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Comment Re:The worst part (Score 1) 200

Not really. A response when someone tries to sell these newfangled horseless carriages could be:
"Finally arrived to my mother's... hours late, after buying a pharmacy's worth of strange smelling liquid and improvising spare parts from my clothes. #BerthaBenz"
Adding a sound card to a PC 25 years ago was quite an adventure as well. I suppose making a phone call on an OpenMoko was similar.

Technology will mature and stabilize, IF it can actually do something useful.

Comment Re:dealer miles; test drive miles (Score 2) 129

but have been largely demonstrated to be free of faulty components and assembly and have more proven reliability than a car from the factory with 3/10 of a mile on the odometer.

As a buyer, you do not know that.

Also, as a used car buyer, you lose the ability to pick color, any extras, maybe even the engine is not the one you would have chosen yourself.

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