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Comment The entire premise is pure BS (Score 1) 79

When will people wake up and stop eating up this stuff? The entire notion that there isn't equal pay for equal work is pure crap. If it wasn't crap, all these companies would have been hiring women all the time for every position because they could pay them less.

Lets do a little common sense here, I am a hiring manager and just interviewed two people with very similar qualifications, backgrounds, and work ethic, but one of them I can save ~20% on pay/benefits.... Wow, I wonder who I am hiring...

Wait, but you mean to say that the market doesn't work in this case, that all the financial market theory, best practices, etc., all cease to function once someone introduces the gender of an employee. Go back to college if you still think that (or more to the point go to college in the first place, just make sure you study a STEMS field, apparently we need more of them to drive costs down because we can't hire enough, and thus need more H1Bs, and yet wages are still mostly stagnant...).

Comment Re:How does this compare to 3d-xpoint stuff? (Score 2) 127

Yeah, where IS 3D-Xpoint?

A push into the MLC market with a miracle storage technology "just around the corner" seems an odd initiative. If 3D-Xpoint is as good as they say, I would think they would want to focus on stealing the market with a unique and superior product rather than trying for slivers of an existing market.

Of course the cynic in me assumes that 3D-Xpoint is nowhere near ready and if it is, Intel just want to milk the existing NAND technology for maximum profit and dribble out the new stuff at maximum price points for both their own benefit and the benefit of OEM customers who want to keep milking stratospheric "enterprise" pricing on even MLC flash devices.

Comment Re:I'm getting old. (Score 1) 127

I get the M.2 format's advantages, but I don't understand why they wouldn't offer the same drives in SATA packaging. It seems to me there's a hell of a lot more devices that accept SATA devices than M.2 devices.

Has anyone heard of NAS or SAN devices that now feature rows of M.2 slots instead of SATA sleds? I like the idea, I just don't see anyone making them at this point.

Comment Re:There are two warnings in the app about this. (Score 2) 172

Why do you think that a passenger should not be allowed to play a game?

While the startup notifications are annoying and condescending, the alerts that popup when you are moving faster than say 15 mph (which is easy to achieve on a bycicle) are condescending, annoying, and require a response which is distracting. I think it would be horribly and terribly ironic if the idiot who was driving while playing was pressing the "i am a passenger" button at the time of impact.

Other apps, eg. Waze do this too. I think the app cannot make the judgement of whether it is safe for me to use. I do not think it should be a function of an application to keep you from doing stupid stuff, nor should the app go out of it's way to make you do stupid stuff (posit a malicious map or game app that purposely puts you in dangerous positions, eg, if pokeman put a Meow Two in the middle of a cloverleaf). An app should be neutral and the app should focus on providing entertainment or information, or whatever it is designed to do. For example, reading The Bible might be good for your soul but there doesn't need to be a disclaimer on the cover 'Please do not read books while operating a motor vehicle'. I think "thou shalt not kill" is universally applicable, perhaps just not taken to heart enough until sad events like this take place.

Comment Re:Pierson's Puppeteers (Score 1) 665

Strangely, those narrow and parochial activities have shaped history on 4 continents, including that of the Zulus and Aztecs who were both subjugated as part of European colonial expansion.

The Gupta empire faded partly as a result of invasion by the Huns and competition within the subcontinent. They had little contact outside the continent and mentioning them makes about as much sense as mentioning the global influence of the Aquitinians (which isn't to take away from cultural developments, which were significant).

Comment Re:Pierson's Puppeteers (Score 5, Interesting) 665

It's a strange attitude to have, because it implies that everyone else should be trying to murder them to protect themselves.

Isn't that what we've been doing for most of human history? Family against family, clan against clan, tribe against tribe, village against village and so on for most of human existence?

Most of European history from the Greeks onward can be seen as some kind of action/reaction to this dynamic. Established civilizations expanding their territories for both economic accumulation but also attempting to build buffers against other expanding or migration civilizations that threaten their borders.

Roman history can easily be interpreted as a continuous defensive expansionism designed to check the destabilizing influence of Germanic migrations from the North and Parthians in the East from time of Marius all the way to Marcus Aurelius. Much of European history from the 7th century through the 12th century can be defined as action/reaction to Viking expansion, from then on attempts to fix borders against expanding Mongols and Islamic armies from the conquest of Hungary, the Crusades and through the Siege of Vienna.

You could argue that almost purely economic colonialism on the part of Europeans didn't even really start until the general borders of Europe were largely established and fortified and external threats were minimized in the 17th century and even then such expansion was motivated by political and territorial stalemates of a fairly established European states and borders. The "new worlds" were conquered for their economic value but this can easily be explained as defensive maneuvers to outflank their local European rivals as well.

And the European conflicts from the 100 Years War, 30 Years War, Spanish Armada, the Napoleonic Wars all the way through WW I and II are attempts to establish hegemony and secure borders within Europe itself.

It would seem that the entire course of human history can be interpreted as a series of conflicts designed to secure specific regions against outsiders who threaten territorial independence and economic security.

Comment Re:Driving in reverse (Score 1) 152

What defines a "douche bag" is a question of perspective. From my point of view, LGBTQQIAAP rights activists, feminists, and other SJW are the douche bags. But, of course, I agree that those douche bags (from my perspective) can consider me as a douche bag (from their perspective). So let's fight each other for our moral values and let's see who will be the strongest!

Comment Re:Capitalism! (Score 4, Insightful) 167

Actually, quite the opposite. The cost of Helium depends not on how rare it is, but how much it costs to extract it from the ground. Since it's actually a byproduct of natural gas production, the cost of extracting it is cheap (basically, free) and the main cost is actually the cost of separating it from the methane, storage, and transport. Because of this, a lot of helium isn't even captured and instead is vented to the atmosphere, where it eventually escapes to space. Why? Because capitalism. It's not profitable to capture it, so it's not captured. Nevermind that it's a non-renewable resource used for many important applications that has no substitute available. So Helium is cheap, until all of sudden it won't be.

Comment I read the version with the photos (Score 1) 4

I've got to say your camera barely qualifies as a potato.

I used to do the convention thing, but then I realized that all I ever did was gawk at better-dressed people and occasionally spout gibberish at people who are significantly more famous than myself (As an example, back in the 90's I met Brian Jaques and handed him Salamandastron to sign. When he asked me who to dedicate it to, I replied "uh... I dunno?") or embarrass myself by asking really, really stupid questions at panels.

I just realized it's been a decade since I drove half a day to Dallas on a lark and went to A-Kon. Every now and then I think of going to cons again but work hasn't left time for having a life, even a nerdy life such as that maligned by the masses.

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