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Comment Re:I must live in a different country... (Score 1) 1374

You make some great points and I am pleased to see someone with a bit of sense on this thread. You are absolutely right that once someone has you covered by their muzzle, you probably are at a disadvantage and your gun won't do you much good and is now a liability. You've already lost at that point. I occasionally carry concealed but I maintain the best defense is using your brain and tying your shoes tight. That alone will keep you out of trouble %95 of the time. As for when I do carry, if I feel like I am entering a dangerous area or I see suspicious individuals walking toward me, I often ready my flashlight (more important then any firearm) and prepare to draw if necessary. Carrying allows me to be proactive when I feel I might be threatened. If someone gets the drop on me then I just hope I my shoes are tied tight and/or they are a bad shot.

Comment Re:Hi... (Score 1) 370

spot on. You get out of education exactly what you put into it. If you hurry through as fast as possible just to get the paperwork than you are not getting your time/money's worth. I've had classes with people like you and they are usually more interested in showing everyone how smart and accomplished they are and how they do not need the class instead of actually learning the material. When it came time for group projects these were the last people I wanted on my team.

Comment Re:What do I really want? (Score 1) 591

I used to laugh at people who cared about shaving a few seconds off of boot time. I figured it was mostly for bragging rights. Now that I have a laptop with SSD I have changed my tune. The big difference comes when I have to change location. I used to put close the lid, or put the laptop to sleep, but all of that uses power and sometimes I don't know how long until I get a chance to resume working. This meant if something came up and it took me an hour to get back to work, I was nearly out of power.

Now that I can boot in 18 seconds, I am much more likely to simply turn the laptop off. This way, no matter how long it takes me to get around to working again, I always have plenty of battery life left. This is wonderful at busy airports!

Comment Re:Collateralized vs Non-Collateralized Loans (Score 1) 461

So indentured servitude is what you really mean.

WTF? People burdened by student loans in this country would kill for a deal like that.

Not me! I paid off my loans in 18 months...Just thinking about paying them for 10 years makes me want to go suck a tail pipe. Of course I was very careful with how I paid for my education and spent most of my time at low-cost community colleges. Yes I attended more then one.

Comment Re:Is it turned on by default? (Score 1) 104

for now anyway. I can see a future board meeting going something like this: "We are not seeing the market penetration we desire. The users must not be aware of our fabulous features. Turn everything on by default in the next update so they all see how awesome we really are. No I haven't done any usability research on potential impacts of this and I am sure the end users will simply throw their legs up and pollute their britches with joy" Not that I have much experiance with BBM honestly... this just seems like it always happens at some point.

Comment Re:How else... (Score 1) 260

you're post reminded me of when I used to sell camping equipment. When it came time to show the customers our fine selection of headlamps for hiking/climbing, inevitably while examining it they would end up shining it directly into my eyes. It got the point where I just handed them the flashlight and closed my eyes til I heard it click twice.

Submission + - Apple trademarks its Stores to deter copycats (zdnet.com)

walterbyrd writes: "The US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) approved Apple's request to trademark the design and layout of its stores last week, according to patent office records.

Apple has requested that no store be allowed to replicate various features, including "a clear glass storefront surrounded by a panelled facade" or an "oblong table with stools... set below video screens flush mounted on the back wall"."


Submission + - Ray tracing enables first real time travel movies (newscientist.com)

CelestialScience writes: What does time travel look like? Hollywood has struggled with the question for decades but it is physicists who have now made the first movies of what a voyage to the past would actually look like. The visualisations are surreal, the result of the shape of a hypothetical universe in which time travel is possible. They might help us understand the origins of causality, which is still shrouded in mystery, and pave the way to physical, table-top models of time travel. Wolfgang Schleich and his team at the University of Ulm, Germany made the films via ray tracing, a computer graphics technique. The movies may have practical applications, such as aiding the interpretation of light rays from ancient galaxies that are only now reaching our telescopes. You have to register to read the story at New Scientist, but you can watch the video here.

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