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Comment Number of Immunizations? (Score 1) 668

Here goes my Karma.

Some parents are a little concerned about the number of immunizations that children receive in a very short time. There seem to be concerns that
27 separate immunizations over the first 18 months of a child's life may be stressing the immune system a little too much. If you start forcing people to do things they don't not understand they will resist, I hope society would stop calling them stupid, treat the parents like rational people and give them an educated choice.

Comment waste of resources and used to persecute (Score 2) 193

More HSPD12 crap. I went though a more invasive background check for a "position of public trust" than friends that got "secret" clearances. And everything I work on is public domain except for some private information from my contractor company.

If my government(USA) starts treating everyone like criminals they are going to start acting like criminals. Or is that to hard of a concept to understand for congress and the administration.

Comment "Sustainability" kool-aid (Score 1) 973

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for using resources in an intelligent manner and getting the most out of them. The planet is a resource, eventually resources run out, no matter how efficient (or “sustainable” for the kool-aid drinkers) you make a process. Even if we destroyed every gasoline powered car, coal fired power plant and incandescent light bulb eventually we will use up all the resources on this planet. It won’t be in my lifetime, but it won’t be a million years either.

Comment Getting worse (Score 4, Interesting) 214

Still not as bad as the state of New Mexico, where you can be convicted and go to jail for driving "impaired" based solely on the officers "expert" opinion.
No breathalyzer.
No blood test.
You don't even have to fail the field sobriety test. All up to the police officers expert opinion. Some judges are convicting these cases when they should be tossed out.

The burden of proof is shifting to the defendant, not good in my opinion.

Comment More Executive power? (Score 1) 413

Elena Kagan
49 years old
Solicitor general
Princeton, 1981; Oxford, 1983; Harvard Law School, 1986

With no judicial record, Ms. Kagan is less known. As dean at Harvard Law School, she hired conservative professors to expand academic diversity and has supported assertions of executive power.

Sounds like someone Bush/Cheney would have nominated.

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