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Comment Re:dealer miles; test drive miles (Score 2) 129

but have been largely demonstrated to be free of faulty components and assembly and have more proven reliability than a car from the factory with 3/10 of a mile on the odometer.

As a buyer, you do not know that.

Also, as a used car buyer, you lose the ability to pick color, any extras, maybe even the engine is not the one you would have chosen yourself.

Comment Re:Dealing with steadily rising wages? (Score 1) 166

Poof! You would get an "Alphabet scenario", where the CxO's are the only employees of the profitable corporation, and the real corporation is a fully-owned subsidiary that makes no profit.

If you then try to adjust the rules to cover this case, they will distribute the ownership between corporations owning one another in a sufficiently complicated manner that your rules won't apply.

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