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Comment Re:Coordination, not more text (Score 1) 182

To be honest I'm not sure what this new site adds.

I'm interested in what it can subtract. At the moment everyone and their dog needs to publish dozens of news articles to justify their price, be it in terms of ad revenue, or in size of time-slots on a TV channel.

If this Tribune is good enough to stick to the main news for each region, with no pressure or urgency to cover the latest in "weird and wonderful" events, it's an improvement. Sooner or later the other media will stand out as being silly and will lose relevance. A lot like adwords made punch the monkey style ads obsolete for a few years.

Comment Re:Why do people keep running from Dynamics? (Score 1) 34

Don't know what axe you have to grind with MS and Dynamics, but the online version has its backups accessible from the Admin Center. If you want to grab ALL your stuff from CRM Online and put it in a SQL server in your basement, there's instructions here:
If you're using on-premises version of Dynamics and SQL, you'll have specific instructions to follow. Finding them in MSDN or Technet is not really difficult.

I'm under the impression you're too keen to bash Dynamics to actually tell the whole story, or any consistent story. Exporting Contacts is beyond Microsoft's capabilities? - very strange. Between Advanced Find and Power Query in Excel you should get what you need.

Comment La Jetée (Score 2) 1222

The best science fiction movie of all time is a short (half-hour) black/white French film called "La Jetée" [translates as the airport's observation deck]. It is in the format of scanned photos with narration, like Ken Burns' PBS documentaries.

    A child sees a man crumble and die while visiting Paris Orly airport's observation deck in 1962. Shortly after there is total nuclear war. Because he is obsessed with this image of a man's death, he is selected to be a guinea pig in an experiment to send him time traveling into the future in order to get an energy source to restart civilization. He succeeds in moving in time, but always ends up in the pre-war era. There, he meets a beautiful woman and falls in love.

    It doesn't sound like much, but it is a true masterpiece. MIT even published a coffee-table book detailing every scene.

    It is super low-budget. One scene that shows the Arc of Triumph in Paris with a huge chunk blown out of it actually has a pin hole from a thumbtack displayed in it.

    David Bowie did a homage to it in video for a song from his Black Tie/White Noise album in the early 1990s.

    It is available on DVD from most big-city library systems.

Comment Re:TSLA is a sentiment stock (Score 1) 289

People are betting on the success of the Model 3 and probably also the solar shingles. Neither of which are crazy bets, but still they are bets. My guess is that the Model 3 will be a success. I'd put that about a 70% chance based on the quality/popularity of the Model S and the large number of pre-orders.

Comment Re:The Leaf is a niche vehicle (Score 1) 289

Your point that the LEAF is "ugly" is an opinion. It is not a fact. I personally like the looks of it. I own a LEAF and I agree with what you are saying about the range. The range is fine for me in town, but I can't take the car out of town. My wife and I also have a Toyota Highlander because we have a large family and often need a car with third row seating. So we are covered when it comes to long trips and mostly needed the LEAF as a car to get around town. And for that purpose, its awesome.

Comment Re:Hey GM, how about that EV1? (Score 1) 289

Two quick things. There are some improvements to lithium ion batteries that are coming which should reduce or eliminate the loss of capacity over time. http://www.smithsonianmag.com/... Second is that the cost of Lithium Ion batteries goes down over time. Its going down a bit faster because of the Gigafactory. The battery in my LEAF would cost $5K to replace today, but I'm betting that it will cost $3K to replace by the time I need to replace it.

Comment Re:The emperor's new clothes (Score 1) 289

[...]There is no way Tesla is ever going to make a profit in many years to come[...]

Well if AC can speculate, so can I !

One way to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles would be to make legislation to phase out ICE cars. Mainstream manufacturers would not like it but one way to deal with the chicken and egg problems of electric car adoption would be to set out a modular design for passenger cars and mandate that from... say 2025, all new models need to be ready for retrofitting an electric drivetrain as per the standard. Non-compliant manufacturers will have to take their focus away from passenger vehicles.
If manufacturers were clever enough to devise and adopt emissions test defeating software, they had better work together to help fix the tailpipe emissions problem.
That's one way Tesla can get to profit sooner - with governments getting serious about phasing out ICE.

The hallowed Model 3 will get trampled in the mass market. Several major companies that actually know how to build cars will have competing electric cars right around the time the Model 3 will be available in significant numbers, with probably very few redeeming features to set it apart

Sure. They are just waiting for Model 3 to be released to *then* defeat Tesla. It's nearly a Bond-villainesque scheme, made primarily to defeat Tesla in the most visible way possible, while sacrificing current market and mindshare. (that was me being sarcastic)
AFAIK new models for this year started development a LONG time ago. It's very hard to believe that there is not a Tesla model 4 or 5 in the pipeline, as there should be Ford, Mercedes, Renault, VW, etc. The Model 3 is in production, where are the others?

Moreover, it will get just as much competition as the Model S, with Audi, Mercedes-Benz and BMW all working on luxury electric vehicles that will put the Model S to shame.

Normally, the S Class Mercedes shows the technology that all cars should have several years later. Ever since the Tesla S was released with its lovely software updates, that doesn't seem to be the rule any longer. I'm not from the USA, the German and French car industries are much closer to home... and I just don't see anything good enough to take back the tech leadership. Yes, there's plenty of $1M+ cars in magazines, but only so many oil barons to buy them.

If Mercedes, BMW and the VW Group want to put the Tesla S to shame, they really need to build something instead of making drawings for magazines.

Comment Re:More US warmongering (Score 1) 755

Those were before Russia changed the balance of the war in Assad's favour.
It's obvious he's the number 1 suspect because of precedent and having an air force, but I don't see any advantage for Assad's regime to get even more foreign powers involved, especially if it's the USA.

Is sarin gas something that needs a military airplane to launch, or could some random drone launch do what we saw in the news?

Comment Re:Windows 10 Mobile is a Benchwarmer (Score 1) 180

I was thinking more in the lines of having devices and games that can make it worthwhile playing on Xbox (mobile) and Xbox (living room) together. If Nintendo can release their mobile/living room console, Microsoft might be in a good position to do similar.

Anyway, this is all Microsoft's problem, not mine :)

Comment Re:Windows 10 Mobile is a Benchwarmer (Score 2) 180

...and/or one that can work with Xbox content. It would would be silly to overlook the mobile games market when there's already a lot of Microsoft platform gamers. To assume the only "consoles" that exist are Xbox, Nintendo and Playstation leaves a lot of money on the table.

If developing for more than one of the device types that Windows 10 runs on really does not require a huge incremental effort, then MS should release one of their machines every now and then, and hope that a new handheld format becomes more profitable for them than smartphones have. If buyers don't use smartphones primarily for phone calls, it's time someone tries different form factors.

Comment Re:Not really new. Walmart squeezes lots of vendor (Score 3) 467

If you are a vendor who derives a huge percentage of sales from Walmart, you have to think hard whether it makes sense to throw away all those sales or do as Walmart demands and come up with a bonus package or provide some other service Walmart wants.

With all this cost cutting and pressure on suppliers, I wonder how much of the so called obesity epidemic is due to replacing better ingredients with cheaper, more fattening alternatives.

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