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Comment Re:Simple Fix to This (Score 1) 157

So don't use any tool built after electricity was invented or its all your fault they have data on you. Don't use a bank, a phone, or an insurance card, or email or the internet you assholes. You're claiming you're man enough to never leave a trace and have no suffering as a result, but you're too lazy to log in and make a comment here. Stop talking out of your ass and blaming citizens for communicating.

Comment Re:There's No England Anymore (Score 1) 394

Which part of his statement was incorrect? I recall the Guardian being forced to destroy data by GCHQ. With the snoopers charter you are the one who should be supplying a substantiated refutation of his comment. Before you go and make a flippant remark about how I've obviously never been to England, realize you don't know what you are talking about and you're making shit up to fit into your own narrative.

Comment Re: Temper your enthusiasm (Score 1) 548

Jimmy Carter had a presidency that hasn'tbeen marred by corruption and incompetence. Much of what made Carter look bad was handled by the GOP in trying to make him look weak: Iran /Contra scandal.But to get to the point of power of the POTUS it involves a ton of manipulation and control of most of thepeoples thoughts in the room.

Comment Re:Corrections and more (Score 1) 822

Pete Williams is making the bold claims of: Inside sources.... Not a single politician or even he himself willing to hang his hat on that claim. This is more deflection aliong the lines of: This is just russia trying to make her look bad or the FBNI is trying to play politics. The FBI is reviewing because these were emails that they were not granted access to earlier. That means that information was withheld during the original investigation.

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