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Comment Re:A wasted vote... (Score 2) 993

Let's say you're in a Blue state. And let's say Jill Stein, in a Fluke of Nature, wins the popular vote in your state.

All of your state's electoral votes (unless you live in Maine or Nebraska) will then go to Jill Stein.

It doesn't matter what "color" your state normally is if a third party candidate manages to get the majority.

Seem impossible? Remember that Johnson and Weld (his running mate) were both Republican governors in Blue states and won re-elections by large margins in those Blue states.

What am I missing?

Or, like the NY Lotto says, "Hey! Ya never know!"

Comment Boring (Score 1) 326

Main box: Current Ubuntu. Firefox. 22" VGA LCD (with DVI adapter). Some quad core thing. 3 tb, also runs a Plex server with music I actually purchased, all lossless, many of it higher def (96 or 192 khz, 24 or 48 bit).

Other box (via KVM): Win 10. Also some quad core cpu. Almost exclusively used to VPN into work.

Our network is neater. We have an extra WAP wired in, so we have a pretty large area with a pretty strong signal. No, our refrigerator isn't networked.

Comment Re:It's All About The Data Plan (Score 1) 243

That just makes you a wanna-be. You're trying to pretend you understand why a tube amp is used ... and then not using it and trying to synthesis it. You've been conned into buying something you don't understand for reasons you don't understand. Just use a normal solid state amp, I seriously doubt you can tell the difference.

Using a tube amp doesn't make you a luddite, and the word isn't capitalized, its not a name. You might want to actually lookup the definition of the word, it doesn't just mean you 'prefer older technolgoies'

Well, the "wanna-be" accusation plus the fact that you clearly don't yourself know that Luddite is capitalized gave you away as a troll and I won't take your bait other than to correct some other misinformation that user puto didn't already correct. I'd hate for some other person to read your post and perhaps write off modelers on the word of someone like yourself who clearly does not know what they are talking about.

Whether or not I understand why a tube amp is used is irrelevant. The modeler was recommended to me by several people including a professional session guitarist. The particular model I use does a damn fine job of modeling not just my amp of choice, but also several others, if I so desire. Moreover, setup is a simple cable to the snake vs an amp plus cab (though, TBH, both of my amps are single cab/amp combos) plus mike plus stand. You are allowed to disagree, but it's not just me you're disagreeing with.

Comment Re:It's All About The Data Plan (Score 1) 243

We actually still have a land line - mostly because the math worked us towards DSL and it's really cheap with truly unlimited minutes.

I am impressed with no car in L.A. - I've only heard that the options there aren't great. I certainly see people texting. OTOH, I lived in NJ for many years and used to see people reading the newspaper, shaving, or putting on makeup while flying down the Garden State Parkway at 75 mph...

Even with our dumb phones, we forbade texting at the dinner table with two teenagers. With one about to go to college, I'm prepared to have to change my thinking about smart phones.

Comment Re:It's All About The Data Plan (Score 2) 243

Thanks for the thoughtful reply!

We've stuck with Verizon because they still have a signal in places nobody else does. But, just as you noted about the data plans, even this is beginning to change as people start putting up cells out in the country. So, as our contract end gets near, I will take your advice and look elsewhere.

Comment It's All About The Data Plan (Score 3, Insightful) 243

Speaking as someone the rest of you might consider a Luddite because I have a feature phone (it's a Samsung with a touchscreen, I don't know the model), the devil's in the details of what the carriers require of you to connect the phone to their network.

Verizon requires you to have a data plan to even use (e.g.) an iPhone. Even if you never use the data service. If Verizon considers your phone a "Smart Phone", they require you to have and pay for a data plan to use it. My understanding is that the other carriers have the same policy. The people that are buying these phones are paying these monthly fees.

If you knew me, you'd know I'm not really a Luddite. For example, when I play my guitar, I don't play with a tube amp, but use a device that models a tube amp that is then plugged directly into a P.A. I pay for said device (a Line 6 HD 500) with the money I save by not paying for a data plan. I prefer to say I'm frugal.

Also, what others have noted: It's Gartner. Seriously?

Comment Re:NO. They Want To Change From Switched to IP (Score 1) 218

Meant to add: It *may* let them get of the A/D D/A business, pushing digital into the home. I.e.: While the network itself is digital, it's analog to your house.

OTOH, they may still leave this leg analog, but I can't imagine why. Vonage et al certainly do IP/DSL for you.

Comment NO. They Want To Change From Switched to IP (Score 0) 218

I don't think there have been any analog phone networks in any developed countries for many years. Nice Reuters. You should know better.

I believe they mean to change from a switched (digital) telephone network to an IP network. The telephones in your office are probably IP phones.

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