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Comment 2 things (Score 1) 193

1, an aside: why does the Slashdot AI/GS* think "You may like to read" a year-old story about a shooting in relation to this article? ("10 Confirmed Dead In Shooting at Oregon's Umpqua Community College") Seriously, fuck that thing. It's USELESS.

2, back on topic, HELL NO. Why would I want to pay more for "unlimited" data that I will never use? I'm doing just fine with my cheaper, 2GB-per-line plan as it exists now.

* Artificial Intelligence/Genuine Stupidity

Comment Just checking (Score 1) 239

Software still needs hardware to run on, right?

In other news, layoffs of this size baffle me. This, and the 12,000 from Intel a few months ago are almost too large to comprehend. And why so sudden? Have you ever woken up one day and decided that you didn't need 20% of your stuff? Is Cisco really so sure right this second that they need to change what they're doing so much that the only way to accomplish this change is to hack away a solid fifth of the company? And are they getting rid of 20% of their executive team as well? How many of these people will be looking for work in the near future? Out of those 60-odd people, I expect to see 12 of them out of a job. Right?

Comment Ugh (Score 4, Informative) 145

Do reporters even read these stories as they are writing them?!? "Airlines will likely suffer more disruptions like the one that grounded about 2,000 Delta flights this week because major carriers have not invested enough to overhaul reservations systems based on technology dating to the 1960s... [TPF] is still updated by IBM, which did a major rewrite of the operating system about a decade ago."

Big, complicated system, written by a big, experienced company, still maintained... Do they think we'd be better off if it were rewritten from the ground up as a Ruby on Rails app or something?

Psst, I don't want to cause a panic, but I heard that large, important chunks of the Internet run UNIX, which also dates back to the '60s.

Comment Re: How many of those... (Score 1) 126

> Meanwhile I've owned 3 Mac (1 iMac, 2 Macbooks), 1 pad
> and 2 iPod, and they all turned to shit within 2-3 years.

Ooh yay, I love this game! I currently have and use...
- an original G4 Mac mini (as a server), 11+ years old, always on
- a MacBook Pro from 2007 (for video capturing; battery swelled up but it's otherwise fine.)
- an iPod from 2004 that I don't use but it still holds a charge and will play for 2-3 hours
- an iPod from 2006, I think, that I still use; holds a charge just fine and plays for many hours
- my work MacBook, issued to me Sept. 2012 and still working fine
- my wife's 13" MacBook, used to be my mom's, about 6-7 years old now
- an iPad mini, 3 years old now ... and more. My friend still uses a graphite 733 MHz PowerMac G4 I gave him a few years ago but he's ready for an upgrade. My mom bought a 17" MacBook just before Apple discontinued that size. My aunt's 15" MBP is also coming up on 7 years old -- just checked the other day because she wanted to find out if it'll run OS X 10.10 or 10.11. (Was still on 10.8 for work.) Etc etc etc.

In summary, Apple gear for the most part is only "disposable shit" if you treat it like shit.

Comment WTF?!? (Score 1) 367

Car model: VW Beetle
Car brand: Toyota Corolla

WTF? In both cases, there is a model (Beetle, Corolla) and brand (VW, Toyota).

And everyone always forgets about trucks. Ford had sold 28 million F150s as of eleven years ago.
They sell a couple million per year. Probably well over 40 million by now, maybe close to 50.

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