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Comment Re:Hackintosh (Score 1) 149

So turning off networking completely (or giving it a disconnected IP) and rebooting my macbook pro 11 times will make it so I cannot log into the laptop? That I had not heard about, and it sounds like pure gibberish. Since you aren't willing to test your hypothesis you deserve the accuracy that your query yields.

Comment Re:September 11th (Score 1) 212

"the framers did not foresee a future where we would be constantly under threat of non-state actors wishing to do us harm"

Exactly how much liberty has to be given up to stop all terrorism? (since you're playing stupid absolutist games). Can you stop threats from occurring if you give up every single liberty we have? The answer is no. If you worked with any of the departments protecting us from evil, you would know the best anyone can do is make their presence known and hope that it makes it easier for them to go elsewhere.

Comment Re:Hell No... (Score 1) 164

You are saying that since IM and Video are private affairs you trust them to the largest network to protect your privacy? Maybe you should spend the time to figure out why you are making a bad decision by trusting skype to protect your privacy. Signal is open source. You don't need to trust much but the code. Have you viewed the code for Skype?

IT Directors and CIO/CTO's look at Skype as a threat to data/privacy and corporate security. It is not installed by default, in Windows, so your suggestion that it is BY FAR the dominant program is wholly meaningless. For corporate users, Microsoft has many more paid Lync subscribers. Skype is mostly geared to and used by consumers. Those consumers are switching to Whats App, or webRTC apps from Google or Facebook chat or many other competitors. MS has not grown the Skype user base.

Comment Re:Ive said it before. (Score 1) 164

The artificial scarcity here is not ADVANTAGING ANYONE. That is a big distinction. There is no bank to manipulate or be manipulated. The BTC from here to the very last one mined are able to be mined at a known rate. When they are mined, the currency functions without any scarcity. The only alternative here would be to have all bitcoin already in the wild. That wouldn't work. How would you solve the equation?

I know many people who mine. Only one of them has a libertarian appreciation. As for stealing to get bitcoin. Well that is hardly different when people hack ATM's, or steal peoples banking info online. But because people are criminal when it comes to bitcoin obviously people are fools to trust the system?

The banking industry in this world generates a vastly larger carbon footprint. Not to mention all of the other evils they inflict on the world. Too big to fail should be too big to exist.

Comment Re:One word: terrorism (Score 1) 296

Who do you think we learned the tactic from? You might not realize this but Soviet Russia had to justify their surveillance state to the people. It has and always will be under the guise of a foreign threat. We are simply doing to American Citizens exactly what we used as rhetoric to claim Russia was the evil empire. The very politicians we have today in office should all easily remember the 80's.

Comment Re:Is it REALLY censorship if it's optional? (Score 3, Insightful) 167

It is censorship the moment they decide to what you should or shouldn't be shown. In fact, the defense you offer of this being able to be turned off means you receive censored information at all times, unless you asked to have it unfiltered. Even if you are censoring yourself it is censorship.

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