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Comment Re:Help me out here... (Score 1) 319

If you have a recording, the orchestra can't adjust for a mistake or improvisation on the stage. A computer can be programmed to listen for certain cues, but still doesn't have the necessary skill to make the minute adjustments necessary to keep everyone in sync. With a live synth controlled by a conductor, there's still someone there who can adapt to less-than-ideal circumstances. Replace the actors with robots, though, and there's not much of a difference.

Comment Re:oookay. (Score 1) 47

I don't even know what they do. Do they search... the web? ...your LAN? ...your desktop?

In short: yes.

  1. Lucene can be set up to search just about anything—the web, a network, your desktop, a database, or anything else you can tell it to read.
  2. Solr provides a web interface to Lucene.
  3. Lucid Imagination contributes to the Lucene and Solr projects and provides commercial support for users of the software.

Submission + - DirecTV to Offer Internet Over Power Lines (

sonsonete writes: "Satellite-television provider DirecTV has plans to offer high-speed Internet service carried over electric power lines.

According to the Wall Street Journal under the agreement, which is expected to be signed today, DirecTV will market a bundled package of Current's broadband and VOIP services under the DirecTV brand.... According to the report, DirecTV has yet to determine pricing, but says TV, Internet and phone services packages will be competitive with those offered by phone companies.


Submission + - Trade Secrets Revealed by FTC and MS Word (

sonsonete writes: "The AP reports that the FTC filed improperly redacted court documents in the Whole Foods/Wild Oats case. Trade secrets were redacted by putting the black text on a black background.

Many of the details in the documents, which FTC lawyers filed electronically, were not meant to be released publicly, but words intended to be redacted were actually just electronically shaded black. The words could be searched, copied, pasted and read in versions downloaded from court computer servers.
The files were later replaced with scanned images."

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