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Submission + - Google Mapmaker "forgets" data (

spectrokid writes: I have been playing with Google Mapmaker for a while now. Now I see that additions I have made were approved, published,... only to disappear again 2-3 weeks later. When route-planning my cycle trip to work, Google insists I should take an expressway which would not only be illegal but also pretty suicidal. I both edited the expressway and used the feedback form, but a month later nothing has changed. (Luckily Open Street Map gets it right.) What are your experiences with Googles latest addition of crowd-sourcing?

Submission + - First zero emission polar base opened (

spectrokid writes: The brand new Princess Elisabeth station in Antarctica has just been inaugurated. Not only does it look as if it comes out of a science fiction movie, it is also the first zero emission base on the pole. A combination of solar cells, windmills and a lot of insulation means the base will not need to burn dino-fuel, even at -50 C winter nights. Is this good enough to convince the skeptics that alternative energy is a viable solution?
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Protect net neutrality and get laid

spectrokid writes: Lose your virginity while saving net neutrality.
Tania Derveaux offers you some between the sheets gymnastics if you help her save net neutrality.

I'm using sex in a positive way to spread awareness. The reason why only virgins can apply is because I don't want to make this promise to such a large amount of people that I'll have to turn some down.
Candidates can apply here.

Submission + - Brussels to probe votes on Microsoft standard

spectrokid writes: Officials at the European Commission's competition directorate have written to members of the International Organisation for Standardisation, asking how they prepared for votes in September and this month on acceptance of Microsoft's OOXML document format as a worldwide standard. Without ISO acceptance, Microsoft could stand to lose business, particularly with government clients, some of which are becoming increasingly keen to use only ISO-certified software.

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