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Comment Re:Huh (Score 1) 143

Okay. But 'share code' sounds like code written with Xamarin can be simply recompiled for multiple platforms to produce complete running apps from a single code base. I'm guessing that's not the case

Actually in a fair number of situations that is exactly the case - including the GUI bits. For non-trivial business / news / info apps you can get well over 90% of your code straight compiled with no changes and often you can push that very close to 100%.

On the other hand, you still retain full access to the underlying OS API and of course for games or apps that want to perform UI tricks and interact with specific hardware features then you will simply isolate that bit of specific code for each device OS.

it is really good stuff.

Comment Re:Stupid question (Score 1) 95

This stick is going to be woefully underpowered for Windows. It has only 4GB of RAM - that will barely run Windows alone.

I disagree. Windows10 runs pretty well on even little Dell tablets with only 2GB of ram and no significant processor power. On one of these compute sticks it should actually run fine.

And Windows on IoT SoC boards - why? Windows only makes sense if you want to exploit the Windows development ecosystem. Which is nonexistent for those small IoT boards.

These boards don't use an on-board dev ecosystem, they use a dev PC and download the resulting code. To be fair, you could use the command line .net compilation / assembly tools and build code on them but there is no point. Simply connect it up to a system running Visual Studio and enjoy the full IDE, step debugging and so on. Since they run the .net core you have access to a huge library of packages and support tools.

Comment Re: Quit whining (Score 1) 114

What? Have you even seen MS's offerings? They can't build DCs fast enough because so many people are signing up. Their stuff is at least in par with Amazon if not better.

This. All of this. More and more clients who traditionally went AWS (advertising campaign back ends, social media startups and so on) are picking Azure. The AWS tools are just crude in comparison and the Azure offerings are typically more complete, more robust and much better documented.

3-4 years ago suggest Azure hosting was suicide for a potential contract, these days it is an advantage and makes the guys pushing AWS look like they aren't keeping up. The perception is shifting fast.


Is Vista a Trap? 559

logube writes "BBC has up an article about the trap of installing Vista in your existing desktop. Written by Tim Weber, a self-confessed 'sucker for technology,' this article is a good introduction to the pain and extra money required to get going with the newest version of Windows. See how you can spend an extra 130 british pounds, and still have no working webcam! Says Weber, 'It took me one day to get online. The detail is tedious and highly technical: reinstalling drivers and router firmware didn't work, but after many trial and error tweaks to Vista's TCP/IP settings, I had internet access. Once online, Creative's website told me that my sound card was a write-off. No Vista support would be forthcoming.'"

Tom's Hardware Looks at Microsoft Vista Beta 338

RockClimbingFool writes "Tom's Hardware has a pretty good overview of what the current beta version of Microsoft Windows Vista has to offer. The article is written from an average user's perspective, specifically highlighting exactly which differences the average computer user can expect to see from Windows XP to Windows Vista. It covers everything from IE7, to the new Windows Aero interface, to brand new games." But if you'd like your eye candy open source and downloadable now, check out Lunapark6's review of the current version of Ubuntu Dapper, with "emphasis placed on helping someone set up the system for everyday desktop usage."

Two-Tier Internet & The End of Freedom of Speech 364

Max Fomitchev writes "The proposed Two-Tier Internet bill threatens not only to raise prices on goods and services served online but also to seriously hamper free speech on Internet by allowing telecom providers choking user pages and blogs not associated with major content providers. What a perfect way of censorship..."

Vista Beta 2 has Major Problems 683

WebHostingGuy writes "In a review by Gary Krackow from MSNBC who reviewed Vista Beta 2 over the last week he had very disappointing problems. "for me [it] was one of the worst operating system experiences that I've ever encountered." Built-in audio and wireless didn't work on his Levono laptop. It took four days to get the first installation."

Microsoft Customers Balk at Hard Sell 353

HangingChad writes "ComputerWorld is running an article about Microsoft's latest type of sales force scare tactic. Apparently Microsoft is using the new title of 'engagement manager' to attempt sales via intimidation. From the article: 'Indeed, according to Microsoft's Web site, the responsibility of someone with Lawless' title of "engagement manager" is to "perform as an integrated member of the account team, drive business development and closing of new services engagements in targeted accounts."'"

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