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Comment Re:Certainly not GNU philosophy, maybe Linux (Score 1) 109

Totally matches Stallman's philosophy

Not at all. Yes, the client-side is OK, but the server-side (eg Google Docs) is completely closed. It would have to be Affero GPL to allow you to deploy a modified version of the web app.

Chromebook is almost like a computer with all proprietary software, connected to a display and keyboard with free (GPL) firmware.

Comment Re:The worst part (Score 1) 200

Not really. A response when someone tries to sell these newfangled horseless carriages could be:
"Finally arrived to my mother's... hours late, after buying a pharmacy's worth of strange smelling liquid and improvising spare parts from my clothes. #BerthaBenz"
Adding a sound card to a PC 25 years ago was quite an adventure as well. I suppose making a phone call on an OpenMoko was similar.

Technology will mature and stabilize, IF it can actually do something useful.

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