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Comment Re:Examples (Score 1) 133

OwnCloud is almost there. IMHO, the devs should have a team which focuses on packaging a complete "appliance" images like pfSense capable of managing the storage subsytem from a web gui.

When I last looked at it, someone had done this themselves but it took some shell work to manage the OS storage side of things, certificates, etc.

There are canned EC2 instances, but for storage intensive versions the cost is approaching or over $1/hr.

Comment Re: Time to switch (Score 2) 133

I'm curious how big companies justify anything over $5 a month.

Most companies of any size have virtualization which almost always means that running Exchange amounts to software licensing and a fairly thin amount of admin time.

A single Exchange server should scale to 500 users pretty easily -- at $35 month, you're making a $175,000 commitment or $525,000 over 3 years. The office and Exchange licensing for on-prem isn't $525,000.

I know some organizations have struggled with Exchange reliability, but I've worked in the managed services and consulting space and the vast majority of on-prem installs I've worked with have been extremely reliable and problems have usually been the result of some really bad admin decisions.

I've laid the costs out side by side for customers who have run on-prem, including admin costs, and almost none have chosen 365.

Comment Re:American problem is American (Score 1) 433

You make some good points, but the "below freezing" one isn't one of them. When you hang wet clothes outside when it's freezing, then yes, they freeze at first -- but they will still dry. Look up "sublimation" when you get the chance.

I suppose you are technically correct (which is the best kind of correct), but do you have any idea how long that would take? You might as well argue that yes, they'll freeze at first but eventually the seasons will change and then they will get dry.

Comment Re:Microsoft...why couldn't they do this? (Score 1) 218

I find OSX full of a bunch of "gee whiz" effects and puts usability behind looking shiny. Windows 8 (and to a lesser extent, Windows 10) is actually fairly minimalist, and got rid of a bunch of transparency and other "gee whiz" type effects from Vista/7. However, it lost a lot of consistency, and it's clear Microsoft didn't put a lot of thought into making it actually usable.

If you want a simple, minimalist, no nonsense, no gloss or extra junk interface while still being usable, something like XFCE on Linux is what you want.

Comment Re:But it's a very well known fact... (Score 1) 618

I've noticed that trend on newer cars too. I'm not sure of where it started, but the Cruze originally had the KM/H markings on the inner part of the dial as had been done for years, but lost them around 2014 or so. It would be really annoying to have to drive a US spec Cruze in Canada. I assume the Canadian version has KM/H markings, but does it still have MPH on the inner part of the dial?

Comment Re:But it's a very well known fact... (Score 1) 618

Actually, it's based upon the temperature of a brine solution and body temperature. Probably because they were two reliable and repeatable temperature measurements at the time the scale was devised*. The end points were at 0 and 96 F, because once you hake those two measurements, you can divide your scale into 3 equal sections of 32 degrees, and then keep dividing the 32 degree sections in half to complete marking your scale.

Later it was refined to make the boiling point of water 212 degrees, giving 180 degrees of separation between the boiling and freezing point of water. This made body temperature about 98 degrees F.

* The brine solution (water, ice, and enough salt that not all of it dissolves) is more reliable than just ice and water if you can't be reasonably sure of how pure the water is. And the boiling point changes with altitude so it's not a great reference to use either.

Comment Re:But it's a very well known fact... (Score 1) 618

An inch is about the width of a thumb. My thumb is about 7/8" so it's reasonably close for an approximation. My foot is almost a foot in length, but I admittedly wear a large shoe size. It's close enough that if I wanted to get a rough measurement of a room it's good enough. But usually I just take a stride to be approximately 1 meter (which is also approximately 1 yard) and just count strides.

Fahrenheit isn't actually that bad for describing the weather. The weather most of the time in most places will be between 0 and 100 F. If temperature is outside that range it's either cold enough or hot enough to be potentially dangerous if you are outside for an extended period and you aren't prepared. With Celsius you have to deal with negative temperatures in your range for regular winter weather. So if you need a temperature scale for everyday usage, I find Fahrenheit is perfectly fine. And for science, absolute zero should be 0 degrees, so Celsius isn't even all that useful there either, except for being easier to convert to Kelvin.

Comment Re:I only use IMDB for the user reviews (Score 1) 478

That's basically all it was. After the whole prequels mess and how they have not aged well, they just played it safe with something that was not original but felt very Star Wars. It wasn't the best Star Wars movie, but it was far from the worst, and I was entertained. A score of 8.1/10 might be a bit high, but I would consider it a pretty solid 7/10.

Comment Re:The problem is depth perception (Score 1) 49

The probem with that is that they are most likely doing some kind of reinforcement learning. That requires not just an input, but also an ability to respond to the input, and then be scored on the response.

A game that simulates driving like this might be an excellent way to get a baseline level of training for the AI, since it can experience many more combinations of situations in simulation than it can in real life driving.

Comment Re:Do you code? (Score 1, Interesting) 353

Also you have interface complexity. Adding these features requires some way to use the features, possibly including configuration options, menu items, hotkeys and so on. Prior to the Ribbon, Microsoft tried to fix this in Word by hiding all the menu items you had not used yet, so you'd never know those features were there to be used. My boss constantly asks me to remove menu items and "simplify" but he never has any answers on where he thinks users should go to access those features if they're no longer in the menu. Relevant Dilbert.

Comment Re:I don't expect action on this (Score 2) 48

I remember those 16 oz returnable bottles and how carrying two 8 packs back to the dorm two blocks damn near killed my hands they were so heavy.

I have a hard time believing that germaphobes, and not cost, had anything to do with the death of "Coke bottles". Unless you only eat fast food, EVERY ITEM ON YOUR RESTAURANT TABLE except the food has been used before, and that's just ONE example.

Those returnable bottles were extremely heavy, 12 ounces empty when they held 16 ounces of liquid. An eight pack weighs 6 pounds empty, 14 pounds full. The fuel cost alone of hauling around tons of glass bottles is enough to justify switching to cans and plastic bottles.

And this is in fact what's been driving the craft beer industry to adopt canning over bottles. The weight and volumetric inefficiency of bottles is very high. Cans are highly recyclable and the linings are good enough that the flavor isn't compromised. They stack denser and weigh less than bottles. They don't break as easily.

Comment Re:Sponsors? (Score 1) 215

It's not a legitimate criticism? I mean, if you take a healthy person and bang them with a load of insulin they're not going to become hypoglycemic, especially with the absence of a load of actual glucose for the insulin?

If you have a well-understood cause-effect and you claim the cause is there don't you have to explain the lack of a reaction for similar causes?

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