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Comment Why? (Score 1) 102

By my math this thing is close to 600 pixels per inch. WHY? 300ppii, 400ppi at the most is just all that most people can see from any reasonable distance. The rest is just waste, resulting in worse battery life and slower performance as useless pixels are driven.

Comment More tips for browser makers (Score 5, Informative) 250

(... because I'm sure they read /. and value my opinion... )

1. NEVER hide ANY part of the URL. If the URL extends beyond the size of the location box, give a nice big '...' for people to click on to see it.

2. ALWAYS show a status bar that ALWAYS shows what URL I'll go to if I click a link. NEVER allow ANYTHING to change this behavior.

3. NEVER hide the protocol.

4. Don't allow 'data' URIs in the URL bar by default. (This also relates to #1)

5. Don't make SUCH a big damn deal about 'https' -- big green text, giant padlock icons, etc. I've been telling people for YEARS that an HTTPS connection to is worth NOTHING.

This won't solve everything, but the least that browser makers can do is give people the tools they need to help them make good decisions. Long story short, QUIT HIDING SHIT!

6. Bonus: enough with all these new shit TLDs. Is a world where exists (note: it does) REALLY a better place than one where it doesn't? Or is it just more confusing?

Comment *sigh* (Score 1) 93

"Health Apps Could Be Doing More Harm Than Good, Warn Scientists"

Or, they could be doing more good than harm. Way to take a stand, guys. ANYTHING is possible.

A dozen articles a day that contain the phrase "scientists warn" is about as useful as Outlook telling me that attachments MIGHT harm my computer -- every... single... fucking... time.

And are these the same scientists that once said I shouldn't eat eggs, and now they say I should? Or that I should avoid cholesterol -- wait, sorry, now it's only *bad* cholesterol that I should avoid. And I should drink a bunch of water every day... but not *too* much. And I should eat lots of fruits and vegetables... well, not so much fruits, actually, because of the sugar.

"... they... force people to focus on ambitious goals that they will never reach."

Like when an overweight person goes to their doctor and is told for the tenth time in as many years that they should lose weight? Useful, that.

Comment Re:Cake or death (Score 4, Informative) 917

You and the morons who modded you up need to RTFA. Here, I'l bold the important parts so you don't have to work so hard.

Over the next few months, I began to meet more women engineers in the company. As I got to know them, and heard their stories, I was surprised that some of them had stories similar to my own. Some of the women even had stories about reporting the exact same manager I had reported, and had reported inappropriate interactions with him long before I had even joined the company. It became obvious that both HR and management had been lying about this being "his first offense", and it certainly wasn't his last. Within a few months, he was reported once again for inappropriate behavior, and those who reported him were told it was still his "first offense".

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