. I'd be more concerned with leaving addresses in the satnav...but I blank those too.

Comment I'd noticed that way leaks (Score 4, Insightful) 271

Where are the leaks from USSR ? Plans for Ukraine, or other disputed areas ? I'd love to see how much oil is left in Saudi.... Maybe something about the Chinese space program ? Trumps' tax returns ? (I'm sure on that one he was smarter than Hillary and nothing was attached to the internet)

Comment Have fun with it (Score 2) 105

When the "IRS" kept calling, using a mobile phone number from a local area, I decided to have fun with it. I put them on my autodial for my fax machine. The number came back to a boiler room operation. After the third ring it forwarded and the ring tone changed slightly. Lotsa background noise. The operation had about six people. I know because the fax ran about four hours....and most of the folks clearly don't know what a fax machine identification tone ( booop boooop ) is ...... probably called them 30x and listened to each one hang on, yellling "this is IRS inspector Dildo ! Identify yourself." I hope I caused enough problems to save at least one dupe. More fun and less work than keeping microsoft on the phone as my 85 year old grandfather and letting slip only 10 min in that I have an Apple computer.

Comment Re:Ridiculous Argument (Score 1) 137

Exactly. My area went digital...OK. The analog signals were still there, just became QAM. Premium was scrambled, as it always was, and life went on. CableCo petitions FCC to encrypt everything, claiming piracy. Boxes are free for a year. Year goes by, $8 per box x 4 boxes. What ? Over $300 to decrypt something YOU scrambled ? Way to monetize that kitchen TV set. They are required to keep the OTA networks "in the clear" but assign them wack-ass numbers in the system. Shortly thereafter, we get a $6 per month bill increase for ESPN. My protest that I don't Sports, ever fall on deaf ears... Snip. OTA is via lifetime TiVos...we tossed the horrid cable boxes years ago. I'm not sports guy, so I don't miss anything....Hulu, Netflix, OTA/Tivo cover the mess. Bastards raised my internet $10 a month when I dropped the cable TV, but still way to the good. If I didn't live in a way that I can easily OTA, I'd not be so smug. Seriously, though, raise the bill $300 then raise it $70 per year...for NOTHING ????

Comment If you can antenna... (Score 2) 68

do it. I have about $200 worth of antenna wire and splitters feeding four sets. All get networks and PBS. Cablevision jacked me $10 per month for no TV, but after raising the bill $6 per month for sports I don't watch, and $8 per month per box to decrypt a signal THEY decided to encrypt, I am still way ahead. My Tivos are well amortized, but for $40 you can get a Homeworx/Mediasonic box and add a $60 Hard Drive, and for one expense of $100 once you get basic VCR function. If you can't put up an antenna, or you are too far for what you can put up, I understand...but if you can, a bunch of wire in the air for a one time expense is the ultimate bargain.

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